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5-port USB Ultrafast Charger
Universal 40W fast charger with 5 USB ports, to charge all devices at highest possible speed
Key features
✔Compatible with tablets and phones from Apple, Samsung & other brands
✔40W total maximum power output, to charge 2 tablets and 3 phones simultaneously
✔2 USB ports with 12W/2.4A and auto-detection function to charge 2 devices at maximum
✔3 USB ports with 5W/1A standard charging to charge your smartphone, powerbank,
bluetooth speaker and other USB-powered devices
✔Ideal for travel, with 100-240V input power and detachable power cord
✔For maximum power ratings please refer to specifications table
More information
Item number: 21820
Product link: www.trust.com/21820
EAN code: 8713439218206
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