System Power
Supply 4E
Product Sheet
valid from release number 3.2.x
• Generation 3 compatible
• Dynamic-Pixel-Bus Mode for
multi-channel systems
• compatible with all older SchnickSchnack-Systems products with DMX
or S3-DMX
• integrated Art-Net interface with
Art-Net merger of two sources (HTP)
• built-in DMX/DPB splitter and router
• high performance Art-Net Nodes
(255 Unvierses)
• software update via SD-Card or
• interfaces for future developments
• integrated Web Server for remote
• generatable log files
• all settings available via
the Web Server
• stand-alone program to test at
• Quick-Patch function
• manual color setting
• integrated Combine-Mode to reduce
channel number
• mode to test the Ethernet network
and the switch
The System Power Supply 4E provides Schnick-Schnack-Systems’ series L, B, C and M
products with power and data.
It has four independent XLR4-pin outputs and can be controlled by either Ethernet
(Art-Net, sACN) or DMX512 data and is therefore compatible with most lighting consoles
and media servers. The control signal can be freely patched across the four outputs. It
is also possible to use the System Power Supply 4E as a standalone unit, without a DMX
or Art-Net control signal.
The addressing of the components takes place directly on the System Power Supply via
Smart Link.
The System Power Supply 4E belongs to Generation 3 and in addition to DMX can also
read the Dynamic-Pixel-Bus protocol (DPB) in order to control LED components. By
using the DPB more LED-Panels or other elements per output of a System Power Supply
are possible – up to 3.072 channels. Switching between DPB and DMX is possible at all
The Generation 3 LED components firmware can be updated from a central point via
the network with the System Power Supply 4E.
Thanks to integrated HTML 5.0 webservers, the System Power Supply can be completely
controlled remotely.
product sheet system power supply 4E
Mechanical data
System Power Supply 4E
19“, 2 U rack, 483 × 88 × 425mm (W × H ×D)
8,8 kg
System Power Supply 4E (front view)
System Power Supply 4E (rear view)
Electrical Data
System Power Supply 4E
Operating voltage
Input voltage
100-240 V AC, 47-63 Hz, 700 VA
Power (Imax)
4 × 6A*
Power switch
* Note: american version only 4 × 4A at 110V
Technical data
System Power Supply 4E
DMX in- and output:
2 × Neutrik XLR 5-pin
Ethernet input:
1 × Neutrik Ethercon
LED output 1-4:
4 × Neutrik 4-pin XLR
SD card slot:
1 × for software updates
Power connection:
1 × IEC plug
safety 5mm × 20mm, slow, 6,3A
Data input
Art-Net (DMX over Ethernet) / DMX 512 A, galvanically isolated, SchnickNet,
LED output
Number of channels
4 × Neutrik 4-pin XLR, each 24 V/6A*
4 × 512 channels at DMX
4 × 3058 channels at DPB
Number of processable university verses in the Art-Net
at least 100 Broadcast
Maximum length of the XLR 4-pin cable to the LED components
Series L and B=20m**
Series C and M=40m**
Maximum heat emission per device
Admissible ambient temperature
* Note: american version only 4 × 4A at 110V
** in some cases increased lengths are possible – please check this with us
The exact number of the to be controlled LED products, cabling- and
calculating examples can be found in the data sheets for each LED components.
product sheet system power supply 4E
Order numbers
System Power Supply 4E
Operating voltage
Power (Imax)
Input Output
Item number
110-240V AC
4 × 6A*
4 × 3072 channels (DPB)
Ethercon RJ 45
4 × XLR-4pin
4 × 512 channels (DMX)
XLR-5pin IN/Trough
4 × 5 × 5 channels**
* Note: american version only 4 x 4A at 110V
** depending on the output configuration
ESD warning
Please be aware that electrostatic discharges can destroy LED boards, and our experience shows that this does happen. During assembly, we recommend wearing at least
one antistatic wrist strap and avoiding static discharges – such as those that arise
when removing protective film or dry cleaning acrylic glass, for example– near LEDs!
Antistatic materials should be used when packaging the LED boards. Normal bubble
wrap or other plastic bags are not suitable.
For reasons of safety and radio shielding, please only use systems we have approved to
provide a power supply for our LED components. All technical information is based on
the version at the time of printing.
We reserve the right to make technical specifications in terms of a product improvement without prior notice. Printing – even excerpts – requires the written consent of
Schnick-Schnack-Systems GmbH.
Product Sheet Release Notes
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Why Schnick Schnack Systems?
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of customers.
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– under tight deadline constraints that are not only quick to
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© 2016 Schnick-Schnack-Systems GmbH
Version May 2016: All technical data and the weight and dimension information were carefully created –
errors reserved. Any colour deviations are printing-related.
We reserve the right to make changes that serve further improvement.
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