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Quick Assistance
SMART Board™ 600 Series Interactive Whiteboards
Preventing Damage to the Writing Surface
The front projection SMART Board interactive whiteboard is very durable. However, sharp writing instruments, such as
ballpoint or fine-pointed pens, can damage the surface if they’re applied with heavy pressure. Don’t write on the screen
with these types of pens. Also, don’t use abrasive erasers or cleaning materials.
Cleaning the Writing Surface
Clean your interactive whiteboard and pen tray frequently using standard whiteboard cleaner or Windex® glass cleaner.
NOTE: Before you clean the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, shut down your computer, so you don’t scramble the
desktop icons or activate applications when you touch the screen.
Removing Permanent Marker Ink Stains
To remove permanent marker ink stains, use a cleaner such as the Sanford Expo® Dry Erase Board Doctor. Just write
directly over the permanent ink with the Board Doctor pen, allow it to dry completely and then wipe it clean.
You can also use a high-odor dry-erase marker to remove permanent ink. To do this, cover the permanent ink with the
dry-erase ink and wipe with a soft cloth while the ink is still wet. If any trace of the ink remains, use standard Windex glass
cleaner or whiteboard cleaner to clean the area.
Ready Light
The Ready Light
The Ready light LED is located in the lower-right corner of the frame
(when you face the front of the interactive whiteboard).
NOTE: To take full advantage of your interactive whiteboard, be sure
that SMART Board software is running on a connected computer. If you
see the Ready light in a state not listed here, contact your next level of
support or SMART Technologies Inc.
This Ready light state…
Indicates that…
There isn’t any power to the interactive whiteboard. Check the USB cable connections.
Solid green
The interactive whiteboard is successfully communicating with SMART Board software on
the computer.
Flashing green
The interactive whiteboard is successfully communicating with the computer’s USB
interface, but either SMART Board software hasn’t been installed or the SMART Board
software service isn’t running.
NOTE: In this mode, the interactive whiteboard operates as a touch screen. The SMART
Board tools, such as the pens and eraser, won’t work, but you can move the mouse pointer
and perform mouse functions by touching anywhere on the screen. This mode may be
desirable for occasional or guest users who don’t require the use of SMART Board tools or
pen tray functions.
Solid red
The interactive whiteboard has power, but isn’t communicating with the computer. First,
check the connection to the computer, and then reset the computer and the interactive
whiteboard (see next page).
Solid or flashing amber
The interactive whiteboard is in a problem state. Reset the interactive whiteboard (see next
Troubleshooting Tips
If the Ready light indicates that your interactive whiteboard is operating normally, but you still have problems using the
interactive whiteboard, refer to this table for some tips.
If you have this problem…
Try this…
The pen tray LEDs flash sequentially when you turn
the unit on but do not light when you remove a tool.
Check for obstructions of the pen tray’s infrared sensors (dirt, liquids or
foreign objects).
The projected image is blurry or doesn’t fill the
screen fully.
Adjust your projector’s position, zoom and focus settings.
Touch is not accurate. The pointer does not appear
directly below your finger.
Orient the interactive whiteboard.
To start the orientation process, press
and hold both the Keyboard and
Right-click buttons on the pen tray at
the same time.
When you write on the screen, your writing appears
at a slight distance from the pen.
Make sure the computer’s video resolution settings match your projector’s
native resolution. Consult your projector’s manual for the optimal resolution,
and then go to the Windows Control Panel to change the display resolution of
your monitor.
No pointer is visible on the screen, and when you
touch the screen a colored line or eraser symbol
Check that you have placed all four pens and the eraser correctly in their pen
tray recesses.
The pointer snaps back to one location when you lift
the pen or your finger from screen, indicating that
the analog resistive surfaces are in constant contact
at the location to which the pointer returns.
Gently pull the touch screen surface, at the place where the pointer returns,
using a piece of tape or a small suction cup. If the problem goes away while
you are pulling, but returns when you release the tape or suction cup, you
may have to return the interactive whiteboard for repair.
The pointer moves erratically or gaps appear when
you draw with a pen, indicating that the USB voltage
from the computer, powered USB hub or USB
extender may be too low to power the interactive
Substitute another computer, powered USB hub or extender.
Resetting the Interactive Whiteboard
If your interactive whiteboard behaves erratically (possibly because of a static discharge or a power fade), reset the
interactive whiteboard by performing the following steps in order, testing the interactive whiteboard after each step.
1. To reset the controller module, use the tip of a pen tray
pen to press the Reset button briefly (for less than three
The Reset button is located behind the lower-right side
of the interactive whiteboard (when viewed from the
2. To reset all components of the SMART Board
interactive whiteboard, disconnect and then reconnect
the USB cable.
3. To restore the factory default orientation settings, press
and hold the Reset button for longer than three
seconds. You will have to repeat the orientation
procedure after this step.
If your problem persists after performing all of these steps, restart your computer.
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