SA167/00 Philips Flash audio player

Flash audio player
Wear it and share it
With MP3 and WMA
Wear and share your MP3 and WMA music on the go with the GoGear 512MB SA167.
Transfer music and data or recharge via high-speed USB2.0. Let a friend enjoy your tunes
and plug into the music via the integrated jack on the headphones
Your music, your data - on the go, everyday
• MP3 and WMA playback
• Voice Recording Function for recording anything, anytime!
• Fast downloads from your PC via USB2.0
Ready to wear, Ready to go
• Enjoy up to 15-hour music playback
• Small and wearable for ultimate portability
• Headphones with integrated jack to share your tunes
Easy, intuitive music experience
• Backlight LCD display with 7 color choices
• Equalizer to suit your music preferences
Flash audio player
• Type: LCD
• Display backlight: Multicolor
• Resolution: 128 x 32 pixels
• Output power (RMS): 2 x 4mW
• Equalizer settings: Classic, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Hip
Hop, Funk
• Equalizer customizable
• Frequency response: 30 - 18 000 Hz Hz
• Signal to noise ratio: >80 dB
• Channel separation: 50 dB
Audio Playback
• Compression format: MP3, WAV, Windows
Media™ Audio
• ID3 Tag support: Genre title
• MP3 bit rates: 8-320 kbps and VBR
• MP3 sample rates: 8, 11.025, 16, 22.050, 24, 32,
44.1, 48 kHz
• WMA bit rates: 5 - 192
Audio Recording
songs (64kbps & 4 min.)
• Headphone: 3.5 mm
• USB: USB 2.0
Cables: USB extention cable
Headphones: SHE775BD with integrated plug
Neck strap
Quick start guide
• Music Match Jukebox: Music Match Jukebox
System Requirements
• CD-ROM drive
• Hard disk space: 50 MB
• PC OS: Windows 98SE, 2000 (SP4 or above), ME,
XP (SP1 or above)
• RAM memory: 128 MB
• Sound card
• USB: Free USB port
• FM recording
• Audio file format: WAV
Audio Capturing
• Audio file format: WAV
• Built-in microphone: mono
• Voice recording: ADPCM
Storage Media
• Built-in memory capacity: 512
• Built-in memory type: NAND Flash
• Music memory capacity, MP3: up to 120 MP3
songs(128kbps & 4 min.)
• Music memory capacity, WMA: up to 240 WMA
Packaging type: D-box
Box dimensions (W x H x D): 150 x 170 x 64 mm
Master carton dimensions: 165 x 200 x 210 mm
Master carton quantity: 3
Product dimensions (WxDxH): 30.2 x 16.5x85 mm
Voice Recording Function converts your player into
a handy dictation machine. Besides playing music or
listening to radio, you can also record notes or
reminders for work or school, record shopping lists
and phone numbers – even song lyrics. By pressing
the recording button and speaking into the built-in
microphone, voice messages are compressed and
stored either in the built-in internal memory or on
to the external memory card. Voice Recording
Function gives you a highly portable voice recorder
allowing you to record anything, anytime and
Integrated jack headphones
Specially designed headphones with an integrated
jack, allows listeners to plug in an additional
headphones. Two people can enjoy the same music
at same time, through their own headphones.
GoGear Players with Equalizer, utilize technology to
automatically set the optimum sound frequency
balance for a chosen music style. Whether it is Jazz,
Rock or Pop that you are listening to, using the
Equalizer preset setting allows you to enjoy the
optimum sound for that music style.
• Batteries included
• Battery type: AAA / LR03 Alkaline
• Battery Playing time (WMA): 15h(1xAAA alkaline
Issue date 2013-02-06
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Voice Recording Function
* 1MB = 1 million bytes; available storage capacity will be less.
* Battery life varies by use and settings.
* Storage capacity based on 4 minutes per song and 64 kbps WMA or
128 kbps MP3 encoding.
* Windows Media and the Windows logo are trademarks, or
registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States
and/or other countries.
* Actual transfer speed may vary based on your operating system and
software configuration.