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JetScan® 150 Currency Scanner
1.5 Pocket model, includes
Canadian and US note patterns
Special Promotion Extended – Now Ends October 31st, 2016
Featuring a fully functioning pocket plus a reject pocket so you
can keep processing cash without stopping
• 940 notes per minute processing speed
• Automatic feeder with auto-sensing document detection
• Beltless transport path
• 200 note stacker pocket capacity
• 100 note reject pocket capacity
• Magnetic, Fluorescent, Ultraviolet and Infrared counterfeit detection sensors
• 4.3 inch colour touch screen display
• Four levels of memory – batch total, sub-totals, grand totals and day totals
• Adjustable pocket and strap stops – strap stop limits for each denomination and separate pocket limit for mixed mode
• Add function for cumulative counting plus manual add for mutilated/not fully processed notes
• Verification capability allows currency to be counted or recounted without affecting day totals
• USB, RS232 and Ethernet communications interface ports included
• Advantages of the reject pocket in various modes:
- Mixed: mutilated, hard-to-read and other notes are off-sorted as other notes go to main pocket
- Stranger: when counting a specific denomination, notes that do not belong go to reject pocket
- Face: allows to easily sort notes face-up in one pocket and face-down in the other pocket
- Orient: allows to easily sort notes heads-up in one pocket and heads-down in the other pocket
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