MLNX-OS® Switch-based Management Software

Switch-based Management Software
Integrated Fabric Management Solution
MLNX-OS® is a switch-based fabric software tool that enables the management and configuration
of Mellanox based switch platforms providing optimal performance for cluster computing,
enterprise data centers (EDC) and cloud computing.
The fabric management capabilities ensure the highest fabric performance while the chassis
management ensures the longest switch up time. With MLNX-OS running on Mellanox’s switches,
IT managers will see a higher return on their compute as well as infrastructure investments
through higher CPU productivity due to higher network throughput and availability.
Embedded Subnet Manager (SM)
Reliable and scalable architecture
supporting up to 648 nodes
Accelerated fabric design and
“Out of the box” experience
In-band and out-band support for
standalone or remote configuration
with secure access
Hardware monitoring and alarms
Performance monitoring
Quality of Service based on traffic
type and service levels
CLI, SNMP, WebUI and XML gateway
user interfaces
E-mail alerts
IPv6 ready
IPv6 IPsec
Figure 1. Sample Screenshots
Mellanox’s advanced chassis management software provides all the parameters and information
IT managers will need, including port status with event and error logs, graphical CPU load display,
graphical fan speed over time display, power supply voltage alarms, graphical internal temperature
display with alarm notification, and more. These chassis management capabilities will ensure low
switch maintenance and high network availability.
MLNX-OS fabric management provides reliable and scalable management solutions for cluster and
data center fabrics. Its modular design integrates the subnet manager (SM) with advanced features
simplifying cluster bring up and node initialization through automatic discovery and configuration.
The performance monitors measure the fabric characteristics to ensure the highest effective
throughput. Fabric Management is differentiated into basic, advanced and expert modes where
support for various routing algorithms, QoS attributes and fabric topologies are included.
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Mellanox MLNX-OS Management Software
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Mellanox Management Solution
Cluster Tools, Configuration Files, Scripts, Verification and Management Tools
Mellanox Subnet Manager
System Configuration
Port Management
Parameter Monitoring
Mellanox Managed
Block Storage
File Storage
InfiniBand cluster
with Mellanox HCAs
Out-band Diagnosis Interface
Management Node
Figure 2. MLNX-OS Solution
MLNX-OS software includes: CLI, WebUI, SNMP and XML
gateway interfaces. The XML Gateway provides an XML requestresponse protocol that can be used by end-user tools to get and
set management information on the appliance. The service can be
accessed over HTTP/HTTPS or over SSH. The management also
enables the user to store all data into defined logs, define e-mail alerts
and security capabilities such as RADIUS, TACACS+, AAA and LDAP.
Mellanox Technologies is a leading supplier of end-to-end servers and
storage connectivity solutions to optimize data center performance
and efficiency. Mellanox InfiniBand adapters, switches, and software
are powering Fortune 500 data centers and the world’s most powerful
supercomputers. The company offers innovative solutions that address
a wide range of markets including HPC, enterprise, mega warehouse
data centers, cloud computing, Internet and Web 2.0.
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Mellanox MLNX-OS Management Software
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Layer 2 Feature Set
Quality of Service
Docker Container
–– Multi chassis LAG (MLAG)
–– IGMP V1,V2, Snooping, Querier
–– VLAN 802.1Q (4K)
–– Q-In-Q
–– 802.1W Rapid Spanning Tree
• BPDU Filter, Root Guard
• Loop Guard, BPDU Guard
–– 802.1Q Multiple STP
–– PVRST+ (Rapid Per VLAN STP+)
–– 802.3ad Link Aggregation (LAG) & LACP
• 32 Ports/Channel – 64 Groups Per System
–– Store & forward / cut-through mode of work
–– HLL
–– 10/25/40/50/56/100GbE
–– Jumbo Frames (9216 Bytes)
–– 802.3X Flow Control
–– WRED, Fast ECN & PFC
–– 802.1Qbb Priority Flow Control
–– 802.1Qaz ETS
–– DCBX – App TLV support
–– Advanced QoS – Qualification, Rewrite, Policers
– 802.1AB
–– Shared buffer management
–– Full SDK access through the container
–– Persistent container & shared storage
Layer 3 Feature Set
–– User and management VRFs (BGP)
–– IPv4 & IPv6 routing including route maps:
• BGP4, OSPFv2
–– BFD (BGP, OSPF, static routes)
–– DHCPv4/v6 Relay
–– Router Port, int VLAN, NULL Interface for Routing
–– ECMP, 64-way
–– IGMPv2/v3 Snooping Querier
–– PTP IEEE-1588 (SMPTE profile)
–– NTP
Management and Automation
–– ZTP
–– Ansible, Puppet
–– JSON & CLI , Enhanced Web UI
–– SNMP v1,2,3
–– In-band management
–– DHCP, SSHv2, Telnet
–– 10/100/1000Mb/s Ethernet RJ45 mng ports
–– USB Console port for Management
–– Dual SW image
–– Events history
Network Virtualization
Monitoring & Telemetry
–– sFlow
–– Real time queue depth histograms & thresholds
–– Port mirroring (SPAN & ERSPAN)
–– Enhanced Link & Phy Monitoring
–– BER degradation monitor
–– Enhanced health mechanism
–– 3rd party integration (Splunk, etc.)
–– USA Department of Defense certification – UC
–– System secure mode – FIPS 140-2 compliance
–– Storm Control
–– Access Control Lists (ACLs L2-L4 & user defined)
–– 802.1X - Port Based Network Access Control
–– SSH server strict mode – NIST 800-181A
–– CoPP (IP filter)
–– Port Isolation (PVLAN)
Hardware Support
–– All Mellanox switch ASICs and platforms
–– All Mellanox ConnectX® network adapter cards
–– VXLAN Hardware VTEP – L2 GW
–– Integration with VMware NSX & OpenStack
Software Defined Network (SDN)
–– OpenFlow 1.3:
• Hybrid
• Supported controllers: ODL, ONOS, FloodLight,
RYU, etc.
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