Quick reference guide
Verizon One Talk
W60B Base Station and W56HV Handset
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Basic call features
Place calls.
You can place calls in the following ways:
• Keypad: Enter number and press
• Speakerphone: Press
and enter number.
• Directory: Press
, select Directory > Local, select contact
number and press .
Note: Press
to toggle the speakerphone on or off. A speakerphone icon
appears on the handset display when it’s in speakerphone mode.
Answer and end calls.
• Press ,
or the Answer soft key to answer
calls in normal mode.
• Press
to answer calls with the speakerphone.
• To ignore an incoming call, press the Ignore soft key.
• To reject an incoming call, press
• To end a current call, press
• Press
twice to redial the last number dialed.
• Press
once to display the latest numbers dialed,
use or to highlight the desired number and
to make the call.
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Quick reference guide
Mute and unmute calls.
to mute the microphone during a call. Press
again to unmute it.
Hold and resume calls.
To place a call on hold:
Press the Options soft key during a call and select Hold.
To resume the call, do one of the following:
• For only one call on hold, press
Resume soft key.
or the
• For two calls on hold, press , or the Swap
soft key to switch between two calls.
Note: When a call is on hold, placing the handset in the charger
cradle will not end the call.
Move calls.
To move a call from a handset to another smartphone or handset
sharing the same number, press Options followed by Hold. This
places the call on hold until you can resume the call on another
device that shares the same number.
To pick up a call placed on hold on another device, press
resume the call.
Transfer calls.
To transfer a call, press
during an active call, enter the
number you want to transfer the call to or select one from the
directory, press the Options soft key that appears, and then do
one of the following:
• For a direct transfer (transferring a call without talking to the
called party), press the Transfer soft key.
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• For a semi-attended transfer, press ,
to dial out and
then press the Transfer soft key when you hear the line ring.
• For a consultative transfer (transferring a call after talking to
the called party), press ,
to dial out and then press
the Transfer soft key when the call is answered.
Forward calls.
To turn on call forwarding for a specific line:
1. Press
navigation key and select User Setting > Call
2. Press
, use or and press the OK soft key to choose from
one of the following forwarding types:
• Always—Immediately forwards all incoming calls.
• Busy—Forwards incoming calls when the line is busy.
• No Answer—Forwards incoming calls not answered after a
set period of time.
3. Use
to change status to Enabled.
4. Use or to select the number in the Target field you want to
forward the incoming calls to and press the Save soft key to
save the setting.
a. For Forward No Answer, press or in the Number
of Rings field to select how many rings to wait before
5. Press Save to save the change.
Conference calling
Set up a local conference call with two other parties
by doing the following:
1. Place a call to the first party.
2. Press the Options soft key and select Conference.
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Quick reference guide
3. Call the second party and after they answer press
Conference again.
4. Press the End soft key to end the conference call.
Note: To set up conference calls with more than three parties, refer to
the user guide for information on configuring and using the Network
Conference feature.
Customizing your phone
Personalize handset name.
1. Press
to enter the main menu and select Settings >
Handset Name.
2. Change name in the Rename field to a name you want.
3. Press the Save soft key to save the new name.
Note: Press # to change case type from the sentence case default (Abc) to
either all uppercase letters, all lowercase letters or numbers.
Adjust volume.
• Use or to adjust the ringer volume when the handset is idle
or ringing.
• Use or to adjust the volume of the speakerphone/earpiece/
earphone during a call.
Change ringtones.
to enter the main menu and select Settings > Audio >
Ring Tones > Melodies.
1. Use or to highlight the Intercom Call option or
the desired line.
2. Use
to select the desired ring tone.
3. Press the Save soft key to save the new ringtone.
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Add contacts to directory.
1. Press
directory shortcut key and select Local Directory.
2. Press the Options soft key and select New Contact.
3. Enter the desired values in the Name, Office, Mobile and
Other fields.
4. Press the Save soft key to save the contact information.
Set up speed-dial numbers.
1. Press
to enter the main menu.
2. Select Settings > Telephone > Speed Dial.
3. Use or to choose the button you want to assign from the
list of available buttons and then press the Assign soft key.
4. If you have multiple contact directories, use or and press
the Enter soft key to choose which directory to use.
5. Select the desired contact from the directory.
6. Press the OK soft key to assign the contact’s number to
the chosen speed-dial button. If the contact has multiple
numbers, use or and press the OK soft key to choose
the desired number.
• To assign a number to speed dial, it needs to exist in your handset’s
Local Directory or your network’s Remote Phone Book.
• The 1 key is reserved for quick calls to voicemail.
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Quick reference guide
Set up voicemail.
1. Press
to enter the main menu and select Voice Mail >
Set Voice Mail.
2. Use
to select Enabled from the Status field.
3. Enter the voicemail access code in the Number field and
press the OK soft key.
Listen to messages.
1. Press 1 and hold for five seconds.
2. Follow the voice prompt to listen to your voicemails.
View call history.
1. Press the History soft key.
2. Use or to switch among All Calls, Missed Calls, Placed
Calls and Received Calls.
3. Use
to highlight a desired entry.
4. Press the Options soft key and select Detail to view the
details of the selected call.
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Handset features
and shortcuts
Use the following shortcut keys to access the phone’s
frequently used features.
1. Earpiece speaker
2. Power indicator LED
3. LCD display screen
4. Press left soft key
call history.
5. Press right soft key
to access
to check line
to toggle speakerphone
6. Press
on and off.
to check missed calls
7. Press
and voicemail.
8. Press navigation key to place an
intercom call to other handsets.
9. Press
to enter main menu.
10.Press navigation key to decrease
ringer volume.
11. Press navigation key to increase
ringer volume.
12.Press navigation key to access
contact directory.
to make a call.
to end a call or go back to
a previous menu screen. Also, hold
to power the handset on
or off.
to enter special characters.
to switch to different
input modes.
to initiate a call transfer.
to mute and unmute
handset microphone.
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