Power Protection Basics
by Orion Power Systems
Alternating Current waveforms
Sine Wave- This is the wave form of
good clean utility power. More expensive
to produce with a ups system.
Square wave- This is the wave form
produced by low quality inverters.
Examples would be camping inverters,
etc. Produces excessive heat with long
term use.
Stepped Square Wave - Much cleaner
than square wave and produces less
heat. Not recommended for long run
time applications.
What type of wave form do I need ?
Watts, Volts, and Amps
One of the most basic electrical formulas
is : Watts= Volts x Amps
Volts and Amps have an inverse
relationship. When you raise the volts,
you must lower the amps for a given watt
Why does this matter ? When you raise
the volts, you reduce the amps. The
lower the amps (or current) the less
copper you need. The less copper the
lower your cost.
Example: 1000W = 500 V x 2 Amps
or 1000W = 2V x 500 Amps
Why does the utility use such high voltages ?
Single Phase Wiring
Single phase wiring is commonly found in residences and small office
buildings. The most common voltage in this type of wiring is 120/240V.
Is most computer equipment single or three phase ?
Three Phase Wiring
Three phase wiring is almost never in residences and almost exclusively
commercial. You can pull single power from a three phase electrical
panel. In this case the building service is 480V Delta and is transformed
to 120Y208V.
Why is commercial power three-phase ?
U.S. Plugs and Receptacles
NEMA Receptacle Examples
NEMA 5-15R
5 = 120V
15 = 15 Amps
R = Receptacle
L = Locking
6 = 208/240V
30 = 30 Amps
P = Plug
What type ofwave
form do I ned ?
Hardwired Installation
Hardwired installation is typically reserved for larger ups systems 6kVA and above. The input and output
of the UPS System is permanently attached to the electrical panels in the building. This setup is ideal
when the devices to be protected are scattered throughout the building. Hardwired installations must be
performed by licensed electricians.
What type ofwave
Bypass switches are recommended for hardwired
form do I ned ?
installations because if the UPS fails, there is no way to get
power to the critical loads.
Most common power problems.
1) Surges
2) Blackouts
3) Brownouts
4) Overvoltage
5) Line noise
How can I protect my equipment from these power problems ?
UPS Systems - The Answer to power
A UPS System can protect against all 5 major power problems. There is a wide variety of
UPS systems available, so for many the task of selecting a UPS can be daunting.
Fact: UPS Systems are available with 4 major design types Standby, Line Interactive, Double Conversion, Ferro Hybrid.
Stand-by UPS Systems
Stand-by UPS Systems are the least expensive and most basic type of UPS. They protect against
all 5 power problems, but cannot handle brownouts or overvoltages for extended periods.
Stand-by UPS systems are typically used with Workstations and
PCs. Orion’s Office Max is a stand-by ups..
Line Interactive UPS Systems
Line Interactive ups systems provide excellent overall power protection and are ideal for computer
applications. They protect against all 5 power problems, but are not a good fit for power quality
sensitive applications such as lab equipment.
Orion Power’s Office Pro LCD uses line-interactive design and is
ideal for small servers and other business applications.
Double Conversion UPS Systems
True online double conversion UPS Systems are the industry standard for mission critical
applications or where power quality must be precise. Double conversion systems typically regulate
voltage +/- 3% or better and output a true sine-wave.
Orion Power Systems Online RT/RTX and Online SCR2 offer double
conversion protection up to 20kVA.
Ferro Hybrid UPS Systems
Ferro Hybrid UPS Systems use a FerroResonant transformer to clean and regulate the power. This
design provides excellent power quality, but the bulky transformer makes this UPS impractical in
many applications.
Orion Power Systems does not offer a Ferro UPS System.
Questions to ask when selecting a
UPS System
1) How many Watts of power does the equipment to be protected consume ?
2) How many minutes of backup time is needed ?
3) What is the voltage of the equipment, 120V or 208V ?
4) What is the application / environment ?
Questions ? Call Orion Power technical support for any questions
before or after the sale at 877-385-1654.
Sales and Product Information.
Orion Product Family
UPS Systems 600VA - 20kVA
A UPS System can protect against all 5 major power problems. There is a wide variety of
UPS systems available, so for many the task of selecting a UPS can be daunting.
Orion manufactures UPS Systems, power distribution, and surge
Orion Power Systems is a Jacksonville, FL based manufacturer of high-quality power conditioning
and protection systems to customers nationwide.
Cornerstones of Orion Power Systems:
Offer value priced power protection without sacrificing quality or customer service
Allow distributors, dealers, and resellers to make a reasonable profit
Orion offers:
UPS Systems from 600VA to 20kVA
Power distribution
Extended warranty and repair services
Manufactured to ISO:9001 standards to ensure the utmost quality.
We load test every rack/tower system in our Jacksonville, FL facility to ensure
no out of box failures. No one else does that !
37 MONTH NO-HASSLE WARRANTY: Unsurpassed warranty and support
with 37 months coverage on ups electronics and 24 months on battery. If a
unit fails within the warranty period, Orion will send a new one and and take
back the bad one at no cost to the customer.
COST SAVINGS: Orion Power Systems ups systems cost 30-40% less than
APC and the other big brands. Lower overhead and lower advertising costs
mean more margin and a competitive advantage. Over the period of a year,
the savings / profit increases really add up.
Orion Power Systems is always striving to provide our customers with the latest
features and technology at an affordable price.
All our ups systems feature
● Hot swappable user replaceable batteries
● 37 Month warranty
● LIFETIME load protection guarantee
● Free shutdown and monitoring software with every system
● LED / LCD display depending on model
● SNMP management (Online RT, Online SCR2)
● Rack / Tower form factor allows one unit to do either job
(Online RT and Online SCR2 6,10, and 20 kVA)
● Built-in network surge protection (MaxOffice, Office Pro LCD, Online RT
Orion Power Systems Models
Office Series - MaxOffice 600VA
MaxOffice 600VA
The Orion Power Systems MaxOffice series
provides maximum surge protection and battery
backup in a compact design.
Main features
- 37 month silver warranty
- 860 joule surge protection
- Wall mount capability
- Network surge included
- Monitoring software
- (3) outlets ups (3) surge only
Computers, phone systems, routers, small
Orion Power Systems Models
Office Series - Office Pro LCD 1000VA - 2000VA
Office Pro LCD
Office Pro LCD is a budget friendly lineinteractive ups with stepped sine output.
Main features
- Easy to read LCD
- AVR for brownouts and overvoltages
- 37 month silver warranty
- 860 joule surge protection
- Hot-swappable batteries
- Network surge included
- Monitoring software
- (8) outlets on ups
Workstations, small servers, video recorders,
any other IT equipment.
Orion Power Systems Models
Online RT / RTX - Rack / Tower 1000VA - 3000VA
Online RT / RTX
The Online RT / RTX Series is an advanced
true-online ups for rack / tower applications.
The RT series has no extended battery
capability, the RTX allows up to 4 external
battery packs.
Main features
- True online at line interactive price point
- Advanced LCD display
- True online power quality
- 37 month Gold warranty
- Hot-swappable batteries
- Network surge included
- Free Monitoring software
- Compact design fits in all racks
Applications - IT, security, lab analyzers,
medical, and more.
Orion Power Systems Models
Online RT / RTX - Rack / Tower 1000VA - 3000VA (Cont.)
Advanced LCD Display
Online RT / RTX provides all the data you need
right on the display.
- Load and battery capacity percentage
- Runtime remaining in minutes
- Operating mode (Online, bypass, ECO, or
frequency conversion)
- Bad battery
- Alarm Silence
- Load segment condition
- Alarm codes
Orion Power Systems Models
Online RT / RTX - Rack / Tower 1000VA - 3000VA (Cont.)
SNMP Communications
Online RT / RTX provides the latest features for advanced SNMP management. Main features include:
- Mimic display to show operation and data
- User controllable load segment allows reboot of stuck routers, etc. without shutting down entire ups
- SNMP allows alerts for battery change date, also stores warranty expiration date.
- Runtime remaining in minutes in the software
Orion Power Systems Models
Online SCR2 - Rack / Tower 10kVA - 20kVA
Online SCR2
The Online SCR2 provides the latest in
transformerless design to offer improved
efficiency, compact size, and lighter weight than
competing models.
Main features
- Cost 20-40% less than competitors
- True online power quality
- 37 month Gold warranty
- Hot-swappable batteries
- Transformerless design
- Free Monitoring software
- Modular means easy maintenance
- TAA compliant
- Rear mounted bypass standard
- 10kVA can be paralleled to provide 20kVA
Applications - IT servers, storage, networking
gear, lab equipment, medical devices.
Orion Power Systems Models
Panel Surge Pro
Panel Surge Pro
The Orion Panel Surge Pro provides building
wide protection from spikes, transients, and
surges. Cheap prevention of catastrophic surge
Main features
- Protect the entire building from surges
- First line of defense
- Includes audible alarm in case of failure
- 80 kA surge rating
- High performance EMI / RFI filtering
- 10 Year warranty
- LED status indication via solid state
diagnostics plus remote indication
- Surface mount
- Thermal and short circuit fusing
- UL 1449 3rd Edition Listed
Orion Power Systems Models
Panel Surge Pro Sample Installation
Panel Surge Pro
The Orion Panel Surge Pro allows
easy installation to protect service
- Mounts next to panel
- Uses an empty circuit breaker
- Use shortest leads possible to
create minimal resistance
- Installed by licensed
electricians only
- Diverts surge to ground
Orion Power Systems Models
Value Series PDUs
The Orion Power Systems Value Series PDUs offer affordable
power distribution for both vertical and horizontal rackmount
installation at an affordable price point.
OPS-HVPDU-15A12 - 1U Horizontal or 0U Vertical (12) 5-15R
OPS-VPDU-15A24 - 0U Vertical (24) 5-15R
OPS-VPDU-20A24 - 0U Vertical (24) 5-20R
Extended Warranties
Orion Power Systems Models
Communication and Software
WinPower & ViewPower Pro software:
● Works with Windows XP, Vista, Vers. 7, 8 , Mac, Linux
● Included FREE with all models
● Logging of power events and shutdown capability
● Email and SMS capability
SNMP Management Card
● Works with Online RT and Online SCR2
● Logging of power events and shutdown capability
● Shuts down multiple servers over network
● Email and SMS capability
● UPS becomes node on your network
● Works with Network Operations Center software
Create professional presentations with slide transitions and
animations. Right click on any object and click "Animate".
Ideal Markets
Who needs the Orion ups systems ?
Security - Head end DVR, POE switches, and computers.
Data closets - Universities, hospitals, and large corporate campuses typically use VOIP and
have network closets spread throughout. Each closet will have a 1-3kVA rack mount ups along
with an SNMP monitoring card. More critical closets will often have a 6-10kVA ups along with
extra battery packs. Larger universities will often have hundreds of 1 to 3kVA ups systems
spread throughout their campus.
Integrators - Integrators typically build the ups into their solution. An example would be a Kiosk
manufacturer that installs a ups with every kiosk they build. Redbox has a ups in every kiosk
they install. Other examples, voting machines, bank teller machines.
Lab equipment - Lab measuring equipment like mass spectrometers typically runs tests for
hours and cannot afford an outage. One power blink result in hours of lost test data. Customers
are typically law enforcements labs, hospital labs, universties.
OEM applications - A manufacturer that includes a ups with every product they sell. An
example would be IBM, they include a ups with every computer they sell.
Phone Systems - Typically use a ups with battery packs so they can continue operating for
Create professional presentations with slide transitions and
animations. Right click on any object and click "Animate".
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