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Gravimetric Water Vapour Permeability Tester
GINTRONIC GraviTest Model 6300
GraviTest conforms to the
most important international standards:
ISO 2528
EN ISO 12572
EN 1931
DIN 53122 Part1
and many others
With GraviTest the determination of water vapour transmission
rates of polymeric films and
other sheet materials by gravimetric method becomes mere
child’s play. GraviTest offers
simple specimen preparation,
user-friendly PC software and
the complete automation of
the measuring process. This, in
combination with the accurate and robust balance, allows
for high-precision gravimetric
measurement of water vapour
permeability, with a minimum
of expenditure of time on the
user’s side.
Re-sealable specimen holders
with an integrated seal make
wax-sealing of the samples redundant. Assembling the samples into the 6 specimen holders
takes a matter of minutes. Naturally, the use of classic sample
cups is possible as well. The
flexibility of the system knows
almost no boundaries. Wet cup,
dry cup or multi-layer processes
can be carried out trouble-free,
at different climate conditions
and air speeds, without any
modifications. Through the PC
software, which is based on
Windows®, all measurement
parameters of the samples, like
temperature, relative humidity
of the air, air speeds as well as
the weighing interval, are predefined and then adjusted automatically by the device after
the start up of the measuring
process. As soon as the measuring conditions correspond to the
specified tolerances the specimen holders can be inserted into
the apparatus and the measuring process can be started.
The results of the measurement
together with the corresponding
atmospheric pressure will be represented in a chart and stored
by the PC software. Thus, each
measurement result, together
with the parameters of each
individual sample are always
retrievable and comprehensible. The following errors can
thereby be excluded: mismeasurement caused by erroneous
reading off of the scales, incorrect
record of the measurement results, and missing of the weighing
interval. The software is able to
export all data easily to Excel®. Depending on the different standards
for processing the measuring results in SD-value or in permeability coefficient, the user has an
accessories kit of several Excel®
modules as option at his disposal.
Technical Specifications
Water Vapour Permeability Tester
GINTRONIC GraviTest Model 6300
• Conform to the following
standards: ISO 2528, EN ISO
12572, EN 1931, DIN 52615,
BS 3177, ASTM E96, DIN
53122 Part 1 and others
• Microprocessor controlled
• Easy and userfriendly input of
all measuring parameters in a
Windows® based PC software
• Integrated RS 232 interface for
datatransfer with the PC
• The results of the measurement together with the corresponding atmospheric pressure
will be represented in a chart
in g/(d x m2) and stored by the
PC software
• System requirements of PC:
Windows® XP-Professional;
min. Excel® 2000; free serial
(RS 232 / COM) port
• 6 samples with 50 cm2 sample
• Resolution of balance: 0,1 mg
• Measuring range of balance:
0 - 300 gram
• Integrated temperature
control: selfcooling of the
instrument up to 3°C below
ambient temperature
• Integrated temperature
control: selfheating of the
instrument up to 40°C
• Integrated humidity control:
15 - 90 % r. H.
• Accuracy of humidity control:
+/- 1,5 % r. H. in the range
over the samples
• Integrated control of the air
velocity over the samples:
0,15 - 3,3 m/s adjustable in
• Integrated sensor for measuring the atmospheric pressure
• Re-sealable specimen holders
with an integrated seal and
mask for sample preparation
• Sample thickness:
0,01 - 3 mm
• Size of sample surface: 50 cm2
• Integrated Touchscreen
display; shows actual operating conditions
• PC not contained in scope of
• Voltage: 230 VAC or
115/110 VAC
• Compressed air with 6 bar
• Dimensions without PC:
approx. 700 x 650 mm
• Weight without PC:
approx. 55 kg
Subject to modifications in the interest
of technical progress.
Distributed by:
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