The JA-60WEB Communicator

4.1.5 CMS1 and CMS2 pages
The JA-60WEB Communicator
In the communicator page, the user can:
Set main and backup IP addresses and ports
Enable CMS communication
Set CMS2 as a backup for CMS1
Enable recording of CMS data transfer to the events list
Set the periodic report interval and delay before re-transfer
Set the Object ID code
Set the Transfer Event filter – chose what events will be sent to the CMS
Installation manual
The JA-60WEB communicator is designed for JA-63 and JA-65 alarm control panels. The dialer is
used for communication with a central monitoring station via an Ethernet network / the internet. This
installation manual is intended for JA-60WEB version HO61304
4.1.6 Logoff
You can logoff by clicking on the Logoff button. You will also be logged off automatically according
to the Idle time for auto logoff setting on the Communicator page.
Power supply
Current consumption
AUX outputs
INP input
Complies with
Security grade
Enviromental class
12V DC provided by the alarm control panel
40 mA
dry contact, max. 100mA / 60V
reacts to connection to GND, max. voltage 15V
EN 50131-1, Z1, EN 50136-1
2 (low to medium risk)
II indoor-general ( –10 to 40°C)
EN 60950
EN 55022, EN 55024, EN 50130-4
Hereby, Jablotron Ltd., declares that this JA-60WEB is in compliance with the essential requirements
and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. (NV 426/2000Sb.)
The WEB module, when installed in the alarm control panel, enables:
Data transfer in CID-IP format to one or two Central Monitoring Stations (CMS),
Programming of the communicator via the web,
Remote control of appliances via a web page – 3 outputs and 1 input
Installation of the communicator
The JA-60WEB communicator can be installed in the telephone communicator position in a JA-63 or
JA-65 control panel (either a LAN communicator or a telephone line communicator module can be
used in a control panel – it is not possible to install both simultaneously).
Original of the conformity assessment can be found at the web page, section Technical support.
Note: Although this product does not contain any harmful materials, we suggest you to
return the product to the dealer or directly to the producer after usage.
Programming sequence summary
Disconnect the control panel power supply (both AC and backup battery). If the control
panel has been previously used before this installation, enter programming mode before
disconnecting the power supply.
Attach the dialer to the control panel case and connect it to the control panel main board using
the RJ cable provided.
Connect cables to the input (INP) and/or output (AUX) terminals, if you want to use them.
Reconnect the control panel power supply (backup battery and AC). The system will display
a “P”, (programming mode).
When the communicator is powered up for the first time it is necessary to set the
Ethernet network parameters using the control panel keypad (see Local network
Connect the Ethernet cable (10/100 Mbps). If the communicator is working properly, LED 2 is lit
and LED1 flashes.
Programming the communicator and the control panel is possible via web page (by accessing
the communicator IP address). It is also possible to connect the communicator directly to the
PC via a network cable with crossed connections (cross cable).
Central monitoring station communication shall be set according to data given by the CMS.
Factory default
y=0 ... DHCP disabled,
y=1 ... DHCP enabled
xxx xxx xxx xxx is the IP
xxx xxx xxx xxx is the IP
DHCP setting
DHCP enabled
IP address setting
91 xxx xxx xxx xxx
Netmask setting
92 xxx xxx xxx xxx
Gateway IP setting
93 xxx xxx xxx xxx
xxx xxx xxx xxx is the IP
Reset to factory default
settings possible
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JA-60WEB communicator
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JA-60WEB communicator
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Local network configuration
Within an Ethernet network (LAN, intranet, internet) every device is identified by an IP address (e.g. The address can be either public or private (for example computers in a company
network have public IP addresses and a home computer with a connection to the internet via a web
provider has private IP address).
Before connecting the Ethernet cable the IP address must be set (manually or automatically) so as
not to be in collision with other computers in the network.
Automatically setting the IP address
Give your network supervisor the communicator’s MAC address which can be found on the label on
the bottom part of the communicator or on the package box. The supervisor will provide you with an
automatically assigned IP address. DHCP must be enabled (see 3.1.).
Communicator configuration
Communicator configuration can be done via the system keypad (the control panel must be in
programming mode). To exit programming mode, press the N key. The following settings should be
done in consultation with the network provider / supervisor. Default settings and backup can also be
made by Locator software, which can be found on
Automatic assignment of IP address (DHCP)
Before attaching the communicator to the LAN network, it is necessary to determine the assignment
of IP address. If DHCP is disabled it is necessary to set parameters according to sequences 3.2, 3.3
and 3.4.
IP address setting
Example: to set the IP address enter 91 192 168 001 023
Netmask setting
If DHCP is disabled, set the subnet mask by sequence:
92 xxx xxx xxx xxx
where: xxx xxx xxx xxx is the netmask address
Reset to default setting
Web server remote access
All parameters of the JA-60WEB communicator can be set via an internet browser. Full support is
possible using MS Internet Explorer version 6 or higher. Setting can be done locally as well as from an
outside network (if it is enabled – please consult the network provider / supervisor).
Access to the web server
After setting has been done according to section 3 , enter the IP address of the communicator into
your web browser (for example:, the login dialog will appear.
Factory default setting:
Name: jablotron
Password: jablotron
The name and password can be customized (see 4.1.3)
By clicking on the reset button which can be found on the most pages, you will reset the
settings to their original values.
4.1.2 Events
To see the 127 latest events
4.1.3 Communicator
4.1.4 Control panel
This page is accessible only when the control panel is in programming mode (P). It enables full
setting of the control panel. A detailed description of the parameters can be found in the control
panel manual.
Example: to set Net mask enter 92 255 255 255 001
Factory default setting: address
-2 -
Entering 96060 will cause a return to the factory default settings, see 6 (the IP address and all unsent
data will be erased).
In the communicator page the user can:
Configure the network settings such as DHCP, IP address, Netmask and gateway
Set the Idle time for auto logoff, and HTTP port
Set the Function of the input (off - the status of the input will be only shown in the Panel
Page, tamper – when connected to GND, the control panel will trigger the tamper alarm)
Customize Login Name and Password
Factory default setting: IP address
JA-60WEB communicator
Example: to set Gateway IP address enter 93 192 168 033 001
In the panel page the user can:
Monitor the control panel
Operate Hot keys for controlling the control panel quickly
Enter programming or operating sequences in the Sequence input field
See the status and operate the outputs (AUX1-AUX3) and see the status of the input (INP)
If DHCP is disabled, set the IP address by sequence:
91 xxx xxx xxx xxx
where: xxx xxx xxx xxx is the IP address
NOTE: if some of digits are not used in the IP address, they must be substituted by zeros (see example)
93 xxx xxx xxx xxx
xxx xxx xxx xxx is the IP address
4.1.1 Panel
DHCP - automatic assignment of IP address disabled
DHCP - automatic assignment of IP address enabled
Factory default: 941 – automatic assignment of IP address is enabled
Factory default setting: Gateway IP address
Manual setting of the IP address
Using a system keypad set a suitable IP address as given by a network supervisor. DHCP
(automatic assignment of IP addresses) must be disabled, see 3.1.
Gateway IP address setting
If DHCP is disabled, set the gateway IP address by sequence:
JA-60WEB communicator
-3 -