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LER 2904
Classroom Centers
Pocket Chart
Great for your Classroom!
• 213⁄4” x 281⁄2” Pocket Chart
with 6 clear pockets
• 42 cards, including:
° 2 Double-Sided Write-on/
Wipe-off Title Cards,
pre-printed on the front
and blank on the back
° 10 Double-Sided Write-on/
Wipe-off Center Cards,
pre-printed on the front
and blank on the back
Student Cards
• 2 Card Storage Pockets
The Centers Pocket Chart makes assigning and displaying centers quick
and easy! The pocket chart is large enough for students to see, but
does not take up much space in the classroom. It can be kept up all
year long so students will always know where they belong!
Chart Setup
At the beginning of the year, write each student’s name on one of the
colorful student cards. Write the name toward the head and arms so that
it will be visible on the chart. Make sure to use a dry- or wet-erase
marker on the cards for multiple uses, year after year.
At the beginning of the day or week, choose the centers you want to use
from the printed cards provided or make your own with the cards’ blank
sides. Place the chosen center cards in each
pocket, two in each row. Then, place a student
underneath the center card. When the students
come in, point out who is going to which center and with whom. When
the center or student cards are not in use, store in the convenient
storage pockets on the bottom.
Note: Use a wet- or dry-erase marker when writing on the cards to
ensure repeated use. Test your marker on a corner of one card to
ensure that your marker does not leave a permanent mark. Use a damp
cloth when removing wet-erase marks from the cards. Cards will warp if
saturated with water.
The simple yet attractive design of the pocket chart is the perfect
addition to your classroom!
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