Requirements and Implementation of Microgrids for Resilience
John Stampfel - vice president innovation and strategy, Eaton
Defense Innovation
October 5, 2017
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Energy resilience: the trusted approach
Backup generators and UPS for emergency power
Eaton has delivered turnkey engineering services, power quality
and electrical distribution equipment to support mission critical
power systems for 35+ years
• Maximizing system performance through engineering, product
reliability and service expertise
• Thousands of Eaton’s high-power UPS are installed in the DoD
Backup generators & UPS
• Global network of over 2,000 support and service personnel
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Advancing resiliency to ensure the mission
Some benefits of resiliency projects include:
Cost-effective assets that support the mission
Long-term operational cost stability
Islanding capabilities using microgrid technology
Utility infrastructure upgrades
Backup generators & UPS
Source: U.S. Navy, Resilient Energy Program Office
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Energy resilience: the microgrid advantage
Resiliency with improved operational efficiency
 Reduced fuel consumption for forward operating bases:
intelligently managing generator output, so the system provides
adequate power, rather than inefficiently engaging all the
generators continuously
 Optimizing capital and operating costs at Fort Sill – managing
multiple generation sources including: wind, solar, battery storage
and generators
Microgrid with solar PV, generators, dualpurpose UPS, energy storage
 Establishing a replicable model for bases with Fort Custer:
establishing a replicable model for reducing the overall cost to
implement energy surety goals in sites where bases are closely
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Optimizing microgrid performance
Simulate system performance before implementation
Operational microgrid utilizing real-time modeling and simulation
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An integrated strategy:
utility + renewables + backup power
Resiliency with reduced operational costs
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