Reliance Immediate
Annuity Plan
Live life to the fullest...
enjoy regular income
even after retirement...
Reliance Immediate
Annuity Plan
In life, some things should just never
be compromised, such as your
lifestyle, your independence, your
desires, your happiness, the annual
family vacation and all the things
you've always loved to indulge in.
In other words, these must continue
unconditionally and money should
never be an obstacle, no matter what
life style you lead. The power to make
your autumn years special lies only
with you.
We at Reliance Life Insurance
understand your needs the best and
are proud to present to you,
Reliance Immediate Annuity Plan –
A plan that gives you the power to
spend and gives you complete
freedom to indulge in life's necessities
without any compromises plus
generate the much-needed corpus to
live life to the fullest.
To purchase our immediate annuity, you need not be
an individual who is planning to retire early. Any
individual who has a lump sum to park and who
wishes to earn a regular income on their lump sum
can purchase our immediate annuity.
Key Features
Choose one time lump sum amount that you wish
to pay in order to purchase this plan
Choose among 3 different annuity payout options
Convenient annuity payout modes to choose
from - Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly and Annually
from the date of purchase
No medical tests required
Plan at a glance
Minimum age at entry:
20 Last Birthday
Maximum age at entry:
80 Last Birthday
Minimum purchase price:
` 1,00,000
Minimum annuity installment: ` 1,000
Types of annuities available:
Annuity for Life: In this type of annuity, the annuity
is payable throughout the life of the Annuitant.
Annuity for 5/10/15/ years and thereafter for life:
In this type of annuity, the annuity is payable for a
certain period for 5, 10 or 15 years (as chosen by the
Annuitant) and thereafter for life of annuitant.
Life annuity with return of Purchase price: In this
type of annuity, the annuity is payable for the lifetime
of the Annuitant, and on death of the annuitant the
purchase price is repaid to the nominee.
Premium Payment Mode
Only single premium mode of premium payment is allowed.
Annuity Payout Frequency
The annuity can be paid in yearly, half yearly, quarterly or
monthly installments, subject to a minimum of ` 1,000/per installment for any frequency.
Annuity Rates
The annuity rates may be revised from time to time.
Please ask for the latest annuity rates at the time of
purchasing the annuity plan. Once the annuity is bought,
the rates remain guaranteed for life.
No loan is available under this annuity plan.
Exit Option
No exit option is available under this annuity plan.
Forfeiture on certain events
If there is any inaccurate or false statement made in the
proposal, declaration or related documents in
connection with this annuity plan, then subject to
applicable laws this plan shall be void and all claims to
any benefit shall cease and all the premium that have
been paid may be forfeited.
Tax Benefit
Tax benefits under the policy will be as per the prevailing
Income Tax laws. Service tax and education cess will be
charged extra as per applicable rates. Tax laws are
subject to amendments from time to time and
interpretations. You are advised to consult a tax expert.
Nominations will be allowed under this plan as per
Section 39 of the Insurance Act, 1938. The life assured,
where he is the Policyholder, may, at any time during the
policy term, make a nomination for the purpose of
payment of Benefits in the event of his death. Where the
Nominee is a minor, the Policyholder may also appoint a
person to receive the money during the minority of the
Nominee. Nomination may be made by an endorsement
on the Policy and by communicating the same in writing
to the Company. Any change of nomination, which may
be effected before the termination of the Policy shall also
be communicated to the Company. In registering a
nomination, the Company does not accept any
responsibility or express any opinion as to its validity or
legal effect.
General Exclusion
Suicide Claim Provision: The company will pay the
purchase price if the policy holder chooses the annuity
option with return of purchase price when the annuity is
bought. In all other option, no payment will be made.
About Us
Reliance Life Insurance Company Limited offers you
products that fulfill your savings and protection needs.
Our aim is to emerge as a transnational Life Insurer of
global scale and standard. Reliance Life Insurance
Company Limited is a part of Reliance Capital, under
Reliance Group. Reliance Capital is one of India's leading
private sector financial services companies, and ranks
among the top 3 private sector financial services and
banking companies, in terms of net worth. Reliance
Capital has interests in asset management and mutual
funds, stock broking, life and general insurance,
proprietary investments, private equity and other activities
in financial services.
Reliance Group also has presence in Communications,
Energy, Natural Resources, Media, Entertainment,
Healthcare and Infrastructure.
Nippon Life Insurance, also called Nissay, holds 26%
stake in Reliance Life Insurance Company Limited.
Nippon Life Insurance is Japan's largest private life
insurer with revenues of ` 346,834 crore (US$ 80 Billion)
and profits of over ` 12,199 crore (US$ 3 billion). The
Company has over 14 million policies in Japan, offers a
wide range of products, including individual and group life
and annuity policies through various distribution channels
and mainly uses face-to-face sales channel for its
traditional insurance products. The company primarily
operated in Japan, North America, Europe and Asia and
is headquartered in Osaka, Japan. It is ranked 81st in
Global Fortune 500 firms in 2011.
Section 41 of the Insurance Act, 1938: Prohibition
of Rebate: No person shall allow or offer to allow, either
directly or indirectly, as an inducement to any person to
take out or renew or continue insurance in respect of any
kind of risk relating to lives or property in India, any
rebate of the whole or part of the commission payable or
any rebate of the premium shown on the Policy, nor shall
any person taking out or renewing or continuing a Policy
accept any rebate, except such rebate as may be
allowed in accordance with the published prospectuses
or tables of the insurer. Provided that acceptance by an
insurance agent of commission in connection with a
policy of life insurance taken out by himself on his own
life shall not be deemed to be acceptance of a rebate of
premium within the meaning of this sub-section if at the
time of such acceptance the insurance agent satisfies
the prescribed conditions establishing that he is a bona
fide insurance agent employed by the insurer.
Any person making default in complying with the
provisions of this section shall be punishable with a fine
which may extend to five hundred rupees.
Section 45: Policy not to be called in question on
ground of mis-statement after two years: No policy of
life insurance effected before the commencement of this
Act shall after the expiry of two years from the date of
commencement of this Act and no policy of life
insurance effected after the coming into force of this Act
shall, after the expiry of two years from the date on
which it was effected, be called in question by an insurer
on the ground that statement made in the proposal for
insurance or in any report of a medical officer, or referee,
or friend of the insured, or in any other document leading
to the issue of the policy, was inaccurate or false, unless
the insurer shows that such statement was on a material
matter or suppressed facts which it was material to
disclose and that it was fraudulently made by the
policy-holder and that the policy-holder knew at the time
of making it that the statement was false or that it
suppressed facts which it was material to disclose.
Provided that nothing in this section shall prevent the
insurer from calling for proof of age at any time if he is
entitled to do so, and no policy shall be deemed to be
called in question merely because the terms of the policy
are adjusted on subsequent proof that the age of the life
insured was incorrectly stated in the proposal.
For further details, please refer to the policy document
and the benefit illustration.
Note: Insurance is a subject matter of solicitation. This product
brochure is indicative of the terms and conditions, warranties and
exceptions in the insurance policy giving only the salient features
of the plan. For further details please refer to the policy document
and detailed benefit illustration before concluding the sale. In the
event of conflict, if any, between the terms and conditions
contained in this brochure and those contained in the policy
document, the terms and conditions contained in the policy
document shall prevail. For further details on all the conditions,
exclusions related to Reliance Immediate Annuity Plan, please
contact our insurance advisors.
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Reliance Life Insurance Company Limited (Reg. No 121)
Registered Office: H Block, 1st Floor, Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge City,
Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400710, India
Corporate Office: 9th & 10th Floor, Bldg. No. 2, R-Tech Park,
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Customer Care Number: 1800
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UIN for Reliance Immediate Annuity: 121N012V01
Insurance is a subject matter of solicitation.
Income Tax Benefits under the income tax laws of 1961 are subject to
amendments and interpretation
Kindly consult a tax expert
Kindly review the offer documents carefully before investing
Conditions apply