GBC-Manual-Auto+500X-500M UK-EK 221013

A U T O + 5 0 0X & 5 0 0M
Instruction Manual
autofeed technology
The Auto+ 500X and 500M has been designed to automatically shred up to 500 sheets from the
auto-feed chamber and up to 9/10 sheets through the manual feed slot. The auto-feed mechanism
has been designed to handle paper fastened with staples and paper clips and to only pull a few
sheets of paper into the cutting mechanism to minimise the risk of paper jams.
points to note
To guard against injury, the following basic safety precautions must be observed in the set-up of this
Ensure the machine is plugged into an easily accessible power outlet, and ensure the cable is not
likely to trip up a passer by.
Unplug your shredder before moving it or when it is not in use for an extended period of time.
Do NOT operate with a damaged power supply cord or plug, after it malfunctions, or after it has
been damaged in any manner.
The socket-outlet should be near the equipment and should be easily accessible.
Do NOT use near water.
Do NOT use aerosol dusters or cleaners.
Do NOT spray anything into the shredder.
Do NOT load the auto-feed chamber with unopened junk mail, magazines, bound documents etc.
Although this shredder has been designed to comply with UL 60950-1 EN 60950-1 safety standards
including the “probe accessibility tests”, do not operate the shredder near children or pets.
technical specifications
GBC Auto+ 500X
GBC Auto+ 500M
Sheet capacity:
Manual feed slot
10 sheets (80gsm)
Sheet capacity:
Manual feed slot
9 sheets (80gsm)
Sheet capacity:
Autofeed chamber
500 sheets (80gsm)
Sheet capacity:
Autofeed chamber
500 sheets (80gsm)
Duty Cycle
Duty Cycle
Run time from cold
Run time from cold
Volts / Hz
UK Version: 230V / 50Hz
Volts / Hz
UK Version: 230V / 50Hz
EK Version: 220V / 60Hz
UK Version: 1.2 Amps
UK Version: 1.7 Amps
EK Version: 1.7 Amps
Motor Watts
UK Version: 270 Watts
Motor Watts
UK Version: 390 Watts
EK Version: 400 Watts
warning symbols
Safety First
This means keep children away
from shredder.
This means you should be careful
because long hair can become
entangled in the cutting head.
This means no aerosols.
This means be careful of ties and
other loose clothing which could
become entangled in the cutting
Sheet capacity of manual feed
entry slot.
This means the shredder can
accept small staples.
This means be careful of loose
jewellery which could become
entangeld in the cutting head.
This means the shredder can
accept small paperclips.
This means don’t reach into the
feed opening of the cutting head.
This means no oil lubrication,
use Rexel oil sheets only.
control panel and indicators
Jam Free indicator – This alerts
the user when too much paper is
fed into the manual feed slot (see
section on Jam Free Technology).
Paper Loading Door/Bin Door
Open or Bin Full indicator –
This means either:
Loading door is open
Lock indicator – This means the
paper loading door is locked (during
Oil Refill indicator
Continuous J
Paper jam indicator – This means
there is a paper jam in the auto feed
If this symbol is flashing the
shredder is attempting to clear a
paper jam automatically.
If this symbol is permanently
illuminated red please follow the
instructions under ‘Reverse function’
to clear any jammed material.
Oiling in Operation indicator
Loading Door Locking
Mechanism – PIN Password
Buttons – Enter a four digit code
to lock the loading door during
Auto+ 500X/500M shredding capability
Auto+ 500X/500M CAN shred the following:
Stapled paper, 25mm within the corner
26/6 and 24/6 or smaller staples
Small sized paper loaded centrally
500 sheets
Paper clip paper, 25mm within the corner (500X through manual feed slot ONLY)
Capable of shredding small/medium paper clips (max. wire thickness = 0.9 mm)
>80/100gsm paper (through manual feed slot ONLY)
A3 folded in half max. 2 sheets
500 sheets
80 gsm paper
- A4 - 210mm x 297mm
- A5 - 148mm x 210mm
- A3 single sheet folded in half to make A4
Auto+ 500X/500M CAN shred (through the manual feed slot):
Thick paper or
Multiple folded
sheets (e.g. A3
sheets folded in
Unopened mail
(e.g. junk mail).
Glossy paper or
a sheet covered
with print on both
Auto+ 500X/500M CANNOT shred the following:
Heavy duty
staples. Check
the staple leg
length is not
greater than
Large clips.
Check the length
of the paperclip
is not longer than
Adhesive labels.
Magazines or
other documents
bound by multiple
staples or clips.
Plastic sheets,
plastic folders.
auto-oiling technology
The shredder is designed to automatically lubricate the cutting mechanism as required to ensure
the product continues to work to its maximum performance and to extend the product life. Please
follow the operation instruction before turning on the shredder for the first time. The 60ml bottle
of oil* is sufficient to allow the shredder to start for the first time and to operate continuously for
about one hours shredding before the reservoir will need refilling. When the ‘Oil Refill’ indicator is
illuminated (
), flip up the oil reservoir cap and refill the oil reservoir using a bottle of standard
you will hear the distribution pump during this time. Auto-oiling operates after 15 minutes of
shredding time.
bin or loading door open safety function
As a safety precaution, if the bin or loading door is opened during shredding, the shredder will stop
and the bin full indicator will illuminate (
jam free technology in manual feed slot
Sensors in the paper feed area measure the thickness of paper about to be shredded. The
ability to shred or not is communicated through red and green lighting. Green means that the
stack of paper is within the shredders sheet capacity and OK to shred. Red means that you
have too much paper, remove some sheets in order to shred.
Given that you are unable to shred more sheets of paper than the shredder is capable of
shredding, paper jams are prevented.
This prevents wasting time reversing paper and unblocking jams not to mention the mess it
can create.
automatic jam clearance
Intelligent Jam Clearance: In the unlikely event of the shredder jamming, the Auto+ 500X and 500M
will automatically reverse and forward the engine three times to clear a jam. During this operation
the Paper Jam indicator will flash (
intelligent help
1 In the unlikely event of the shredder jamming, the Auto+ 500X & 500M will stop shredding,
and the jam icon will blink in orange.
2 The shredder will illuminate the FWD (
to clear the jam.
) and REV (
) buttons in the sequence necessary
3 If the jam cannot be intelligentally cleared, the jam icon (
) will illuminate in red. At this
point follow the reverse function instructions to clear any jammed material.
* A;rands accepts no liability for product performance or safety when other types or brands of lubricants are used on
any part(s) of this machine.
1. initial setup
1 After unpacking the product pull out the shredder bag frame and remove the CD shard tray,
which sits on top of the bag frame. Store this tray on the product as shown and use when you
shred CDs.
2 Lift up the loading door and open oil flap.
3 Remove oil cap and fill up the reservoir using the 60ml bottle of oil provided. Replace the cap.
4 Connect the shredder to mains supply.
5 Check that the on/off switch at the back of the machine is switched to the ‘ON’ position.
6 Press and hold down the Auto button (
) for 5 seconds to start the pump and prime the
system. Only required when the product is used for the first time.
2. operation
1 Check that the on/off switch at the back of the machine is swtiched to the ‘ON’ position.
To commence shredding, press the auto feed button. This sets the shredder into auto mode.
2 To load the shredder, simply lift the loading door handle to open the loading door and insert
documents. You can open the door further to 90 degrees for easier access if required Load up to
500 sheets at a time into the feed chamber.
Do not fill above the MAX level, this could damage the shredder.
3 The shredder will start the shredding cycle automatically ONLY after closing the loading door.
If there is paper in the Autofeed chamber after first attempt, open and re-close the paper loading
door a second time.
Attention: If required you can now lock the loading door by entering a 4 digit code (see Locking
the Paper Loading Door section).
4 If you only have up to 9/10 sheets to shred, you can use the manual feed slot, provided the auto
feed chamber is empty.
5 Insert paper to be shredded into the feed area. The shredder will detect the paper and start
6 If the shredder is left in auto mode for more than 2 minutes without being used, the shredder will
automatically turn back to sleep mode in order to save power.
7 The shredder will automatically ‘wake up’ from sleep mode when paper is inserted into the
shred mouth or you open the loading door. There is no need to press the Auto button (
3. reverse function
1 Should you wish to reverse paper out whilst shredding, a reverse button (
your convenience.
) has been fitted for
2 Reverse the paper out then turn the machine off using the ON/OFF switch at the rear of the
shredder. Remove the paper from the manual feed slot (if being used) or open the loading door,
remove the remaining stack of paper, then pull the jammed paper free of the cutting mechanism.
3 To resume shredding, turn the shredder on using the ON/OFF switch at the rear of the shredder.
Return the switch to the auto position (
4. locking the paper loading door
For additional security the paper loading door can be locked during the shredding of confidential
To lock shredder:
1 Place documents in tray. Close paper loading door.
2 Press any 4 digits.<?@?@?< YOUR CODE!
Shredder unlocks automatically when:
4 digit code is re-entered.
Shredding is complete.
Shredder is inactive for 30 minutes (but documents remain in tray)
5. CD/DVD shredding
A separate CD/DVD tray is provided to collect the shredded CD/DVD shards. Ensure that this is
correctly mounted onto the standard shredder bag frame before shredding.
1 Lift up the paper loading door.
2 Always insert CDs/DVDs in the CD/DVD slot. Only shred one CD/DVD at a time.
3 Close the paper loading door.
4 Empty the CD/DVD bin after 8 CDs/DVDs to avoid waste spilling over into the paper waste bin.
5 Remove the CDs/DVDs tray before recommencing to shred paper and store on the side of the
6. credit card shredding
The Auto+ 500X and 500M can shred credit cards. Switch the shredder to auto mode, then;
1 Lift up the paper loading door.
2 Insert the credit card into the roller as shown. Only shred one credit card at a time.
3 Close the paper loading door.
GBC encourages customers to recycle shredded paper.
Please note that shredded paper cannot be recycled if mixed with credit card shards.
If recycling, please separate shredded paper and credit cards.
7. bin full
The shredder will not function when the bin is full and the bin full symbol (
You should empty the bin.
waste sack support frame.
Carefully remove the waste sack from the frame.
) is illuminated.
self-cleaning cutters
After emptying and replacing a full bin, the shredder will run in forward for 4 seconds, stop for
2 seconds and then reverse for 4 seconds to clear away any remaining paper from the cutter
mechanism. This unique ‘self-cleaning’ mechanism is additional jam prevention technology
from .
8. comb bind removal hooks
Note – Use only on standard comb bind strips.
1 Open bin door.
2 Place document onto the comb bind hooks.
3 Pull down on the document to remove comb strip.
9. maintenance
The rollers on the auto-feed mechanism may become dirty over time, please wipe clean with a dry
cloth to maintain maximum product performance.
The auto-start infra-red sensor, located in the paper feed entry-slot, can occasionally become
covered in paper-dust causing the shredder to run despite no paper being fed into the machine.
Switch the shredder off at the rear of the machine and carefully clean the sensor using a cottonswab.
We recommend these machines are serviced every 6 to 12 months by a service engineer –
see back of this booklet for the contact details of our service centre and for enquiries about
maintenance contracts.
shredder accessories
Part Number
Box Quantity
use for a period of 12 months from the original date of purchase. During this period, ACCO will, at its discretion, in
accordance with law, either repair the shredder using new or refurbished parts, or replace the shredder with a new or
refurbished shredder that is equivalent to the shredder being replaced. The warranty applies only to defects in materials
and workmanship under normal use and does not extend to damage to the product or parts which result from:- alteration, repair, modification or service carried out by anyone other than an authorised ACCO service centre.
- accident, neglect, abuse or misuse owing to failure to comply with the normal operating procedures of the product.
Please note that the cutter blades will be progressively worn down by shredding fastened sheets (staples and paperclips)
- this is not covered in the warranty. The Auto+ 500X has been design to shred up to 25 credit cards and 25 CD/DVDs in
the standard 1 year warranty period. Any excessive credit card or CD/DVD shredding will invalidate the cutter warranty.
* A;rands accepts no liability for product performance or safety when other types or brands of lubricants are used on
any part(s) of this machine.
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