CIMCOOL`s Producto Line Offers One

CIMCOOL’s Producto Line Offers One-Stop Cleaning Solution
Cincinnati, Ohio—2011—Producto Chemicals, a product line of CIMCOOL®, has been an industry leader in
formulating high-performance process cleaners for more than four decades. With versatile products that include
water-based alkaline cleaners, general-purpose maintenance cleaners, vibratory cleaners, corrosion inhibitors,
and specialty products such as surface lubricants and leak detection dyes.
The right chemical, used properly, dramatically improves bottom-line results in any cleaning operation, and
Producto’s complete line offers customers a one-stop cleaning solution.
SP Series Cleaners are generally mildly alkaline, non-foaming cleaners ideally suited for use in highpressure spray washers. Advanced corrosion protection technology is formulated into this series of
cleaners, often eliminating the need for separate or additional corrosion protection processes subsequent to
cleaning of ferrous and non-ferrous parts. The SP cleaners are oil-rejecting and excellent for the removal of
coolants, machining fluids, and honing oils from machined metal surfaces.
SP-200 Series products are Designed for cleaning polished machined steel parts such as camshafts and
crankshafts, and formulated to leave no solid residues that may interfere with electronic gauging operations.
Evaporated residues are clear, mobile and liquid.
SP-700 Series Cleaners effectively prevents corrosion and staining of aluminum parts such as engine
blocks, heads and transmission parts. This series is phosphate-free, contains no silicates, nitrites, chelating
agents or volatile organic materials. Evaporated residues are soft and dry.
SP-800 Series includes highly alkaline, phosphate-free, silicated cleaners which effectively clean aluminum,
steel, brass or galvanized surfaces in high-pressure spray washers and in dip or soak operations.
SP-2200 Series Cleaners have been shown to defoam washers contaminated with foaming metalworking
coolants. This cleaner series contains phosphates and effectively prevents corrosion and staining of ferrous
metal surfaces, and surfaces cleaned with the SP-2200 Series do not exhibit water spotting.
SP-5900 Series includes mldly alkaline, phosphate-free cleaners designed for cleaning ferrous and nonferrous metals. When used in washers operating at ambient temperatures, it will not stain aluminum.
Evaporated residues are clear, soft and liquid
Producto Line Offers One-Stop Cleaning Solution
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Producto Chemicals offers a full line of general-purpose maintenance cleaners for use in virtually every
application from mopping floors and washing down walls to heavy-duty industrial cleaning of grease, oil and
shop dirt.
This product line offers a series of multi-purpose chelated caustic cleaning compounds, which are effective in
removing a variety of soils from iron and steel and in removing rust from steel. This family of non-silicated, nonphosphated, heavy-duty alkaline cleaners also contains additives to minimize flash rust on cleaned and derusted
As with all CIMCOOL products, the Producto line is backed by the company’s “no-hassle” performance
guarantee and free trial assurance. For additional information on this and other CIMCOOL products, please visit
our website at, and click on the MSDS and Product Information menu. CIMCOOL Fluid
Technology is a global manufacturer of metalworking fluids. The company is certified ISO 14001, ISO 9001.
CIMCOOL, headquartered in Cincinnati Ohio, is a world supplier in metalworking fluid technology.
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