Wide band discone aerial
The DA3000 is a 16 element ‘receive’ wide band discone
aerial providing a useable frequency coverage from
25MHz to 2GHz. Many of the 16 elements are of different
lengths ensuring true wide band characteristics including
one ‘loaded’ element to enhance the low frequency
performance. This aerial is designed and manufactured
in Japan to exacting standards. The DA3000 is supplied
with 15m of quality RG58/U coaxial cable terminated in a
BNC plug for the radio connection and a TNC plug in the
aerial base. Clamps are also provided to fasten to a
suitable pole up to 52mm.
What is a discone:
For wide coverage in the VHF-UHF bands a compromise has
to be met and the most popular aerial is a discone (a disk of
elements over a cone of elements). Their appearance is like
a large spider or umbrella without the covering material, the
better models have about 16 elements... avoid discones with
only a few elements (such as six). Typical usable coverage
starts from about 25 MHz and extends continuously to 500
MHz, 1300 MHz or even 2000 MHz. The coverage peaks
and dips throughout it’s range as the elements interact to
provide the widest possible coverage. Due to their
necessary construction discone aerials are a little prone to
“wind noise” & possible damage in severe gales.
DA3000 discone antenna assembling
1. Screw two “A” elements diagonally with washers in upper screw
holes of main unit.
2. Screw two “B” and four “E” elements (threaded) diagonally with
washers in upper screw holes. (A-A vertical to B-B, E-E vertically
another E-E)
3. Select two ‘no mark’ elements with threaded head and joint them
with two “C” elements to be the longest elements. Insert two
combined “C” elements to slant hole of main unit just below “A”
elements and tighten set screws by wrench included.
4. Insert and tighten two “D” elements similarly just below “B”
5. Insert and tighten four “E” elements (non threaded) below each
“E” elements (threaded) of above 2.
6. Attach two mast mounting brackets to aluminium pipe with
proper spacing of approx. 300mm.
7. Feed coaxial cable “TNC” plug side through aluminium pipe and
connect the plug to the main unit.
8. Insert the main unit into aluminium pipe and tighten a screw.
9. Install whole unit to suitable mast (not supplied) by “U” shape
Useable frequency range:
25MHz to 2GHz
50 OHM
Acceptable support mast:
30 - 52mm diameter
height approx 1m,
Coaxial cable:
diameter approx 0.9m
15m of Quality RG58/U
with BNC plug
Approx 1kg
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