BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera isn`t working properly

BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera isn't working properly
If you are encountering difficulty using the BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera the troubleshooting
below should be able to alleviate most concerns:
Compatibility: Ensure your automotive device is compatible with the BC 30
A list of compatible devices can be found in the FAQ: Automotive GPS devices that
can add a backup camera
Software Update: Update the automotive device's software using Garmin Express
The BC 30 itself does not require additional software updates; however, the compatible
navigation device used with the backup camera may need to be updated from time to
Installation: The BC 30 requires proper installation and correct accessories in order to function.
Verify you are using the Vehicle Power Cable/Camera Receiver included with the BC 30
o While this cable may appear very similar to the vehicle cable originally included
with your automotive device, the BC 30 will only work with the cable packaged
with the wireless camera. This cable includes an internal wireless receiver not
available on your original power cable. On the end of the cable that connects to
your vehicle's 12 volt outlet, the bottom of this connection should have a BC 30
label to identify that the correct cable is being used.
Verify that the camera is installed correctly
o Garmin recommends having the BC 30 professionally installed. Otherwise, please
follow the installation instructions included with the BC 30.
o BC 30 Installation Video series
Ensure that the transmitter is not connected directly to metal
Ensure that nothing metal is obstructing the path from the transmitter to the receiver
(vehicle cable)
Use an extension cable in cases where the transmitter would be mounted further than 4045 feet from the receiver
Pairing the Camera: The camera transmitter must be paired with the receiver connected to the
device in order to display an image
Detailed Instructions can be found in the FAQ: Pairing the BC 30 Wireless Backup
Camera transmitter and the BC 30 Receiver
If the device disconnects or shows a blank image after completing pairing, this can
generally be resolved by rebooting the automotive device.
If the BC 30 is installed to display on the navigation device when the vehicle is put into reverse
and is not displaying when the engine is running, turn off the engine but leave the ignition on and
put the vehicle in reverse. If the BC 30 works, then the vehicle may require a relay.
Garmin recommends having the relay professionally installed
If the vehicle is a truck and has a seven pin trailer wiring harness, the BC 30 may be
wired through the harness
The BC 30 may also be wired to a constant 12V power supply