RichardSolo 9000 mAh Mobile Charger
Model VT900
To maintain a healthy charge capacity for your Mobile Charger, please do the following:
1. C harge the Mobile Charger overnight (8+ hours) prior to first use.
2. Use it to charge your device for as little or as much as needed.
3. C harge the Mobile Charger again overnight.
4. Beyond this, use and charge as needed.
About every 30 charge cycles allow the Mobile Charger to completely deplete and charge it again overnight. This
helps calibrate the battery’s capacity. To avoid damage, do not store the battery for prolonged periods in a totally
depleted state.
How to Charge the RichardSolo 9000 mAh Mobile Charger:
1. Insert the included round pin/USB cable to the port labeled “IN” on the Mobile Charger.
2. Connect the USB end to your computer’s USB port or Apple or compatible USB wall/car charger (not included).
3. The blue LED will glow indicating the Mobile Charger is receiving a charge.
4. Each of the three green LED indicators will flash successively as the battery capacity reaches 30%, 70% and
100%. The LEDs stop flashing when 100% is fully reached. Wait for all green LEDs to stop flashing to ensure
the Mobile Charger reaches full 100% capacity.
5. Disconnect the cable and store with the battery in its case for future use.
Note: When the “Set” LED flashes quickly or the Mobile Charger does not start charging, this indicates the
Mobile Charger capacity has diminished and needs recharging. From a depleted state, the Mobile Charger
requires approximately 8 hours to fully replenish using a wall charger. Charging may take longer by USB on
How to Charge Your Device:
1. C
onnect a standard USB charge cable (included with your device) to the device and the USB port labeled
“OUT” on the Mobile Charger.
2. Press/release the “Set” (on/off) button.
3. The blue LED labeled 5V-6V will flash continuously.
4. The green LED glows showing remaining (30,70,100%) capacity and indicates normal charge status.
5. C harge your device using the charge icon on your device as a monitor.
6. When device is fully charged, the blue/green LEDs shut off.
7. Remove charge cable from the battery.
8. The Mobile Charger powers off after 30 seconds.
Note: The Mobile Charger detects the required charge level for the device and switches from 5V to 6V automatically.
Technical Specifications
Capacity: ............................ 9000 mAh
Input voltage: ...................... DC 5V
Output voltage: ................... DC 5V/6V
Input current: ...................... 800 mA (max)
Output current: ................... DC ≤ 2.2A (max)
Operation temperature: ....... 32º - 122ºF (0º - 50ºC)
Storage temperature: .......... 14º - 140ºF (-10º - 60ºC)
Questions? Please email us at:
RichardSolo, 2301 Kerner Blvd. Suite C, San Rafael, CA 94901 USA