Photoelectric Smoke Alarm EiA650iW

Photoelectric Smoke Alarm
Product Description
The EiA650W range of Optical Smoke Alarms apply
high-reliability photo-electric sensing technology,
providing quick warning to all standard domestic
fire types, including smoldering fires other devices
might miss.
A unique external 8-pin header design enables
simple, plug‐in interface with a wide range
(frequency and/or protocol) of custom OEM radio
modules. No opening of the case required or need
to solder potentially trouble-prone ribbon cables.
EiA650W devices are specifically designed for
simple & intuitive, timesaving installation,
commissioning and maintenance. All necessary
mounting hardware is included. The large,
ergonomic, Test/Silence button enables full testing
and the ability to temporarily silence
false/nuisance alarms. The patented, highperformance optical chamber with integral micromesh™ fixed insect screen reduces the possibility
of false alarms.
The Automatic dust compensation feature further
reduces false alarms by compensating for dust
build up in the chamber, while maintaining its
detection sensitivity.
Ei Electronics
2 Tunxis Road, Suite 209
Tarriffville, CT 06081
Telephone: (860) 217-9408
UL217 (UL268 ready)
Automatic dust compensation
AudioLINK Diagnostics
Unique plug-in Radio Module design
Large, “EZ-Press™” Test/Hush button
Supervised sensor status
Automatic smoke chamber status
Built-in sounder – 85dB(A) at 3 meters
LED Alarm indication
Easy to install twist-on base design
Innovative & robust optical chamber design
5 year Warranty
• The smoke detector will activate the built in sounder
upon sensing smoke particles. It will automatically
reset and silence the alarm when the smoke particles
are no longer present in the chamber.
• The alarm is programmed to preform a self-check
every 40 seconds to ensure the sensor is working,
the chamber is ok and the battery is not in a low
battery condition.
• A single replaceable CR123A Lithium battery powers
the Alarm, an additional battery can be added to
extend battery life or power an RF Module.
• The built in sounder will provide a minimum sound
output of 85dB at 3m when a fire is detected.
• Pressing and holding the Test/Silence button will
perform a complete test of the Alarm as well and
sound the horn.
• If an EiA650W device has been activated due to a
false/nuisance alarm, pressing the Test/Silence
button silences the alarm for 10 minutes.
EiA650iW Data Sheet Rev 1
Ei Electronics new AudioLINK feature is a means of
extracting event data from the alarm to a specially
design Smart Phone App. The phone application is
specifically design to interpret the sound and convert
it into meaningful event driven data.
Technical Specification
Optical, uses light scatter from smoke particles
Self Test:
Automatic checking of alarm every 40 seconds.
Radio Intergration
8 Pin header
Button Test:
Simulates the effect of smoke to check chamber, electronics and horn.
Silences nuisance alarm. Automatically resets after approximately 10 minutes.
Supply Voltage:
1x CR123A battery, Provision is made for a second Optional CR123A battery for extended Life.
LED indications:
Power-up, sensing fire, button test & low battery.
Audible indications:
Low battery & smoke chamber fault beeps
Piezoelectric-horn (built-in)
Alarm Sound Output:
85dB (minimum) at 3m
0 to 40°C / 32 to 104°F (Operating), 0 to 35°C / 32 to 95°F (Storage)
Humidity Range:
15% to 95% Relative Humidity – non condensing
115mm / 4.53“ (diameter) x 45mm / 1.77“ (height)
200 grams / 7.055 ounces without batteries
UL-217/(UL-268 Ready)
Manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 quality standards.
*Specifications are subject to change
Ordering information
Ei Electronics
2 Tunxis Road, Suite 209
Tarriffville, CT 06081
Telephone: (860) 217-9408
5 year (limited) warranty
Short Description
EiA650iW-1X US
EiA650iW-0A US
Smoke Alarm , Single plain box pack of 10
Smoke Alarm, Bulk Pack of 20
EiA650iW Data Sheet Rev 1