Philips Avent
Screw ring for feeding
Screw ring for bottle
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This ring is designed to fit the Natural teat and can be screwed on all Philips Avent
containers, both sip no drip and easy sip cup, and bottles, both Classic/Classic+ and
Natural. It works with the Natural teat and cap only.
Ease of using Philips spare parts
• Easy renew your product with original Philips parts
Screw ring for feeding bottle
Replaceable part
• Fits Product Type: SCF671, SCF673, SCF690,
SCF693, SCF696
Issue date 2017-03-22
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Easy renew of product parts
From time to time your product needs a facelift but
it was never so easy like with Philips consumer
replacement parts to renew your product. This all
with guaranteed Philips quality.