Indoor and Outdoor Auxiliary Keypad Programming

Indoor and Outdoor Auxiliary Keypad Programming
After the Auxiliary Keypad has been installed and wired then up to 480 entry codes, from 1 to 6 digits in length,
can be programmed. These codes allow passage through the door only after entering the entry code.
Door Sense
2 Wires for Door
Sense Switch
2 Wires from
Power Supply
1 Wire to
Earth Ground
When the Auxiliary Keypad is in Programming Mode, both indicators will turn off until programming begins.
After a programming option number is entered the yellow indicator will blink. This shows that the Auxiliary
Keypad is ready to accept the new programming data. After the new data entry is complete, the yellow indicator
will flash while the data is being stored. The green indicator will light if the data is accepted. The red indicator
will light if any programming data is entered incorrectly, and the command will have to be fully re-entered.
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To add New Entry Codes
Entering Programming Mode
 Press: # 9 Master Code
Master Code = the current 6-digit Master Programming Code (Default = 123456)
Adding a New Entry Code
 Press: 01 # Code # Code # Action #
Code = The new entry code 1-999999, depending on code length
Action = Relay output entry code. Enter 1 (Relay #1, timed open)
The yellow LED will flash quickly while the Auxiliary Keypad searches its memory for available
space and duplicate entries. The green LED will light when the new code is stored. If the new entry
code chosen is already being used for another entry code, the red LED will light. A new unique code
needs to be entered.
NOTE: Leading zeros (zeros before the code number, i.e. 0001) do not need to be
entered when programming a new entry code. The Auxiliary Keypad will internally add
any zeros to fill all digits determined by the entry code length setting. Leading zeros
will have to be entered by the user when entering their code to gain access.
Select Alarm Shunt Output Default: No Output
Sets which output activates during the time access is granted. (Use this output to shunt alarm contacts
attached to the access door.) This output may be timed or toggled.
 Press: 1 5 # Output #
Output = Output to Activate. Enter 2 (Auxiliary Relay)
Exiting Programming Mode
 Press: * * #
The red indicator will light after exiting Programming Mode
NOTE: The Auxiliary Keypad will automatically exit Programming Mode after two
minutes of inactivity.
To enter additional entry codes repeat steps 1 through 4
Indoor and Outdoor Auxiliary Keypad Programming
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