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Cambridge UK, 24 August 2016:- Global Graphics' embedded Harlequin RIP® has been
chosen by Korean manufacturer Sindoh for a new range of multi-function office printers
(MFPs) that will be sold in Korea, China, South Africa and the Middle East, with expansion
into the European market already underway.
Sindoh is a total business solution enterprise that builds MFPs, copiers and software
solutions to create a better office environment, is the dominant player in Korea and has plans
for global expansion since establishing itself in the United States in 2012. Global Graphics is
the developer of the Harlequin® RIP engine that provides high-performance rendering of
page description languages for a wide range of printing devices from single function office
printers to the latest generation of high-volume inkjet devices.
Models in Sindoh's N400 and N600 mono series combine scanning, fax, mobile printing from
Air print, NFC and Android mobile scan/print with either a 5 inch or 9 inch touch panel. They
print at speeds of up to 45 pages per minute and use Harlequin, the industry's highest
performing renderer, to process page description languages (PDLs) including PCL XL, PCL
5e, PS, as well as PDF for direct printing. Global Graphics worked with its SoC (system on a
chip) partner Marvell and Harlequin is embedded onto the Marvell 88PA6170 SoC designed
for color and mono single function and multi-function printers that support scanning as well
as multiple printing technologies.
Global Graphics provided URW++ font suites with the Harlequin RIP. All fonts are URW
original designs and support the full Latin character complement. Additional fonts include
character sets for Arabic and Hebrew.
ByoungBag Lee, Sindoh's CTO said, "Integrating the new PDL emulation of the latest
Harlequin Embedded software into Sindoh's new A3 Mono MFP was undoubtedly a great
decision. Sindoh is satisfied with Global Graphics' proactive technical support and the
improved performance of version 4.2 of Harlequin Embedded software, which ultimately led
to a successful development of an affordable high speed A3 MFP of 45ppm to our
customers. In addition, Sindoh was able to benefit from the continued partnership between
Marvell's SoC and Global Graphics' PDL-emulation, which enabled us to apply a globalized
standard technology and to achieve a quality standard that meets Sindoh's expectations at a
very competitive cost. Through close technical collaboration with Sindoh's color printer / MFP
product development with Global Graphics, we look forward to launching more competitive
products in the future."
Justin Bailey, Global Graphics' VP of sales said, "We are delighted to count Sindoh among
our customers and are pleased that they will benefit from the continual investments we make
in our technology. Our ability to supply the industry's fastest renderer on the latest generation
of SoC through our partnership with Marvell, plus a package of URW++ fonts makes us a
very compelling proposition for printer manufacturers because they can achieve their goals
for speed and quality and keep the cost of their bill of materials under control. We wish
Sindoh well in their global expansion."
The embedded version of the Harlequin RIP is ported onto the embedded controller inside
printing devices. Its architecture gives manufacturers flexibility and reduces their
development costs and time to market. Manufacturers can license one or any combination of
page description languages - PCL 5C, PCL 5e, PCL 6, PS®, PDF and XPS - add their own or
a third party's color management or screening, have a wide choice of font options, and
achieve high-performance even with low resource usage. It supports a wide range of SoCs
and development environments.
About Global Graphics
Global Graphics (Euronext: GLOG) is a leading developer of software platforms for digital
printing, digital document and PDF applications. Customers include HP, Canon, Kodak and
Agfa. The roots of the company go back to 1986 and to the iconic university town of
Cambridge, and, today the majority of the R&D team is still based near here. There are
also offices near Boston, Massachusetts and in Tokyo. Additional information is available at
About Sindoh
Sindoh is increasing competitiveness in internal and external markets throughout the world
with R&D, production and various customer orientated businesses. R&D employees are
highly qualified researchers working across diverse fields such as mechanic, electric,
electronic and chemical engineering to manage multiple projects.
Sindoh has global manufacturing facilities in South Korea, China and Vietnam. Production in
South Korea totals 700,000 multi-function printers, 1,500 tons of toner and 3,000,000 OPC
drums and two facilities in China produce 1,500,000 laser printers and 3,700,000 image
cartridges and 4,500,000 PCBs.
Sindoh's major products have resulted in award winning major design awards such as the IF
Product Design Award, the Red Dot Design Award in Germany, and the Good Design Award
in the US, and also produce 1 million best seller Russian series have changed the
expectation of office machine design and. Production of 1 million Russian Series shows the
vertical integration.
Sindoh's sales and service field are increasing competitiveness throughout the world with 55
years of experience in domestic market via development of diverse solutions, the first
industry which achieved CCM certification and future-based office consulting.
Starting with the establishment of China Sales Subsidiaries in 2010, Sales and service
systems from Korea are currently being implement throughout Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen
and Qingdao branches and had established US Branch in 2012 and planning to introduce
Sindoh to more countries in the future. Sindoh's vision is to become a global office-solution
leading company that comes with continuous development of products and customer oriented qualified service.
Additional information is available at
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