Special Instructions HD / DVR Remote Control

Special Instructions
HD / DVR Remote Control
Programming your remote:
● Turn TV on
TV Button
● Press TV Button
Controls your TV
● Press & hold RCU
Setup button until TV
button flashes twice
● Press 991
● Press Channel Up until TV
shuts off
● Once TV shuts off, press
RCU Setup
● Press Power to turn TV on
● Press STB button
Device Buttons
Press to control the corresponding device
STB Button
Controls your Set Top Box
Use to program the remote
Power Button
Press once to turn your
device ON or OFF
Controls the functions of
device after it is selected
Info Button
Power Button
Press once to turn your
system ON or OFF
Menu Button
Displays current channel and
program information
Guide Button
Navigate within the guide &
menu - press OK to make
Displays interactive
menu (provides access to
PVR, VOD, Caller ID, etc)
Displays interactive
program guide
Guide Controls
Move up or down or to a
different day within the guide
Navigation Arrows
Exit Button
Exits the guide or menu
(May not be available on all models)
Channel Control
Volume Controls
VOD Button
Displays available
VOD purchases
Changes channels and
pages within program guide
Last Button
Press to recall the last
channel viewed
Mute Button
Turns the sound off
Use these keys to directly tune
to a specific channel
1812 6th Ave SE ● Aberdeen, SD 57401 ● (605) 725-1000
1316 E 7th Ave ● Redfield, SD 57469 ● (605) 475-1000
Video on Demand
Video on Demand (VOD) allows digital television customers to rent videos & events
for a 24 hour period. Videos and events may be viewed multiple times during the
allotted 24 hours. VOD movies and events will show up on your next monthly statement with the appropriate cost.
1. To access VOD press MENU on the
remote, then select RENTALS.
Digital Video Recorder
To access a recorded program press
the MENU button on the remote. Highlight the DVR icon and press OK. Press
OK on the ‘Recordings’ option to view
all of the programs stored on the DVR.
Using the Arrow Keys scroll through
Recorded Programs and press OK on
desired Program. This will bring up a
list of options:
2. Once in the RENTALS section, using the arrow keys scroll through the different Rental Categories on the left until
desired category is highlighted
and press OK.
3. Once a selection has been made
use the arrow keys to scroll
through the different video
choices. (The Page Up and Page
Down arrow keys will scroll a page
at a time).
4. Once a video is selected press the
OK button to rent the video. A
screen will then appear and give the option to PLAY TRAILER, RENT or CANCEL.
Clicking OK on RENT will bring up the screen allowing a Pin Number to authorize
the purchase.
5. The Pin Number on the Account
will default to “0.” Enter pin and
select RENT. The screen will show
“Loading the Video” and the video
will start playing.
6. During the video VOD has the ability to stop, pause, fast forward,
and rewind at anytime. These buttons are located at the bottom of
the remote. If the video is stopped
or has ended, the viewing will return to live programming and the video will be
placed in the VAULT until the 24 hour rental period has expired.
NOTE: Some movies and events allow for a viewing period longer than 24 hours. This
information will be found with the movie description.
Play Recording: Allows you to view the recording.
Resume Play: Plays the recording from where the program last stopped. (This
option only appears on programs
that have been previously viewed)
Lock: Prevents a recorded
program from being overwritten.
Delete Recording: Erases the
program from the DVR.
Cancel: Returns you to the DVR
 As a program is being played back a green light will appear on the front of the
DVR and turn off when the playback is stopped.
The DVR can Pause, Rewind, and Fast Forward live
programs by using the corresponding buttons on the
upper portion of the remote. (Shown to the right)
To manipulate live TV, press the PAUSE button to
launch the functionality. Once paused, you can
rewind or fast forward the program to the desired
location. To return to live TV, press STOP.
 Rewinding live TV can only go to the point where you began watching the
program. Fast forward will only work with programs that have been paused or
rewound. Changing channels will lose the portion stored.
Digital Video Recorder
Accessing the Vault
A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) incorporates the features of a VCR with that of a computer. The DVR gives you the ability to record the programs you want and play back
as your schedule allows, but adds features that aren’t available with a VCR. The DVR
has a hard drive that records up to 60 hours of programming, and provides a consistent quality. Recordings can be scheduled from the interactive program guide, which
simplifies the steps to set up a future recording.
Rented VOD events are available to view for 24 hours. If you stop the viewing or want
to watch the event again it will be placed in the vault. You can also access the caller
ID log by going to the vault.
The ‘STB’ button must be pressed before activating the DVR service.
The DVR has the ability to record one program while you watch another, and provides
three options for recording.
1. Recording Current Program: Press the RECORD button on the Remote. (This will
record the program that is being viewed at that time from when RECORD is
pressed until the end of the program).
2. Recording Program Scheduled Later: Press the GUIDE button on the Remote,
use the arrow buttons to highlight the desired program and press the RECORD
3. Record Recurring Event: Press the MENU button and press OK on the DVR icon.
Under the DVR menu highlight
‘Schedule Event’ and press OK. A
screen will appear where you can enter the channel number, time, date,
length and frequency that a program
should be recorded and press OK
when completed. OR find the program
on the guide, press OK on the program
you wish to record. You can then
choose to Schedule Event, Record
Program, Record Series, etc.
 When the DVR is recording an amber light will appear on the front and turn off
when recording is complete. In the Guide, a red dot will appear to signal the
program as being recorded. The Info Bar will say ‘RECORD’ on the right.
Once the DVR has reached 60 hours of recorded programming any new
recordings will overwrite the oldest previously recorded program unless the
program is locked.
1. To access the VAULT press
MENU and then select MY
LIBRARY option.
2. Access rented videos by highlighting the VIDEO tab on the left side of the screen
and press OK. This will bring up any videos that have been rented and stored in
MY LIBRARY. Rentals remain in MY LIBRARY for 24 hours after the initial rental
of that item. (Movies and events
with a longer viewing period will
remain in the vault for that period of time.)
3. Scroll through the videos listed
using the arrow keys. Select desired video and press the OK
button and a menu will appear
with viewing options. Select
desired option and movie will
4. To view caller ID log, press MENU and then select MY LIBRARY. Access log by
highlighting the CALLER ID tab on the left side of the screen and press OK. This
will bring up the name, number, date and time of calls made to your home.
Guide Function
The Guide function on the Menu allows you to view the on-screen interactive program guide. By pushing the Guide button on your remote control, you will see “All”
channels that are offered by NVC. Push the Guide button again to see “Subscribed”
channels or the channels that you are subscribed to. Push the Guide button a third
time to view your “Favorites” list or list of high definition channels. The name of the
list you are viewing will appear above the guide on the left.
NOTE: The library of movies available through video on demand changes on a weekly
basis. Check the menus often for new selections.
Parental Controls
Search Function
Digital Television has an optional set of Parental Controls that allow filtering of undesirable content from household viewing. Each show, movie or event has ratings
that appear in the GUIDE. At your discretion, you may allow or block certain rating
types from being viewed in your home. All Parental controls can temporarily be suspended by going to MENU < Control On and entering password to unlock parental
The Search function allows you to find programs, movies, and events quickly and
easily. You can search the entire guide or search through the movies you have
rented with the video on demand service.
1. Under the MENU go to SETTINGS (Password defaults to
“0” until reset by user).
2. The SETTINGS menu will default to the PREFERENCES tab.
In this screen you can check
Parental Controls to turn them
3. Arrow over to the USER tab. Go
to the PARENTAL CONTROL button at the bottom of the screen.
4. The PARENTAL CONTROL button will bring you to the screen
where you can select your
desired settings.
5. Content may be restricted by
movie rating (G-AO) or television rating (TV-Y to TV-MA).
6. Content can be further restricted by selecting content ratings (S,V,L,D,FV) at the bottom of the screen.
This will
prevent any programs with a
selected sub-rating from being
able to be viewed, unless
1. To access the SEARCH function press MENU and then select SEARCH option.
2. The menu on the left of the screen displays a box to enter text. Highlight this box
and select OK.
3. Using the arrow keys, select the letters in the word you would like to search for.
Select OK once each letter is highlighted. The word will display in the text box.
4. When the word (or words) are spelled out, highlight DONE and select OK.
5. Highlight Search Guide and select OK. You will now have the option to do a
Quick Search or an Extended Search. The Extended Search will take a few minutes and will display more options. Select Search VOD and select OK to search
through movies you have rented. Select Search Recording to search through
things you have recorded.
6. Highlight the specific show you were searching for and select OK to schedule
automatic tunes, reminders, or add to favorites.
To Change Accounts While Watching TV
When logged in as a specific user or account, you can easily change to another
account. Press the ‘Menu’ button, and arrow right until you see ‘Sign Out.’
Press OK, and sign in under preferred account by entering the password and
pressing the ‘Enter’ button.
To Change PIN Numbers
Passwords and PINs are set to “0” by default. To change the PIN numbers, go
Note: Under the Preferences
Tab in the SETTINGS menu an entire channel’s programming can be blocked by
going to Channel Blocking and Edit.