Use Topological Editing
Create the topology and empty layers using
Digitize using editing and advanced editing
Fix topology on shared edge/point features
using topological editing
On course webpages
Video Resources
Turn on Toolbars for
Advanced Editor
Use Transparency While Digitizing!
- Right click on layer in TOC,
- Properties
- Display tab
- Set transparent level
You can see edges better with transparent layers
Don’t Digitize the Same Edge Twice!
Use Auto Complete Polygon in the Create
Features Panel
Don’t Digitize the Same Edge Twice!
Or digitize a “containing” polygon and use select/clip/
discard in the Editor toolbar (see videos for details)
Use Editor and Advanced Editing Tools for
Initial Digitizing
Then Use Topological Editing Tools to Clean Up
Validate topology (extent, or specified area)
View error table
Topological Edit Tool to fix edges