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del termometro
Thermometric sensor
• Capteur
• Sensor termométrico
• Sensor termométrico
• Αισθητήρας
Pulsante ON/OFF
ON/OFF Button
Bouton ON/OFF
• Botón ON/OFF
• Botão ON/OFF
• Πλήκτρο ON/OFF
Punta del termometro
Thermometric tip
Embout thermométrique
Punta termométrica
Ponta do termómetro
Ακροφύσιο θερμομέτρου
del termometro
Thermometric sensor
• Capteur
• Sensor termométrico
• Sensor termométrico
• Αισθητήρα θερμομέτρου
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Via Marconi, 1 - 20060 Gessate (MI) Italy -
della batteria
Battery compartment
• Compartiment à piles
• Compartimiento de las pilas
• Compartimento da pilha
• Κάλυμμα μπαταρίας
LCD (visore a cristalli liquidi) • LCD
Pulsante ON/OFF
ON/OFF Button
Bouton ON/OFF
• Botón ON/OFF
• Botão ON/OFF
• Πλήκτρο ON/OFF
della batteria
Battery compartment
• Compartiment à piles
• Compartimiento de
las pilas
• Compartimento da pilha
• Κάλυμμα μπαταρίας
Note: The exterior of each model has a little difference.
Congratulations on your purchase of this product. Please read the
instructions carefully before using the thermometer for the first time,
and keep these in a safe place. This product is intended for the measurement of human body temperature.
Operating Instructions
Before using, please disinfect the probe at first. To switch on, press
the ON/OFF button next to the display; a short beep will sound, indicating that the thermometer is operational. At the same time the thermometer runs a self-check test, during which all the digital segments
appear on the LCD. When the letters “L” and a flashing “°C” or “°F” display, the thermometer is now ready for use. If the ambient temperature is below 32°C or 89.6°F, then “L C” or “L F” will appear on the LCD
and if it is more than 42.9 C or 109.2 F, then “H°C” or “H°F” will appear
on the LCD. During the reading, the current temperature is displayed
continuously and the “°C” or “°F” symbol flashes. The measurement
is completed when a constant temperature value has been reached.
The temperature value is considered constant when the temperature
rises less than 0.1°C within 16 seconds. As soon as the constant temperature value is reached, a beep will sound four times, and the “°C”
or “°F” symbol will stop flashing. The highest temperature measured
appears on the LCD. However, please note that this thermometer is
a maximum thermometer, i.e. the displayed temperature can increase
slightly if measurement continues after the beep. This is particularly the case with axillary measurements, should a temperature value
be recorded which approximates the core body temperature. In this
instance please note the description under “Methods of measuring
temperature”. When the measurement is completed, please switch
the thermometer off by pressing the ON/OFF button. After the temperature has been displayed, the thermometer will shut off automatically
after 10 minutes.
Memory function
Turn on the thermometer, the last measured temperature will display
on the LCD for approximately 2s after the self-check. The reading will
be over-written when the “°C” or “°F” flashes, i.e. the thermometer
is ready for a next measurement, whether the new measurement is
complete or not.
Methods of measuring temperature
It is important to remember that the body temperature reading depends on the site where it is measured. For this reason, the measurement site must always be specified in order to ensure that a correct
temperature reading is recorded.
In the rectum (rectal)
This is the most accurate method from a medical point of view, because it comes closest to the core body temperature. The thermometer
tip is inserted carefully into the rectum for a maximum of 2cm.
The usual measuring time is approximately 20 to 70 seconds.
Under the arm (axillary)
Placing the thermometer in the armpit provides a measurement of
surface temperature that can fluctuate by around 0.5°C to 1.5°C from
rectal temperature readings in adults. The usual measuring time for
this method is approximately 40 to 100 seconds. It should be noted,
however, that an exact reading cannot be obtained if, for example, the
armpits have been allowed to cool. If this
is the case, we recommend extending the measuring time by around
5 minutes in order to obtain the most precise possible reading that
corresponds as closely as possible to the core body temperature.
In the mouth (oral)
There are different heat zones in the mouth. As a general rule, the oral
temperature is 0.3°C to 0.8°C lower than the rectal temperature. To
ensure that reading is as accurate as possible, place the thermometer
tip to the left or right of the root of the tongue. The thermometer tip
must have constant contact with the tissue during the reading and be
placed under the tongue in one of the two heat pockets at the back,
keep the mouth closed during the reading and breathe evenly through
the nose. Do not eat or drink anything before the measurement. The
usual measuring time is approximately 30 to 80 seconds.
Note: We strongly recommend the rectal method as the most accurate method for identifying the basal temperature, and advise you to
extend the measuring time by 3 minutes after the beep.
How to change the measuring scale (only for switchable type)
To switch the display between °C and °F, turn the unit on.
Press and hold the ON/OFF button for 2 seconds, the display will
show another scale.
Cleaning and disinfection
The best way to clean the thermometer tip is by applying a disinfectant (e.g. 70% medical alcohol) with a damp cloth. It shall be disinfected before each use. The Waterproof thermometers can be immersed in liquid or lukewarm water for through cleaning and disinfection,
but the Not Waterproof thermometers can not be allowed.
Safety precautions
• Do not allow the device to come into contact with hot water.
• Do not expose to high temperatures or direct sunlight. Do not drop
the thermometer. It is neither shock-proof nor impact-resistant.
• Do not modify this device without the authorization of the manufacturer.
• Do not bend or open the device (except the battery compartment).
• Do not clean with thinners, petrol or benzenel. Only clean with water
or disinfectant.
• Do not immerse the Waterproof thermometers under water 15cm
for longer than 30 minutes.
• The thermometer contains small parts (battery, battery compartment) which can be swallowed by children. For this reason, do not
leave the thermometer unattended in the hands of children.
• Avoid bending the thermometer tip by more than 45 degrees.
• If the ambient temperature is over 35°C or 95°F, dip the thermometer tip in cold water for approx. 5 to 10 seconds prior to measuring
the temperature. Persistent fever, in particular in children, has to be
treated by a doctor - please get in touch with your doctor!
• Do not use near strong electromagnetic fields, i.e.
Keep it away from any radio systems and mobile phones.
Battery replacement
The battery is empty and needs replacing when the
battery symbol appears on the right of the LCD. Remove the battery cover and replace it with a battery (preferably non-mercury) of the same
We advise you to remove the batteries if the device is not going to be
used for a longer period of time.
Technical data
Type: maximum thermometer
Measurement range: (32.0~ 42.9)°C/(89.6~109.2)°F
Measurement accuracy:
+/- 0.1°C/0.2°F(35.5°C~42.0°C/95.9°F~107.6°F)
Storage/transportation temperature: (-25~55)°C, ≤ 95%RH
Ambient temperature during use: (5~35)°C, ≤ 80%RH
Min Scale: 0.1°C/0.1°F
Battery type: alkaline battery, type LR41, 1.5V, service life minimum
100 hours under continuous operation.
Explanation of symbols
battery is empty
Product disposal instructions for electronic devices
The battery in this product complies with the
requirements stated in European Directives 2006/66/EEC.
L°C o L°F Temperature under 32°C or 89.6°F
L°C o L°F Temperature over 42.9°C or 109.2°F
Type BF equipment
Attention! Read instructions carefully
Keep away from sunlight
Keep in a cool, dry place
Refer to this user manual
Legal requirements and guidelines
This product complies with the European Directive for Medical Devices 93/42/EEC and carries the CE mark. The device also complies
with the specifications of the European Standard EN 12470-3 Clinical
thermometers-Part 3: Performance of compact electrical thermometers (non-predictive and predictive) with maximum device. The CE
marking confirms that this is a medical device with a measuring function in the sense of the Medical Devices Act which has undergone a
conformity assessment procedure. A Notified Body confirms that this
product fulfils all the appropriate statutory regulations.
Calibration check
This thermometer is initially calibrated at the time of manufacture. If this ther mometer is used according to the operation instruction, periodic re-adjustment is not required.
The calibration check has to be carried out immediately, if there are
indications that the product does not keep the defined error limits or
the calibration properties could have been affected by an intervention
or by any other means. Please also observe any national statutory
regulations. The calibration check can be carried out by the competent authorities or by authorised service providers. A test instruction
for calibration check can be provided to the relevant authorities and
authorised services providers on request.
Congratulations for purchasing a GIMA product. This product meets
high qualitative standards both as regards the material and the production. The warranty is valid for 12 months from the date of supply
of GIMA. During the period of validity of the warranty, GIMA will repair
and/or replace free of charge all the defected parts due to production
reasons. Labor costs and personnel traveling expenses and packaging not included. All components subject to wear are not included
in the warranty. The repair or replacement performed during the warranty period shall not extend the warranty. The warranty is void in the
following cases: repairs performed by unauthorized personnel or with
non-original spare parts, defects caused by negligence or incorrect
use. GIMA cannot be held responsible for malfunctioning on electronic devices or software due to outside agents such as: voltage changes, electro-magnetic fields, radio interferences, etc. The warranty is
void if the above regulations are not observed and if the serial code (if
available) has been removed, cancelled or changed.
The defected products must be returned only to the dealer the product was purchased from. Products sent to GIMA will be rejected.
Disposal: The product must not be disposed of along with
other domestic waste. The users must dispose of this equipment by bringing it to a specific recycling point for electric
and electronic equipment. For further information on recycling
points contact the local authorities, the local recycling center
or the shop where the product was purchased. If the equipment is not disposed of correctly, fines or penalties may be
applied in accordance with the national legislation and regulations.
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Made in China
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