A Complete Range of Equipment and Consumables

Specimen Preparation
A Complete Range of
Equipment and Consumables
Struers’ range of equipment and consumables for the preparation of mineralogical,
geological and ceramic specimens covers the entire preparation process – from
initial cutting to the finished thin section or polished section, ready for microscopic
Struers’ approach to mineralogy is based on four key points:
•A thoroughly tested method for the production of thin sections
without the need of special skills
•Equipment that is easy to handle
•Environmental protection
The preparation of mineralogial, geological and ceramic
specimens may be divided into two main groups:
•Preparation of thin sections or polished thin sections for
microscopic examination in transmitted or reflected light
•Preparation of specimens for microscopic examination in
reflected light
Thin Sections
The production of thin sections requires
highly specialized equipment. Struers
has developed the TS-MethodTM, a technique which provides outstanding quality
and very high reproducibility - and it is
very easy to use. The cornerstone of the
TS-MethodTM is Discoplan-TS, a combined cutting and grinding machine.
Polished Sections
The preparation of mineralogical specimens for microscopic examination in
reflected light is basically similar to the
preparation of other materials. After cutting, the specimens are normally mounted
in the vacuum impregnation unit CitoVac
using EpoFix resin. Lapping is carried
out on LaboPol-30/LaboForce-Mi by
means of a cast iron lapping disc and the
composite disc MD-Largo. The abrasives
used are SiC powder and diamonds.
Grinding, lapping and polishing can also
take place on either semi-automatic or
automatic preparation equipment.
Discoplan-TS – combined cutting
and grinding
Discoplan-TS is a versatile machine for
production of mineralogical thin sections.
Discoplan-TS combines the cutting and
grinding processes in one machine, thus
reducing investments and allowing for
very fast preparation procedures.
The left hand side of Discoplan-TS takes
care of the cutting. A choice of two types
of diamond cut-off wheels ensures perfect cutting of all materials, with a minimum of deformations.
The cutting module of Discoplan-TS also
carries out re-sectioning of the specimen
(cutting off surplus material): the thin
section is easily fixed in a vacuum holder
controlled by a guide rail on the table of
the machine.
The right-hand side of Discoplan-TS is
designed for precision grinding. For
automatic preparation of thin sections all
glass slides must have exactly the same
thickness with a tolerance of a few µm.
A built-in micrometer ensures extreme
Semi-automatic specimen mover for the preparation of mineralogical
specimens. For use with LaboPol-30. Specimen mover plates and
dosing unit (LaboDoser-10, 06376901) are ordered separately.
1- or 3-phase
Rotational speed: 1400 rpm at 50 Hz, 1700 rpm at 60 Hz
Diamond cut-off wheel: 203 mm dia. 0.5-1.5 mm thickness
Diamond cup wheel: max 180 mm dia.
Precision scale including vernier: 1 µm
Vacuum chucks: 3 pieces, 30 x 50 mm
Dimensions: W x D x H: 700 x 370 x 320 mm
Cast Iron disc for mineralogy, 300 mm dia.
Concentrically grooved, cone-type disc for lapping mineralogical
specimens on LaboPol-30/-60 (06336127/06346127).
Made of special SiC-resistant cast iron alloy. 06206917
Precision thin section machine. With 3 vacuum chucks for grinding of 3
glass slides of 27 x 46 mm, 28 x 48 mm or 30 x 45 mm, or 2 glass slides of
1 x 3" and specimens. Including holder for cutting of rocks (75 x 75 mm),
holder for cutting of standard specimens (8 x 20 x 30 mm), dial gauge and
recirculation cooling unit (025361xx). Diamond cut-off wheels, diamond
cup-wheels and vacuum pump are ordered separately. 037262xx
Discoplan-TS (without recirculation unit)
Precision thin section machine. With 3 vacuum chucks for grinding of 3
glass slides of 27 x 46 mm, 28 x 48 mm or 30 x 45 mm, or 2 glass slides of
1 x 3" and specimens. Including holder for cutting of rocks (75 x 75 mm),
holder for cutting of standard specimens (8 x 20 x 30 mm) and dial gauge.
Diamond cut-off wheels, diamond cup-wheels and vacuum pump
are ordered separately. 037265xx
Table unit
With compartment for recirculation cooling unit,
drawer for tools and shelves for cut-off wheels.
Width: 930 mm, depth: 950 mm, height: 800 mm. Extension for table unit
Can be mounted on both right and left hand side.
Width: 400 mm, depth 950 mm
Diamond Cup Wheel M0P15
Metal bonded, for grinding of hard, brittle materials
on Discoplan-TS.
Diamond Cup Wheel B0P15
Resin bonded, for grinding of hard, ductile materials
on Discoplan-TS. 06266101
Diamond Cut-off Wheel M4D20
For cutting of minerals and ceramics (HV 800). Metal bond.
202 mm dia. x 1.0 mm x 22 mm dia.
Diamond Cut-off wheel B4D20
For cutting of sintered carbides and ceramics (HV 800).
Bakelite bond. 202 mm dia. x 1.1 mm x 22 mm dia.
Welch Vacuum Pump
Used on Discoplan-TS, CitoVac for external pump and
Accutom-100, -50, -5 and -2. Vacuum: ~907 mbar.
Output: ~28 l/min. (06196133) ~34 l/min. (06196121).
Dimensions L x W x H, cm (in): 37.5 x 21 x 25.5 (14.8 x 8.3 x 10.0)
115 V / 60 Hz
230 V / 50/60 Hz
Precision cut-off and grinding machine with variable speed (300 - 5000 rpm).
Variable automatic feed speed and motorized positioning system with
digital read-out with MultiCut function. Built-in specimen holder rotation
and oscillation and vacuum pump connection for vacuum chuck. Cut-off
wheel, cup wheel and material database and 100 optional changeable
methods included. Complete with recirculation cooling unit, flange set
50 mm dia. and tray for extra filter paper and collection of cut specimens.
Specimen holders, cut-off wheels, cup wheels and Corrozip (additive for
cooling fluid cat. No. 49900045) are ordered separately. 06176127
Grinding/polishing machine with variable speed (50-500 rpm) for
230, 250 or 300 mm dia. disc. With automatic water valve. Supplied
with splash guard and bowl liner. LaboUI control panel (06206901)
and discs are ordered separately. 06336127
Specimen Mover Plates for LaboForce-Mi
For 8 specimens, 25 mm dia. For 8 specimens, 30 mm dia. For 4 specimens, 40 mm dia. For 4 specimens, 60 mm dia.
For 8 specimens 20 x 30 mm.
Thin Section Holder BORTY
For lapping of thin sections. With Boron Carbide Sticks.
60 mm dia. Including 4 foils of 25 µm and 3 foils of 8 µm.
Set of Copper Foils
Extra set of 4 pcs. 25 µm and 6 pcs. 8 µm.
Thin Section Holder TYNDS
For polishing and lapping of thin sections, size 60 mm dia. 02686xxx
CitoVac with built-in vacuum ejector vacuum impregnation unit.
Compressed air supply 4.5 - 6 bar required.
1 x 100–240 V / 50-60 Hz.
CitoVac for external pump
Vacuum impregnation unit. External vacuum pump required.
1 x 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz.
Lid for gluing
Complete with pressing rod and support ring for gluing
specimens on glass slides for making thin sections.
Standard Slides
Standard Slides for thin sections, with ground edges. 100 pcs.
28 x 48 mm
27 x 46 mm
Microcover Glass
To be used for covering thin sections.
24 x 32 mm. Abt. 100 pcs.
Synthetic thermoplastic resin for mounting
of cover glasses on thin sections. 500 ml.
SiC Powder
For lapping of mineralogical specimens.
To be used on cast iron lapping disc. Grit:
120, 220, 320, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200
Disc for magnetic fixation, 300 mm dia.
Diamond grinding disc for grinding of materials HV 150 - 2000
MD-Piano 80, 300 mm dia.
MD-Piano 120, 300 mm dia.
MD-Piano 220, 300 mm dia.
MD-Piano 500, 300 mm dia.
MD-Piano 1200, 300 mm dia.
Maintenance-free disc for one-step fine grinding,
using diamonds 300 mm dia.
For further information on Accutom-100, LaboPol-30, LaboForce-Mi, CitoVac, the
MD-System and Diamond Products please see separate brochures.
Struers’ products are subject to constant product development. Therefore,
we reserve the right to introduce changes in our products without notice.
The TS-Method for preparation of
thin sections
2. Cutting of a specimen on Discoplan-TS.
3. Automatic lapping of the specimen on
LaboPol-30/LaboForce-Mi lapping/polishing
4. Glass slide 27 x 46 mm or 28 x 48 mm.
5. Grinding of glass slide in Discoplan-TS to a
given thickness, e.g. 1.164 mm.
6. CitoVac vacuum impregnation unit:
cementing of specimen to glass slide using
EpoFix resin.
7. Discoplan-TS: cutting off surplus specimen
material to a thickness of 0.5-2 mm.
8. Discoplan-TS: grinding of thin sections to a
thickness of 80 µm (section + EpoFix resin),
up to three specimens at a time.
9. Automatic lapping of thin section in
BORTY thin section holder on
LaboPol-30/LaboForce-Mi. Final thickness
of section + resin e.g. 30 µm.
Outstanding precision
The glass slides are placed on ceramic vacuum holders and are then moved
across a cup wheel with diamonds. The
slides or specimens may be ground with
an accuracy of ±2 µm in a couple of
minutes. The ceramic vacuum holder allows for dressing of the cup wheel. This
feature is important to ensure absolute
Accutom-100 – precision cutting
and grinding
For automatic preparation of thin
sections the Accutom-100 can be used.
Movement of the specimen is controlled
automatically and positioning accuracy
is 5 µm.
10.Automatic polishing of thin sections in
TYNDS thin section holder on LaboPol-30/
LaboForce-Mi. Reduction for a typical polishing: approximately 10 µm.
11.The specimen is now finished.
Thickness: 20 µm.
Grinding with cup-wheel on Accutom-100.
Automatic lapping and polishing
of thin sections
Sections cut to a standard size on
Discoplan-TS, are lapped automatically
on LaboPol-30/LaboForce-Mi – up to
eight sections at a time. Subsequently,
they are glued to a glass slide, then cut
and ground on Discoplan-TS or
To achieve the final thickness (e.g. 20 µm),
the sections are now lapped and polished
on LaboPol-30/LaboForce-Mi: the specimens are placed either in a BORTY thin
section holder for lapping or in a TYNDS
thin section holder for polishing. Due to
the automated preparation process the
specimens are prepared with very high
Thin section holders
Thin section holders are indispensable
tools in rational precision lapping and
polishing of thin sections. Struers’ thin
section holders ensure plane specimens
of perfect surface quality and well defined
and uniform thickness.
Thin section holders for polishing
As diamond is used for polishing the thin
sections, BORTY can not be used as
diamond also removes material from the
boron carbide sticks. Therefore a holder
which does not touch the polishing cloth
must be used. The TYNDS thin section
holders are designed to solve this problem. They have the same outer dimensions as the BORTY holders. Consequently, they can be used on the same
equipment with the same specimen
mover disc that has already been used for
precision lapping. The holders ensure
excellent polishing.
Thin section holders for lapping and polishing
Precision lapping holders
The BORTY thin section holders are provided with very hard sticks of boron carbide (B4C) which stop any further material removal when they make contact with
the lapping disc.
LaboForce-Mi is a semi-automatic specimen mover
for the production of thin sections, polished thin
sections and polished specimens of mineralogical
materials. The force is applied through springs which
can be individually adjusted
Preparation discs and
lapping powders
Cast iron lapping disc
A cast iron disc (300 mm) for lapping is
available. The disc is made of a special
cast iron alloy which will resist long-term
influence from SiC grains, regardless of
grain size.
For fast removal of material, grinding
can be carried out using MD-Piano, a
diamond grinding disc.
MD-Largo is a composite disc for fine
grinding. The special formulation of the
composite material together with the
use of diamonds as abrasive guarantees
a uniform removal of material from different phases without smearing, deformation or chipping. The specimens will
maintain a perfect planeness.
Lapping powders
Lapping on cast iron discs is carried out
with SiC powder. A wide range of grain
sizes is available.
CitoVac is a vacuum impregnation unit,
especially designed for mounting and
impregnating of porous materials. It is
also very well suited for gluing specimens to glass slides for the production
of thin sections.
A special lid has to be used when gluing specimens to
glass slides with the CitoVac.
Easy filling of mounting cups.
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