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hp designjet 100
personal multi-format color printer
Expand your personal color printing capabilities to include a wide range of common and largeformat media sizes—at a purchase price that’s easy on your budget. The HP Designjet 100 Printer is
a personal color multiformat printer that produces professional, high quality results for all your office
or technical needs, from proposals to oversize drawings.
• save time with convenient media handling system—the standard tray is for common and custom sizes
(up to 13 by 19 inches), the separate manual feed path loads larger sizes (up to 24 inches) without
unloading the standard tray, and the rear path accommodates thick media
• print using the media that will make you successful—supports a full range of media sizes (up to 24
inches, media thickness up to 0.4 mm, and media weight up to 300 g/m2) and media types (such as
coated, heavyweight coated, and glossy, and CAD media types such as bright white and coated
paper for line drawings, transparencies, natural tracing paper, and vellum)
• built-in features help get the job done right—a comprehensive set of office printing features including
number of copies, zoom, and custom sizing, as well as CAD features and color options—all from one
unified printer driver
• low-cost option that expands your printing capability—print common sizes and larger sizes up to
24 inches from a single low-cost device
• replace only the ink supplies you need—modular, individually replaceable supplies make color
cost effective
• single printing solution—print a variety of office, CAD, and oversize documents from proposals to
drawings from only one printer
• eliminates expensive outsourcing—anyone with occasional large-format needs can economically print
documents in-house
professional results
• get consistently superb photo quality for all your professional documents—using specially formulated
inks, the 1200 dpi writing system, and hp color layering technology which provides a wide gamut of
vivid colors, continuous tones, and smooth color transitions
• fast results—print at up to 11 pages per minute (ppm) for letter size in fast mode and 90 seconds per
page for 2 by 3 feet drawing in Fast Mode
• print crisp, sharp lines and text—hp technology ensures precise dot placement for excellent image and
line quality for all your professional documents
• no compromising CAD results—AutoCAD® drivers provide the capability to print AutoCAD files in addition
to business documents and images; through the ADI driver, users can produce complex documents with
thick, stylistic lines, a variety of line widths, line ends and joins, annotations, and raster patterns
HP printing and imaging systems help you create powerful, professional communications easily.
Printers, supplies, accessories, and services are designed together to work together and invented to
meet your business needs.
hp designjet 100
personal multi-format color printer
LCD printer status
indicator for ink supply
maintenance and print
messages alert
connect via EIO slot—
USB 1.1- and USB 2.0compliant and Centronics
parallel IEEE 1284-compliant
rear manual feed designed
to support extra thick media—
up to 80 lb and 300 g/m2
—up to 24 inches
modular ink
system with four
replaceable ink
cartridges so you
replace only the ink
colors you need
standard media tray
handles media up to
13 by 19 inches and
can accommodate up
to 100 sheets
cancel-print button
immediately terminates
print jobs, saving ink
and saving time
small footprint allows
you to place printer
on your desktop or
common work area
front manual feed
handles media up
to 24 inches wide
the personal multi-format color solution for technical and office printing
• multipurpose printing—3 by 5 inches to 13 by 19 inches from automatic paper tray and up to 24 by 64 inches from
rear paper path
• versatile printing—printer optimized to provide excellent office and CAD output—precise dot placement ensures crisp and
sharp lines and text as well as graphic output—photo quality achieved thanks to 1200 dpi writing system and hp color
layering technology
• flexible printing—support for a full range of media sizes (up to 24 inches wide), thickness (up to 80 lb), and types: coated,
heavyweight coated, glossy, and CAD medias like bright white, transparencies, or natural tracing paper
• fast printing—11 ppm for letter size in Fast mode and 90 seconds per page for 2 by 3 feet in Fast mode
• professional results—using 1200 dpi writing system and hp color layering technology
• smart office features—including number of copies, zoom, and custom sizing as well as CAD features and color options
via one unified printer driver
• low operation cost—modular, individually replaceable supplies make color cost effective
optional accessories:
• stand and media bin for added convenience
• hp jetdirect 615n network card
• hp care pack extends standard warranty to three years
supplies complete the solution
The HP Designjet 100 Printers and supplies employ HP Smart
Printing Technology to produce excellent, efficient printing every
time. Smart printing features control the interaction between
the printheads, ink cartridges, and print media to optimize
print quality. By using a modular ink delivery system (four
separate ink cartridges), durable printheads, and a print mode
that conserves ink, the printer also saves you time and money
by reducing user intervention, extending supply life, and
allowing you to replace only the necessary components.
This versatile printer works on a wide variety of media to
ensure that your business can quickly and easily create
powerful, effective communications. The HP Designjet 100
supports a full range of printing materials and supports media
thickness up to 0.4 mm. Look to HP supplies for a complete
selection of media choices that not only deliver the look you
need but are designed specifically to work flawlessly with your
HP printer.
versatility you can see
With the HP Designjet 100 Printer, you get a single solution
that yields a variety of professional results. Now you can switch
from letter-size to oversize media quickly, economically, and
easily. Use the HP Designjet 100 Printer to produce crisp, clear
line drawing, dynamic presentations, and professional quality
business communications such as reports, spreadsheets,
flowcharts, and meeting agendas without outsourcing,
taping, or hassle.
Using simple yet powerful drivers, Macintosh and Microsoft®
Windows® users from various industries can discover how the
versatility of the HP Designjet 100 Printer enhances both their
productivity and effectiveness:
• interior designers can create detailed plans and final
presentations up to 24 inches wide as well as prepare
estimates, proposals, and invoices—all from a single printer
award winning support from hp
To ensure you get the most out of your HP Designjet 100
printer, your purchase is backed by an entire network of
HP-authorized technical professionals and by a wide array
of support services. Start with a one-year next business day
exchange warranty backed by the award winning phone
support from HP Customer Care—features include interactive
phone support during regular business hours and professionals
who answer questions or arrange for service, and 80 percent of
all customers problems are resolved with the first phone call.
Other support benefits include 24-hour support via our website.
Simply go to www.designjet.hp.com to find a variety of helpful
solutions including driver and software downloads, online
diagnostics for interactive troubleshooting, user forums with HP users
and technical experts, and e-mail option and subscription services.
To further guarantee trouble-free operation, to maximize the
potential of your HP Designjet printer, and to customize the
printer for your unique business profile, consider upgrading
service and support options.
• architecture and engineering students can create full size
projects and school papers without leaving their dorm room
or apartment
• construction companies can cost-effectively add onsite
printing capability for plans and schematics
• finance, IT, and project management professionals can
review and update team members and managers with
small-format reports or large-format diagrams from
applications like Viso or Excel
And unlike some printers that produce great text but poor
pictures or vice-versa, the HP Designjet 100 Printers have
been optimized for a wide range of everyday printing needs:
• schematics and office documents look great because the
pigmented black ink and careful dot placement mean
sharp, accurate lines and crisp, clear text
• you get professional quality images and renderings thanks
to 1200 dpi resolution, small drop sizes, and hp color
layering technology
• fast and accurate technical drawings thanks to special CAD
print modes optimized for speed and a GDI interpreter that
easily handles the intricacies of AutoCAD printing
add high quality
multi-format color output
for an affordable price
HP Designjet 100
Technical Specifications
HP Designjet 100 Printer
Print Performance
Fast Mode
Print Speed*
Letter size:
11 ppm
2 x 3 feet:
90 sec
* Maximum mechanical printing speed.
Maximum Resolution
1200 x 600 dpi
Print Margins
Top, left, and right: 5 mm; bottom: 12 mm
100-sheet input tray: 3 x 5.6 to 24.5 x 64 in (used mainly for letter, tabloid, B+); Front bypass manual single-sheet feed: 4.3 x 8.1 to 24 x 64 in
(used mainly for C, D); Single-sheet rear path for thick media: 4.3 x 8.1 to 24.6 x 64 in (for thick media up to 80 lb (300 g/m2)
Paper (plain, coated, natural tracing, two-sided brochure paper, photo, glossy, heavyweight), transparencies, vellum, translucent bond
17.3 to 80 lb
Media Size
Letter, legal, tabloid, executive, B, C, D, B+, C+, D+, envelopes (3.0 to 24.6 inch wide sheets)
16 MB
HP Color Thermal Inkjet
Technology Print Resolution
Black (pigment, 69 ml); cyan, yellow, magenta (dye, 28 ml)
PCL3GUI RGB-24 bit contone
Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows (95, 98, Me, NT 4.0, 2000, XP), Macintosh (9.1, 9.2, 10.1, 10.2)
Network Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows (XP, NT 4.0 server, 2000 server, 2002 server), Novell, Mac OS (with optional HP Jetdirect print server)
Recommended System Requirements
USB 1.1 (Microsoft Windows 98 second edition, Me, 2000, and XP), USB 2.0 compliant, Centronics Parallel IEEE 1284-compliant, 1 EIO slot
Microsoft Windows 95, 98: Pentium® I 133 MHz, 64 MB RAM, 320 MB available hard disk space; Windows NT: Pentium III 733 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 2 GB available hard disk space;
Windows 2000: Pentium III 733 MHz, 256 MB RAM, 2 GB available hard disk space; Windows XP: Pentium IV 1 GHz, 256 MB RAM, 2 GB available hard disk space;
Mac: OS 9 v9.2, X v10.1 (and higher), G4 dual processor, 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 1 GB available hard disk space
Dimensions (w x d x h)
41 x 15.8 x 8.7 in
41.3 x 31.5 x 8.7 in
46.9 x 21.5 x 18.3 in
43.6 lb
70 lb
What’s in the Box
HP Designjet 100 printer, power cord, USB cable, printheads (4), print cartridges (4), input/output tray, Macroinstaller, drivers CD,
user documentation CD, setup poster, Quick Start Guide, unpacking instructions, media flyer
ordering information
HP Designjet 100 Printer
service and support
HP Care Pack, 3-year, express exchange
supplies and accessories
Stand & Bin
Print Cartridges
Proofing Gloss, B+, 50 sheets
Proofing Gloss, C, 50 sheets
Proofing Gloss, D, 50 sheets
Proofing Matte, B+, 100 sheets
Proofing Semi Gloss, B+, 50 sheets
Premium Photo Paper, A, 15 sheets
Premium Photo Paper, A, 50 sheets
Premium Photo Paper, B, 20 sheets
Coated Paper, C, 100 sheets
Coated Paper, D, 100 sheets
Premium Paper, A, 200 sheets
Premium Paper, B, 100 sheets
Premium Heavyweight Coated Paper, A, 100 sheets
Brochure and Flyer Paper, Matte, A, 50 sheets
Brochure and Flyer Paper, Glossy, A, 50 sheets
Brochure and Flyer Paper, Two-Sided, Glossy, B, 50 sheets
Everyday Photo Paper, Matte, A, 100 sheets
Everyday Photo Paper, Two-Sided, Semi Gloss, A, 25 sheets
Bright White Inkjet Paper, A, 500 sheets
Bright White Inkjet Paper, A, 250 sheets
Bright White Inkjet Paper, B, 200 sheets
Premium Plus Inkjet Transparency Film, A, 50 sheets
Premium Plus Inkjet Transparency Film, A, 20 sheets
Black Ink Cartridge
Cyan Ink Cartridge
Magenta Ink Cartridge
Yellow Ink Cartridge
network and software
HP Jetdirect 615n Fast Ethernet Internal Print Server
Black Printhead
Cyan Printhead
Magenta Printhead
Yellow Printhead
PCL3GUI Windows driver, Microsoft Window drivers (95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000, Me, XP)
including support for AutoCAD® 2000 and AutoCAD 13–14 drivers, USB and ECP
drivers. Raster driver for Mac OS (9.x, OS X v10.1, 10.2)
environmental ranges
Operating temperatures: 41 to 104° F, Recommended temperature: 59 to 86° F
Storage temperatures: -4 to 131° F
Operating humidity: 20 to 80% RH, Recommended humidity: 25 to 75% RH
Storage humidity: 20 to 80% RH
Per ISO 9614-1
Sound pressure: 50 dB(A)
Sound pressure, Standby: 37 dB(A)
Sound power: 6.2 B(A)
power requirements
Input voltage 100 to 240 VAC auto-ranging, 50/60 Hz, 2 amp maximum
power consumption
Printing: 47.5 watts
Idle: 17.9 watts
Standby: 13.9 watts
ENERGY STAR® compliant
power certification
Safety certifications: CSA Certified for USA and Canada
Electromagnetic compatibility: compliant with requirements for Class B ITE products
(Class A when connected to LAN cables), USA (FCC rules) Canada (DOC)
One-year next business day exchange
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