Burns Steer Guitar Features (Refer to Illustrations Opposite and on

Burns Steer Guitar
Features (Refer to Illustrations Opposite and on the Front of this Document)
Master Volume
The Burns USA Steer Guitar is designed and manufactured to exacting specifications, characteristic of a
high quality professional instrument:
3-Way Pickup
Tone Controls
Neck and Body – The Steer guitar body is crafted from alder. The construction of the body features an
acoustic guitar-style sound hole plus internal acoustic cavities, providing unique tonal qualities that are
somewhere between that of an acoustic guitar and a solid body guitar.
Fingerboard –The Steer has a maple neck and fingerboard, and both are presented in a high-gloss
Tuners – The Steer comes with chrome-plated tuner hardware as standard.
Burns Humbucker and Single Coil Pickups – The Steer features two different styles of pickup: a
bridge-mounted humbucker, wired for a coil tap, and a single coil pickup at the neck position. Various
combinations of the pickups can be selected yielding sounds ranging from the mellow tones of a hollow body
jazz guitar to the biting tones of a country-rock guitar.
Pickup Selector and Phase Switches – A standard three-position pickup selector switch is provided as
indicated on the pictures opposite. Additional tonal flexibility is obtained with a unique coil tap feature,
which is accessed by the small switch situated between the volume and tone controls.
Coil Tap Switch for
Humbucker Pickup
Master Volume and Tone Controls – A standard configuration of a single master volume plus a pair
of tone controls is provided on the Steer.
Care and Maintenance
A guitar is usually out of its case and not being played when damage occurs. Chips and dents can
usually be avoided if the guitar is stored in a case when not in use. Your Burns USA dealer can provide
you with a case that will provide full protection to your Burns USA guitar when not in use and when
There are a few simple precautions that you can take while transporting your Burns USA guitar that will
minimize the chances of damage. Always remove the vibrato arm (whammy bar) before closing the lid
of the case. A convenient compartment is provided for safe storage of this arm when not in use. When
transporting the guitar in a car, always keep the case on the floor so that it will not move around inside
the car in case of a sudden stop. Also, avoid storing the guitar in the trunk of a car, where it may be
exposed to extremes of heat and cold. Always avoid freezing temperatures, as this can result in the
finish cracking. Avoid storage in direct sunlight.
Your guitar will always look and sound its best if it is periodically cleaned. A buildup of dirt and dust
can mar your guitar's finish. Your Burns USA dealer stocks an entire range of guitar care products.
Please read and follow the directions of the individual product you use.
Burns USA, PO Box 269, Bethel, CT 06801, USA Tel: (203) 205-0056/FAX: 203-205-9062
Burns Humbucker Pickup
Preparing a New Guitar
When you receive you new guitar you will probably find a thin plastic film that protects the various
cover plates and the pickguard. The presence of this film can be detected as a general dull, and possibly
wrinkled appearance on the surface.
Also note the location of the guitar’s serial number on the plate on the neck mounting on the back of the
guitar. Note down this number and make sure that you record it in your warranty information and on
your warranty card. Make certain that you return your completed warranty registration card to
Burns USA to ensure complete warranty coverage.
The strings used on this guitar are medium weight. The frequency with which you should change your
strings depends, of course, on how much you use your guitar. A good rule of thumb is to change your
strings after about 20 hours of actual use, and at least every month. If a wound string breaks, it is
usually best to replace the entire set.
String Action
String action describes the height of the strings above the 12th fret. Action is measured at the 12th fret
by determining the distance from the top of the 12th fret to the center of the string. Adjusting the string
saddles on the bridge of your guitar can change the height of the string.
Burns Steer Guitar
Instructions and Product Guide
Neck and Truss Rod Adjustment
Access to Bi-directional
Truss Rod
The Steer, in common with all other Burns USA guitars, features a bi-directional truss rod. This allows
a user to adjust the relief on the neck, removing any distortions caused by string tension or expansions
and contraction of the neck woods as a result of climatic changes (temperature and humidity). Burns
USA strongly recommends that all neck adjustments are carried out by a skilled guitar repairperson
or guitar technician.
Switch Settings
As noted in the product features section, in addition to the standard pickup volume and tone controls,
there are also two sets of pickup selection controls. The standard 3-way toggle switch provides control
of the bridge and neck pickups – these are selected on the extreme settings (up for neck and down for
bridge) and the center position for both pickups. The small switch located between the volume and tone
controls provides an additional setting. This switch, known as a coil tap, transforms with the bridge
humbucker pickup into a single coil pickup. Activating this switch changes the tonal response of the
bridge pickup from the “fat” sound traditionally associated with a humbucker to the biting crisp sound
associated with a single coil pickup…the best of both worlds.
Burns USA, PO Box 269, Bethel, CT 06801, USA Tel: (203) 205-0056/FAX: 203-205-9062
Sound Hole