HPE Apollo 6000 Gen10 System with extreme compute performance

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HPE Apollo 6000 Gen10 System
Extreme compute performance in a high-density
Fast, resilient and secure compute, storage and fabric
technologies, with rack-level efficiencies delivering
exceptional price/performance
Whether you’re designing an airplane, discovering an oil reservoir, creating a feature‑length
animated film, detecting fraud, or mapping the human genome—high-performance
computing (HPC) enables you to bring more innovative, higher-quality products and services
to the market faster than ever before. In many cases, HPE solution for HPC workloads makes
it possible for you to solve problems that simply could not be solved otherwise.
Even so, enterprises are challenged to solve these highly complex computational problems
quickly and with lower IT overhead—while minimizing unexpected costs and simplifying
rack‑level HPC deployments.
To address the growing demand for HPC and the relentless pursuit of efficiency, HPE has
taken the lead on a new approach—thinking beyond the server and designing a rack-level
solution that gives you the right compute at the right economics. The HPE Apollo 6000
Gen10 System offers you excellent compute performance with rack-level air-cooled density,
and flexibility to tailor the system to precisely meet the most demanding HPC workload
For comprehensive HPE solution you may choose the HPC software suite and
HPE Pointnext Services to build and support IT at scale to drive your business success.
“The new supercomputer (based on the HPE Apollo 6000
Gen10 System) will promote the application and development
of complex modeling and simulation approaches, opening up
completely new avenues for our research at BASF.”
– Dr. Martin Brudermueller, Vice Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors and
Chief Technology Officer, BASF1
“ BASF Selects HPE to Build
Supercomputer for Global Chemical
Research.” Marketwired, March 2017.
Data sheet
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Versatile performance, efficiency, and time to value
For IT managers who need to tackle the most complex problems quickly, the HPE Apollo
6000 Gen10 System’s new integrated design allows deploying hundreds of servers quickly
and use the clusters immediately. Leading edge technologies of the system are optimized
to deliver performance and conserve energy. Integrated design simplifies deployment and
comprehensive management tools lower IT overhead.
Enjoy leading-edge technology and performance
•Achieve 323 TFLOPS per rack2 with Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable family delivering up to
a 2X performance increase3 over earlier generation processors
•Get the latest compute, storage, and fabric technologies available today, in an architecture
future-proofed to support upcoming technologies
•Drive rack-scale efficiency
•Benefit from rack-level reliability, availability, serviceability, and manageability (RASM)
features through an integrated design
•Quickly deploy, service, and manage the compute and storage with cold aisle front
accessible nodes
2 double precision flops x 28 cores x 2.5 GHz x
144 processors per rack = 323 TFLOPS per rack.
Improvement in peak performance compared to
Intel AVX2 (Haswell and Broadwell) processors.
Intel internal testing, September 2016.
Lower your TCO
•Lower power and space requirements with an optimized architectural integrated design
•Eliminate stranded switch ports with an optimized design aligned to fabric radix
HPE Apollo k6000 chassis features
•12U air-cooled chassis
•24 front-accessible nodes
Highly integrated chassis:
•Hot-plug redundant power supplies with common cooling
•A choice between high-speed InfiniBand Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) or Intel Omni-Path
Architecture (OPA) switches
•10GbE switch or pass-through module
Technical specifications
HPE Apollo Gen10 system power architecture
Extreme compute configuration
N + 0 (15.9 kW)
Typical configuration
N + 1 (13.2 kW)
Node with 2 x 165 W SKL
Node with 2 x 145 W SKL
2 x EDR Mezzanine Adapter + switch
EDR Mezzanine Adapter + switch
2 x 10/40GbE switch
10/40GbE switch
APM module
APM module
4 x front and 12 x rear fans
4 x front and 12 x rear fans
Data sheet
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Technical specifications
HPE ProLiant XL230k Gen10 Server
Form factor
HPE ProLiant XL230k Gen10 Server is a single-slot tray for the HPE Apollo k6000 chassis
The Intel Xeon Processor Scalable family including Intel Xeon Platinum Processor
Intel C622 series chipset
Max processor speed
3.6 GHz
Drive description
Supported drives
Hot-plug 2.5-inch SAS/SATA
Memory slots
16 x DDR4-2666 DIMMs
4 x 3D XPoint
Memory max
1024 GB (16 x 64 GB) per server tray
Memory type, ECC
Network options
2 x 10GbE integrated ports, InfiniBand EDR or Intel OPA Mezzanine cards
Storage controller
HPE Dynamic Smart Array S100i SATA Controller
HPE Smart Array E208i-p Controller
HPE Smart Array P408i-p Controller
Expansion slots
2 x InfiniBand EDR or Intel OPA Mezzanine Adapters
PCIe slot options:
•1 x external x 16 low profile
•1 x internal and 1 x external x 8 low profile PCIe
•Supports –F Omni-Path directly off CPU (independent of above I/O options)
USB ports
1 internal and 2 external via serial, USB, video (SUV) port
New HPE Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) 5 remote manageability
OS support
Microsoft® Windows Server®
Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 7 and 8
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11.4 or later
VMware® ESX®
Data sheet
High-performance fabric interconnects
All HPE Apollo 6000 Gen10 Systems support the latest high-bandwidth, low-latency
interconnect technologies. Choose between InfiniBand, which provides the performance and
scalability required by HPC clusters and data center applications or Intel OPA, which delivers
HPC workloads and scales to tens of thousands of servers.
HPE Apollo Systems Management
HPE Pointnext Services provide:
Deep HPC expertise in key verticals
such as Government, Manufacturing,
Oil and Gas, Research and Higher
Education, and Life Sciences
Expanded global reach with technical
experts both remote and local
• Advisory Services to plan, design,
migrate, and modernize your HPC
infrastructure to enable innovation,
growth, and competitive advantage
• Professional Services to provide
flawless and on-time implementation,
on-budget execution, and creative
configurations that get the most
out of your software and hardware
• Operational Support Services to offer
you the exact support for your IT and
business demands
Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers a complete portfolio of system management software to
match user and data center needs.
•Embedded, advanced baseboard management and monitoring
•iLO Advanced software available for remote management
Apollo Platform Manager (APM)—optional
•Expanded power management function
•Static and customizable dynamic power capping
•Third-party management interfaces
HPE Insight Cluster Management Utility (CMU)
•Single-pane, complete HPC and Big Data cluster management
•“Limitless” architecture that scales to clusters of any size
HPE OneView
•Interface to single-pane enterprise and data center management
•Dynamic discovery and monitoring
Get started today
Solving complex scientific, engineering,
and data analysis problems starts
by partnering with Hewlett Packard
Enterprise to get the solution for your
most complex challenges.
Apollo Chassis Controller
•Dynamic power and cooling infrastructure management
•Consolidated iLO port reduces cabling and provides a single point of access to 24 nodes
HPE Financing for HPE Apollo Systems
Having access to technology on terms that align to your business needs is critical, and
HPE Financial Services is uniquely positioned to help accelerate your move to the data
center of the future with a broad portfolio of flexible investment and transition solutions.
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