Compass Group`s in house international coffee shop / café brand

Compass Group’s in house international coffee shop / café brand that replaces
Caffe Ritazza
Operates in the following sectors:
1. Description of the brand
Caffè Liscio is our new Coffee/Caffè brand, developed to address a growing
demand for a modern, premium coffee and food offering – suited to all our
foodservice sectors.
It’s a brand based on extensive market research and builds on our
experience in coffee and delivering high quality reliable food service.
Caffè Liscio blends that traditional quality cues that our consumers need,
with a clean and contemporary feel that will stand the test of time.
Caffè Liscio has been developed to serve 3 primary functions:
1. To be our preferred internal solution for converting “non-compliant” Caffè
Ritazza formats across all our trading sectors and geographies.
2. To establish our new brand as a strong and viable proposition to our existing
and prospective Clients and Consumers as part of a wider portfolio of
3. To become our preferred solution for Roast and Ground coffee formats for
“back of House” application such as pump pots and Coffee corners….
Liscio is the Italian for smooth, so works in any of our world markets to
reflect the Italian coffee aspirations of our customers.
Liscio smoothness is reflected in the logo with the ‘swirl’ representing milk
and coffee combining luxuriously.
The feel is of a wealthy modern Italian designer brand with warmth,
approachability and a unique twist of humour.
“Everything we do is always distinctly
2. What it is
The brand stretches from a CTM (Counter Top Merchandiser) to a full size caffè.
The various formats are described in the Design Manual.
We will be shortly adding to the range the “barrier line” format which is geared
towards retail type set ups (still under development)
Product Range - Drinks
Full range of Espresso based Coffee including Fairtrade and Organic
Addition of Premium Blend
Other hot beverages - Tea, Chocolate, Chai Latte
Iced drinks
Smoothies /Juices
Soft Drinks
Product Range - Food
o Panini/Mezzaluna/Ciabatta
o Baguettes
o Bloomers/Cassette
Salads (made on site)
Soups (fresh)
Cakes & Pastries
Dairy Products (bought in or made on site)
Impulse products (crisps, Nuts, Chocolate bars, Cereal Bars…)
Kids Meals
3. What it does
Provides a flexible coffee and café offer in a variety of settings
Develops strong client and consumer relationships
Provides optimum coverage
Use prime locations as reference sites
Can be flexible but within a framework (re-brand and product offering)
Maintains a simple audit programme
Focuses on quality brand execution (local accountability)
Provides optimum customer flow
4. What it looks like
5. Point of contact
Group Market Development
Compass Group PLC
Tel +44 1932 573000
6. Resource Library
Brand Identity Manual with CD ROM
Operations Manual (UK based)
Training manual
Design Guidelines (based on Chertsey pilot unit + Tesco account)
Recommended product ranges
Revised Coffee blends in bespoke packaging with introduction of Fair-trade
Organic blend + RFA certified blend (Rain Forest Alliance)
Range of promotionall items…
Case studies