EDNord - GBC PROCLICK Pronto P3000

An automated binding machine for quick and easy binding.
The ProClick Pronto P3000 system offers integrated punching capability and automatic
binding of the ProClick spine. Easy to use and highly versatile, the P3000 provides
professional, high speed binding suitable for a multitude of shared office environments.
The revolutionary GBC ProClick® Pronto® P3000 is an automated all­in­one desktop punch
and binding machine that creates professionally bound documents in seconds. With
ProClick® binding you can create a lasting impression with stylish documents in up to A4
size that are simple to edit as the ProClick® binding elements can be effortlessly updated
allowing you to add or remove pages after the initial bind. The final bound pages can be
rotated 360º and lay flat which, making them easy to photocopy.
The ProClick® Pronto® P3000 enables automated professional high speed binding with a six
second binding cycle that binds up to 450 documents per hour ­ ideal for corporate
departments, educational and training settings, executive offices and administrative groups.
It features an integrated robust punching mechanism that punches up to 15 sheets of 80gsm
paper in one go and an automated binder that binds up to 100 sheets in one bind. To save
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you valuable time, the P3000 comes with preloaded cartridges that hold 20 ProClick® spines
each, eliminating the need to load individual binding spines. The timesaving preloaded
cartridges are available to purchase separately in a choice of colours – black, blue, white and
navy ­ to add a sleek, contemporary finish to your bound documents. There is a document
alignment guide that ensures precise hole­punching plus a document sizer that indicates the
correct spine size to ensure you create the perfect bind. There is also a high capacity chip
tray that enables mess free binding.
The P3000 is simple to operate, the intuitive LCD interface provides easy to follow
instructions as you use the machine. Virtually maintenance free, this machine punches,
measures and fits documents automatically creating flawless results at the press of a button.
Weighing 38.4kg and sized at 520(H) x 476(W) x 470(D)mm, the P3000 is the perfect high
volume binding solution for any shared office. For additional peace of mind, it comes with a 1
year warranty.
6­second bind cycle enables binding of up to 450 books per hour
Binds A4 size only
Document­sizer ensures correct spine selection every time
Intuitive LCD interface provides easy to follow instructions
Pre­loaded cassettes holding 20 spines each eliminates the need for loading individual
• Punches up to 15 sheets at a time
• Simple one­button operation, no user training required
• Small footprint occupies no more space than a laser printer
EDNord - Istedgade 37A - 9000 Aalborg - telefon 9633 3500