VEHICLE PROCEDURES Who Can Use a Vehicle Vehicles may be

Who Can Use a Vehicle
Vehicles may be used by any UNCP department/student group with an active account
maintained by the UNCP Business Office. The reserving department/group is responsible for
reviewing the UNCP Vehicle Use Policy prior to operating vehicles and is liable for knowing
and observing all rules. For all student trips, an advisor’s signature is required for approval of
the trip. The advisor must accompany the group on the trip and may be held financially
accountable for vehicle usage fees if funds are not available in the student account.
Who Can Drive a Vehicle
First-time users of UC vehicles must complete a Vehicle Driver Authorization Form. The
authorization form must be renewed at the beginning of each academic year. Only University
employees may operate vehicles. Use of state-owned vehicles by student employees (including
work study) who are on the state payroll requires authorization by the appropriate Vice
Chancellor, Dean, Department Chair or Director. Student employees must be driving the vehicle
as it relates to their paid position and not just because they are on the state payroll. For student
groups, the designated driver must be an active member of the organization. Student groups can
use the shuttle bus only if a UNCP faculty/staff is driving the vehicle. The department reserving
the vehicle is responsible for finding drivers who are eligible to drive the vehicles. Departments
can contact Motor Pool to determine if drivers are on the certified driver list. Minimum age of
drivers is 21 with a minimum of three years driving experience. All drivers are subject to a
Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) check. An accompanying passenger may assist with driving only
if he or she satisfies the eligibility requirements applicable to the vehicle in use.
To Request a Vehicle
Requests are accepted and processed on a first-come, first serve basis. ADA compliance requires
that the accessible vehicle be provided to groups who have a person with disability traveling. In
this case a previously approved vehicle request could be cancelled. Availability must be verified
by contacting the UC and Programs Office at extension 6584. A Vehicle Request Form with all
signatures, other information, and a passenger list must be submitted at least 14 days prior to the
trip along with a copy of the driver’s valid license. A $25 fee is charged unless a 24-hour
cancellation notice is given. Forms are available at
To Pick up a Vehicle
Keys must be picked up (and returned) to the UC and Programs Office. You will be required to
sign for the keys. To pick up the keys, present a valid driver’s license as well as an updated
passenger list to the UC official who dispatches the keys. A copy of the passenger list must be
presented to Campus Police prior to any group leaving campus. Ask for a copy of the Vehicle
Request Form for your trip to record beginning and ending mileage. Take the keys and form to
Motor Pool to pick up the vehicle. Please check fuel gauge before leaving campus. If fuel is
low, please fill up at the Motor Pool pumps. A gasoline credit card is in the glove compartment
of the vehicle (use the credit card only for long-distance trips). If the card cannot be used to
purchase gas, you must bring a gas receipt to the University Center and Programs Office so that a
Request For Payment can be completed for reimbursement.
To Return a Vehicle
Return the vehicle to Motor Pool. If the vehicle is returned after 5:00 p.m. or on weekends, lock
it and park it in the Facilities Operations parking lot. Upon return of the vehicle, please do a
visual check to make sure trash has been removed and discarded and that the overall appearance
of the vehicle is such that it is ready to be used again. Failure to do so could result in loss of
privilege to use the vehicle in the future.
Return the keys and the Vehicle Request Form to the UC and Programs office by 12 noon the
first business day following your return (keys are not to be dropped in the Motor Pool Box). The
driver is responsible for accurately recording the beginning and ending mileage on the form.
Failure to do so could result in excessive mileage charges. If the keys, accompanying paperwork
and/or the vehicle are not returned on time, there will be a $25 service charge and revocation of
reservation privileges for your organization until the fee is paid.
Emergency Procedures/Reporting an Accident
Follow instructions found in the UNC Pembroke Vehicle Use Policy/Travel Packet located in the
glove compartment. If an accident/mishap occurs, follow the emergency instructions included in
the travel packet. Insurance information is included in the packet. Notify the UNCP Motor Pool
office at (910) 521-6167 and UNCP Police at (910) 521-6000. The driver must complete an
accident reporting form as instructed in the travel packet to be filed with Motor Pool within 24
hours of the accident unless circumstances dictate otherwise. In the event the vehicle can not be
driven, contact the UNCP Motor Pool office by phone at (910) 521-6167) for instructions. If it is
outside of normal working hours, contact UNCP Police at (910) 521-6000 or (910) 521-6235.
Expectations of Users
All travel must be related to official University business and comply with state and University
policies, procedures, and regulations. State vehicles may not be used for personal usage nor
loaned to other individuals. Users are representatives of UNC Pembroke when traveling. Each
person is responsible for professional conduct and presenting a positive image while on any trip.
Failure to properly represent the University may result in disciplinary action/judiciary charges.
Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted in any University vehicle.
Drivers’ Responsibilities
Drivers must obey all local and state ordinances pertaining to the operation of motor vehicles.
Drivers are responsible for the safety of all passengers, limiting occupants and cargo weight,
ensuring that passengers use seatbelts (if equipped), inspecting the vehicle prior to leaving the
parking site, monitoring the vehicle for proper operation, and reporting any problems to Motor
Pool. In case of an accident, the reserving department is responsible for payment of the
insurance deductible amount as well as damages not covered by insurance.