Installing bulkhead fitting into the reservoir : Tools

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Installing bulkhead fitting into the reservoir :
Tools needed: ¾" Spade Drill Bit, Power Drill, Adjustable wrench
Using your power drill, make a hole with a ¾" spade drill bit. You can use other types of
bits, as long as you make a nice ¾" hole. Spade bits cut into the plastic with ease and are
well guided by the sharp tip. Do not make your hole at the very bottom of the reservoir
(plastic bucket in this case). In case you do have some debris falling into your container,
you will not suck it into your misting kit and prematurely clog your nozzles, just keep about
1" from the bottom to be on the safe side. For a reservoir you can use any container that
you like.
Push the fitting from the inside of the bucket out. Make sure that the rubber 'O ring' is
securely placed against the lip of the bulkhead. This will be a very tight fit and you will need
to use quite a bit of strength to force the bulkhead through the wall of your reservoir.
Screw on the brass nut onto the 1/4" part of the bulkhead. Hand tighten for now. Take a
look inside the bucket and make sure that the bulkhead is pushed in all the way in.
You will now need to use an adjustable wrench and tighten the brass nut in order to make
a water tight seal. Do not try to over tighten. If you feel that the nut is very snug, take a look
inside the bucket and make sure there is a marked compression on the rubber 'O ring'.
This will be tight enough. Push your tubing into the bulkhead. Before plugging the other
end of the tube into your pump, it's a good idea to test for any leaks. Fill the bucket with
water and leave it for 30 minutes. If you do not spot any leaks you're done. If there are
leaks, tighten the nut a little bit more.