Dear Customer, Thank you for purchasing this Smeg 50`s

Dear Customer, Thank you for purchasing this Smeg 50`s
Dear Customer,
Thank you for purchasing this Smeg 50’s Style hand blender.
By choosing one of our products, you have selected an appliance which combines
iconic style with innovative technical design and attention to detail.
A Smeg appliance coordinates perfectly with other Smeg products, or works equally
great as a standalone statement piece in your kitchen.
We hope you enjoy using your new appliance!
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Model HBF02
Hand blender + accessories
This user manual
Intended use
General safety instructions
Manufacturer liability
Identification plate
2 Description
2.1 Product description
2.2 Description of controls
2.3 Accessories
3 Use
1 Instructions
Before first use
Using the hand blender attachments
Using the chopper
Using the potato masher
Food processing guide
4 Recipes
5 Cleaning and care
5.1 Instructions
5.2 Cleaning the motor base
5.3 Cleaning the components of the hand blender
We advise you to read this manual carefully, it contains all the instructions for maintaining the appliance’s aesthetic
and functional qualities.
For further information on the product:
The manufacturer reserves the right to make any changes deemed useful for improvement of its products without prior
notice. The illustrations and descriptions contained in this manual are therefore not binding and are merely indicative.
1 Instructions
1.1 Introduction
Important information for the user:
General information on this user
manual, on safety and final
Description of the appliance and its
Information on using your
Cleaning and care
Information for correct cleaning and
care of the appliance.
List of recipes.
Safety instructions
1.2 This user manual
This user manual is an integral part of the
appliance and must therefore be kept in its
entirety and in an accessible place for the
whole working life of the appliance.
1.3 Intended use
• Use the appliance only indoors.
• The appliance is designed exclusively for
home use.
• The appliance may be used to blend,
chop, mix and emulsify various
ingredients. Moreover, in combination
with its accessories, it can mince/grind
meat, cheese, bread, mash potatoes
and other vegetables or whip and whisk
eggs and cream for various
preparations. Every other use is
considered improper. Do not use the
appliance for anything other than the
intended use.
• The appliance may be used:
• In staff canteen areas in shops, offices
and other working environments;
• Farm houses;
• By guests in hotels, motels and other
residential type environments;
• Bed and breakfast type environments.
• The appliance is not designed to
operate with external timers or with
remote control systems.
Follow all safety instructions in order to be
able to use the appliance safely.
• Read this user manual carefully before
using the appliance.
• Unplug appliance immediately after use.
• Do not leave the appliance unattended
while it is operating.
• Disconnect the appliance from the
power socket as soon as you have
finished using it and before cleaning it.
• Switch off the appliance and disconnect
from supply before changing
accessories or approaching parts that
move in use.
• Do not immerse the appliance, the
power cord or the plug in water or any
other liquid.
• Do not use the appliance if the power
cable or plug appears to be damaged
or if the appliance has been dropped or
damaged in any way.
• If the power supply cable is damaged,
contact technical support immediately to
arrange replacement in order to avoid
any possible hazards.
• Prevent the power cable from coming
into contact with sharp edges.
• Do not pull on the cord to unplug it from
the power socket.
• Do not place the appliance above or
near lit hob burners or electric rings,
inside an oven or near other heat
• Do not try to repair the appliance
yourself or without the assistance of a
qualified engineer.
• In the event of a fault, repairs should only
be carried out by a qualified engineer.
• Do not modify the appliance.
• Never try to put out a fire or flames with
water: turn off the appliance and remove
the plug from the socket and smother the
flames with a fire blanket or other
appropriate cover.
• Disconnect the appliance from the
power socket before assembly,
disassembly and cleaning, and as soon
as you have finished using it.
• Children must never play with the
appliance. Keep the appliance out of
children’s reach.
• This appliance shall not be used by
children. Keep the appliance and its
cord out of reach of children.
• This appliance must not be used by
people of reduced physical, sensory or
mental capacity, or lacking in
experience in the use of electrical
appliances, provided that they are
supervised or instructed by adults who
are responsible for their safety.
1.4 General safety instructions
For this appliance
• Do not touch moving parts while the
appliance is operating. Keep hands, hair
and clothing, and utensils away from
moving parts during operation, to
prevent personal injury and/or damage
to the appliance.
• Always disconnect the hand blender
from the power socket if it is left
unattended and before assembly,
disassembly or cleaning.
• Unplug the hand blender when it is not
being used, before cleaning it and if you
notice any fault.
• Do not allow children to use the hand
blender without supervision.
• Avoid touching the blades of the blender
attachment and of the chopper
attachment as they are very sharp:
Danger of cuts! Handle very carefully
when removing, inserting or cleaning.
• Remove the chopper blade of the
chopper attachment before emptying the
• Do not blend hot oil or fat.
• Be careful if hot liquid is poured into the
chopper or blender as it can be ejected
out of the appliance due to a sudden
• Use tall containers when mixing liquids,
particularly if hot, to reduce spillages,
splattering and burn injuries.
• To avoid splashing always insert the
blender attachment in the food before
switching the hand blender on.
• Do not leave the hand blender in a hot
pot on a lit stove while not in use.
• Avoid using the blender attachment and
chopper attachment to chop fruit pits,
bones or other hard food as doing this
can damage the blades.
• Avoid getting liquids above the shaft joint
• Do not use the hand blender with parts
or accessories of other manufacturers.
• Only use original spare parts. The use of
spare parts not approved by the
manufacturer could lead to fires, electric
shocks or personal injury.
• Avoid spraying liquid on the motor body
and cable of the hand blender or getting
them wet. In the event of contact with
liquid, immediately unplug the hand
blender and dry it thoroughly: Electric
shock hazard!
• Let the hand blender cool down before
• Do not use harsh detergents or sharp
objects to clean the hand blender, its
attachments and accessories.
1.5 Manufacturer liability
The manufacturer shall not be liable for
injuries or property damage caused by:
• Any use of the appliance other than the
one it was designed for.
• Not having read the user manual.
• Tampering with any part of the
• The use of non-original spare parts.
• Not following the safety instructions.
1.6 Identification plate
The identification plate bears the technical
data, serial number and brand name of the
appliance. Do not remove the identification
plate for any reason.
1.7 Disposal
This appliance must be disposed of
separately from other waste
(Directive 2012/19/EU). The
appliance does not contain substances in
quantities sufficient to be considered
hazardous to health and the environment, in
accordance with current European
• Old electrical appliances must not be
disposed of together with domestic
waste! To comply with current legislation,
old appliances, on reaching the end of
their useful lives, should be taken to a
disposal facility where they can be
sorted. In this way, any valuable material
contained in the old appliances can be
recycled, helping to protect the
environment. The relevant local
authorities or their waste disposal
operators can provide further
Our appliances are packed in nonpolluting and recyclable materials.
• Dispose of the packing materials at an
appropriate recycling facility.
Plastic packaging
Danger of suffocation
• Do not leave the packaging or any part
of it unattended.
• Do not let children play with the plastic
Electrical voltage
Danger of electrocution
• Disconnect the main power supply.
• Unplug the appliance.
2 Description
2.1 Product description
Model HBF02 - Hand blender
1 ON/OFF button and TURBO button
2 Speed selector
3 Motor body
4 Stainless steel blender shaft and stainless
steel blade unit
5 Whisk attachment
6 Potato masher
7 Gearbox
8 Chopper lid
9 Chopper blade unit
10 BPA-free TritanTM chopper bowl with nonslip silicone base
11 BPA-free TritanTM beaker (1.4 l capacity)
The components intended to come
into contact with food are made of
materials that comply with the
provisions of current legislation.
2.3 Accessories
ON/OFF button and TURBO button
BPA-free TritanTM beaker
2.2 Description of controls
Keep the ON/OFF button pressed in to
start/stop operation. As the button is
released the motor stops.
Keep the TURBO button pressed in
separately to make the blades work to their
maximum speed.
Speed selector
The BPA-free TritanTM beaker features a
handle and lid and is marked in litres, cups,
millilitres and ounces.
It has a capacity that ranges from a
minimum of 0.2 l to a maximum of 1.4 litres.
Whisk attachment
It allows you to adjust the blades’ rotation
speed while using the hand blender. The
speed adjustment is progressive: the dots on
the selector become larger to indicate a
speed increase.
To increase the speed rotate the speed
selector clockwise; to decrease the speed
rotate the speed selector anti-clockwise.
Ideal for whipping egg whites, light batters
and cream for preparing creams, custards,
sauces, etc.
Potato masher and gearbox
It can be used to chop herbs, biscuits,
bread, nuts and vegetables. The chopper is
fitted with a bowl and blade unit.
The chopper bowl has a non-slip silicone
base that can be also used as lid.
Perfect for mashing cooked vegetables,
such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots,
swede, yams and turnips.
3 Use
Danger of electrocution
Plug into an earthed 3-pin socket.
Do not use an adapter.
Do not use an extension cord.
Failure to follow these instructions could
result in death, fire, or electric shock.
1. According to the food you wish to
process, use the most suitable
2. Insert the attachment (1) into the motor
body (2) and twist it anticlockwise so that
it snaps into the motor body housing.
3.1 Before first use
1. Remove any labels and stickers from the
hand blender and its accessories.
2. Wipe the motor body with a clean,
damp cloth and dry.
3. Carefully wash the components of the
hand blender and dry them thoroughly
(see ”5 Cleaning and care”).
Moving parts
Risk of personal injury or
damage to the appliance
• Do not insert fingers, forks or spoons into
the hand blender attachments. This
could cause personal injury or damage
the blades.
• Keep hands, hair, loose jewellery, ties
or clothing, spatulas and other objects
away from the hand blender
attachments to avoid personal injury or
damage to the appliance.
• Do not immerse the motor body in water
or other liquids.
3. Insert the plug into the power socket.
4. Start operation by pressing the ON/OFF
button. Use the speed selector to
increase the speed or the TURBO button
to work at maximum speed.
Sharp blades
Danger of cuts
• Never touch the blades with your hands.
Use a spatula if you need to remove
• Handle blades very carefully.
3.2 Using the hand blender
3.3 Using the chopper
1. Assemble the chopper unit by inserting
the blade unit (3) in its housing at the
centre of the bowl (4).
3. Attach the chopper attachment to the
motor body by twisting it anticlockwise
so that it snaps into the motor body
housing. Start chopping by using the
ON/OFF button and adjust the speed
selector according to the food you are
chopping. The TURBO button may also
be used.
2. Insert the food to be processed and
close the bowl using the chopper lid (5).
Sharp blades
Danger of cuts
• Never touch the blades with your hands.
• Handle blades very carefully.
3.4 Using the potato masher
1. Boil and drain the potatoes or other
vegetables and place in a saucepan or
2. Attach the Potato masher (1) to the
gearbox (2).
4. Select the speed using the speed
5. Plunge the head of the potato masher
into the potatoes or other vegetables
and press the ON/OFF button (4). Lift
and plunge at a different place in the
pan or bowl. Proceed until the potatoes/
vegetables are mashed to your liking.
3. Then proceed to attach the potato
masher and gearbox unit to the hand
blender body (3).
Tips for using your hand blender
• Blender attachment: Move the hand
blender gently up and down to obtain
best results.
• Start the hand blender only when the
blender shaft is placed into the mixture to
be blended.
• Cut food into small pieces to make
blending and chopping easier.
• Do not immerse the motor body in water
or other liquids.
• To incorporate air into the mixture, hold
the blade just under the surface.
• Whisk attachment: When using the
whisk attachment avoid beating egg
whites for too long as they might dry out
and get less stable.
• Add sugar to beaten egg whites slowly
as the peaks have started to form.
• The maximum operation time for the
whisk attachment is 4 minutes.
• Potato masher: When using the potato
masher use a low speed for potatoes as
they are starchy and must not be
overworked. Use a higher speed for
mashing vegetables such as turnips and
sweet potatoes.
• Mash the ingredient while hot.
• Mash vegetables first and add other
ingredients like milk, butter and
seasoning afterwards.
• Chopper attachment: Do not operate
the chopper without food inside the
• Do not overload the chopper bowl.
• Cut food into pieces of the same size to
achieve even results.
• Place the chopper bowl on a flat and
sturdy surface.
• Make sure that the blade is correctly
• It is best to insert foods that are not too
• Some spices may scratch the chopper
3.5 Food processing guide
Cut into 2-3 cm pieces
200 g
20 seconds
Hard cheese
Cut into 1-2 cm pieces
120 g
10 seconds
Cut into 2-3 cm pieces
200 g
15 seconds
Remove the stems
50 g
10 seconds
Cut in half or into
100 g
8-10 seconds
Whole cloves without
12 cloves
8-10 seconds
The speeds and time indicated in
the table are approximate and are
based on internal lab tests.
The results can vary depending on
the quality of the ingredients and
on the consistency you wish to
4 Recipes
250 g oil (e.g. sunflower oil)
1 egg and 1 extra egg yolk
1-2 tablespoons of vinegar
Salt and pepper to taste
1 large avocado, peeled, de-stoned and
3 tablespoons of lemon juice
125 g sour cream
1 tablespoon of minced garlic
1 teaspoon of jalapeno
1. Put all the ingredients (at room
temperature) into the beaker following
the above order.
2. Gently insert the hand blender until
touching the bottom of the beaker.
3. Keeping the blender in the same
position, operate it at TURBO speed.
When the oil starts emulsifying, slowly
raise the shaft to the top of the mixture
and then back down, making sure to
incorporate all the oil.
Processing time: 1 minute for a dressing-like
result; 2 minutes for a dip-like result.
1. Using the chopper attachment, first insert
the chopping blade into the chopping
bowl, then put all the ingredients into the
2. Close the chopper with the lid and insert
the motor unit. Pulse until the mixture
reaches the desired consistency.
Suggestion: serve the guacamole with
tacos and burritos. For a lighter option,
serve with carrots and celery sticks.
Mashed Potatoes
1 egg
120 g icing sugar
220 g maltose
700 g medium size russet potatoes
Salt and pepper to taste
1. Peel the potatoes and cut them into 1’’
pieces. Place them in a large saucepan
and cover with cold water.
2. Cover and bring to boil over high heat.
Once boiling, remove the lid and keep
cooking for about 20 to 25 minutes, until
a skewer can be easily inserted in the
3. Drain the potatoes well.
4. Place the potatoes back into the dry
saucepan and gently stir them over low
heat for 1-2 minutes to remove excess
5. Remove from heat and let the potatoes
cool for about 5 minutes.
6. Fit the Potato Masher attachment to the
motor body and, using the TURBO
setting, mash the potatoes for 1 minute.
Do not over process, as this might cause
the potatoes to become sticky.
1. Using the chopper attachment, first insert
the chopping blade into the chopping
bowl, then put all the ingredients into the
2. Close the chopper with the lid and insert
the motor unit. Blend the ingredients for
5 seconds on TURBO setting.
Pancake topping
Cleaning and care
5 Cleaning and care
5.1 Instructions
Improper use
Danger of electrocution
• Unplug the hand blender before
cleaning it.
• Do not immerse the motor base in water
or other liquids.
Improper use
Risk of damage to surfaces
• Do not use steam jets to clean the
• Do not use cleaning products containing
chlorine, ammonia or bleach on parts
with metallic finishes (e.g. anodised,
nickel- or chrome-plated).
• Do not use abrasive or corrosive
detergents (e.g. powder products, stain
removers and metallic scourers).
• Do not use rough or abrasive materials
or sharp metal scrapers.
5.2 Cleaning the motor base
To keep the outer surface of the hand
blender motor in good condition, it should
be cleaned regularly after use. Let the
appliance cool down first. Use a soft, damp
cloth with mild detergent.
5.3 Cleaning the components of the
hand blender
The blender stainless steel shaft and blade
unit must be cleaned by hand in warm
water and mild detergent.
The whisk attachment, potato masher,
chopper bowl and blades can be washed
by hand in warm water and mild detergent
or in the dishwasher.
Clean the chopper lid using a damp cloth.
Dry thoroughly.
Sharp blades
Danger of cuts
• Never touch the blades with your hands.
• Handle blades very carefully.
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