Monroe County Car Seat Coalition

Contact Information:
Monroe County Sheriff Department
Sgt. Jeff Leis
Senior Technician
Karen Jankowski, Child Passenger Safety
Technician Instructor
Senior Technician
Tomah Police Department
Officer Melanie Marshall
What is the LATCH
Senior Technician
The LATCH system stands for Lower
Anchors and Tether and is found in most
vehicles made after 2003.
Monroe County
Car Seat
Tomah Memorial Hospital
Shannon Boettcher RN
Monroe County Health Department
Julie Anderson RN
Monroe County Health Department
Spanish Interpreter Nidia Alcantar
Making our county safer…
Please call for an appointment
Payment plans are available to
purchase a car seat at cost.
If you are in need of a car seat,
you may qualify for an incomeeligible program.
The Latch system anchors your
child safety seat without the
need for a seat belt. The Latch
system is appropriate for
children up to 40 lbs; some
vehicle manufacturer and child
safety seat guidelines may be
approved for over 40 lbs.
one car seat at a time
What gets checked
when we look at your
child passenger seat?
The right seat for your
Step 3
Booster Seats
Rear-facing Safety Seats
1. Is the seat appropriate for
your child’s weight and age?
2. The age of the seat itself
* Seats should not exceed 6 yrs
from the date of manufacture.
3. Is the seat put together
4. Is the seat on a recall list?
5. Is the seat installed in the
vehicle properly?
6. Is the seat fitted to the child
Infant carrier
Convertible Seat
Rear-facing is safest for children; the longer
rear-facing the better. Most convertible seats
are rear-facing to about 30lbs. Check your seat
for weight guidelines. The law: infants must
be rear-facing to 20 lbs and one year of age.
Step 2
Forward-facing Safety Seats
High back Booster
The law: a booster seat should be
used until the child is 8 years old, or
80lbs, or 4 feet 9 inches in height.
Your child’s size is more important
than your child’s age in determining
if the booster seat is needed. Keep
this in mind for your child’s safety.
7. Has the seat ever been in an
8. We will show you how to
correct any problems & install
the seat properly.
Forward facing
convertible Seat
High Back Booster &
internal harness or
combination seat.
An Internal 5 point harness should be used until
the child reaches the weight limit on the seat.
Backless Booster Seat