Document Imaging Products
Nuance AutoStore®
Data Sheet
Automate your
business processes.
Capture and secure delivery of paper and
electronic documents into business applications
What is Nuance
AutoStore is a server-based application which orchestrates the capture
and secure delivery of paper and
electronic documents into business
applications. It is well suited for
organizations of all sizes who want
to eliminate error-prone manual
document handling. Whether you’re
handling invoices, claims, applications or order forms, AutoStore can
automate your document-driven
business processes to help
lower costs, improve operational
efficiency, communication and
collaboration, and support compliance with laws and regulations.
AutoStore utilizes your existing infrastructure and captures information
from your multifunction peripherals,
smartphone, emails, fax servers,
shared/public folders, FTP sites,
Microsoft® Office® applications,
PC desktops, XML data streams
and other sources. The captured
information is then processed based
on your organization’s predetermined
workflow. Scanned images are
enhanced for improved readability,
text can be converted into editable
electronic information, barcodes can
be read, resulting in rich information
to be used for later retrieval. Once
processing is complete, the documents and the keywords describing
them are distributed to any number
of locations. Destinations can be
faxed, emailed, stored in a document
management system (DMS), on FTP
sites, in secure network folders, or
even multiple destinations simultaneously. All of this is performed
effortlessly with just the push of
a button on the front panel of the
device. That’s it. The workflow
happens immediately, ensuring your
information goes where you want it to
go quickly and accurately every time.
This is all possible due to
AutoStore’s customizable workflows
and personalized MFP menu panels.
With the help of the AutoStore
Process Designer, workflows can
be pre-configured and saved to
reduce the amount of manual steps
required by the end user. This
simple and easy to use capability
eliminates manual processes, which
helps reduce user errors and results
in accurate and efficient document
Paper/Electronic documents
Multifunction devices
(MFDs), network
Key features
––Works with all major manufacturers
––Integrated LDAP connector
––Bi-directional database lookups
––Document image processing
––40+ free backend connectors
––1D/2D barcode recognition
––Capture paper and electronic
documents from any source
––Front panel browse-to-scan
––Route to SharePoint®
––One touch multi-route
––PDF & PDF/A support
––Personalized scan menus
––Capture from any email account
––Send to email
––MRC PDF compression
––Open XML document support
––Camera and smartphone image
Groupware &
systems (DMS)
File, fax and
email services
TWAIN document
Document Imaging Products
Nuance AutoStore®
Join paper and electronic document
streams into uniform processes.
Capture both paper and electronic
documents from virtually any
source—a desktop PC/Mac, a
network scanner MFP/MFD or
copier, and even your smartphone.
AutoStore works with all leading
copiers, smartphones, scanners
and MFPs and works the same
way across all platforms, every
time. With AutoStore, changing or
introducing a new device is as easy
as plugging it into the network.
Process all types of documents
including images and forms into
a variety of formats such as text,
searchable Adobe® PDFs or
Microsoft® Word. Easy to use image
enhancing features help improve
document quality. Process using
OCR, barcode, image management,
document services and document
conversion to brain up your network.
Using the most current information,
eliminating delays and using speed
for a competitive advantage is what
the real-time enterprise is all about.
Deliver your documents instantly
to one or multiple destinations,
including PCs, fax applications, line
of business applications, email, FTP
sites, network folders and archives,
as well as document management
Unite paper and electronic forms
Forms processed or signed electronically are converted to images
equivalent to those generated
through manual paper driven
document processing.
* Requires Nuance Business Connect
license. (Formerly NSi Mobile)
Data Sheet
What sets AutoStore
Works with all major
With AutoStore, changing or introducing a new device is as easy as
plugging it into the network. You can
switch to another copier or scanner
that best suits your business needs
without having to switch to another
capture workflow technology.
Integrated LDAP connector
Using the front panel of the multifunction device, it’s easy to browse
through your company’s contact
list to find the contact you wish to
email. Just select and confirm to
scan securely to one or multiple
addresses. Or, search by domain
name and have AutoStore return
a list of addresses that can be
selected with just a touch.
Bi-directional database lookups
Easily search and retrieve database
information for display on the
MFP panel. With the database
lookup capability, the value
entered in one index field triggers
a database search to fill the other
fields automatically, accelerating
the indexing task while delivering
greater accuracy.
Document image processing
Clean images are essential to
any document imaging workflow.
AutoStore advanced document
image processing functions are
a powerful collection of functions
that can rid scanned documents
of artifacts and imperfections such
as hole punches, skewed angles,
borders, dust speckles and more.
40+ free backend connectors
AutoStore uses backend connectors
to connect seamlessly with popular
enterprise software applications
to become an enterprise content
management tool that delivers
results. Our connectors are free and
directly supported and maintained
by Nuance.
1D/2D barcode recognition
AutoStore can automate routine,
error-prone tasks such as naming,
batching, splitting, filing and
indexing scanned documents
using information contained in
1D/2D barcodes printed within the
documents. Documents can be
routed and indexed using barcode
information, or separated based on
detection of a barcode.
Capture paper and electronic
Join paper and electronic business
activities into a uniform process.
AutoStore captures documents from
devices and digital copiers, and
also content from smartphones,
emails and faxes, network folders,
FTP sites, Microsoft® Office
applications, PC desktops, web
clients, XML data streams and other
Front panel browse-to-scan
Browse-to-scan using the front
panel of your multifunctional device.
Send your documents to any
accessible Windows® network folder
or Microsoft® SharePoint® document
library. Once the destination is set,
your documents will automatically
be digitized, indexed and stored in
the appropriate location and format
of your choice.
Route to SharePoint ®
Scan directly into Microsoft®
SharePoint®. Your documents can
be stored as searchable PDFs or
standard Microsoft® Office file
formats, allowing you to retrieve
them using a simple search
within SharePoint. A document’s
SharePoint URL can be emailed
back to you automatically, providing
an easily accessible link for future
Document Imaging Products
Nuance AutoStore®
One touch multi-route
Route your documents to multiple
people simultaneously or to multiple
backend systems with just a push of
a button. Create specialized scanning
workflows that can be associated
with customizable buttons on the
MFP’s front panel. One touch of a
button automates distribution of
invoices, purchase orders, bills and
other time-critical documents to
streamline internal communications
and reduce the risk of manual errors
and expensive rework processing.
PDF and PDF/A support
Scan your documents to
text-searchable PDF or PDF/A
formats that can searched for
information easily and accurately.
Personalized scan menus
Once a user is authenticated,
personalized scan menus appear
which are specific to the individual
or department. The MFP front panel
user interface can be enhanced
using custom icons and names to
represent the workflow action on
screen accurately.
Capture from any email account
Capture email and other documents
as soon as they enter the organization. Turn them into actionable
digital information, (including header,
body text and all attachments) and
deliver the information into business
applications for immediate, appropriate processing or archive them for
corporate compliance purposes.
Send to email
Send scanned documents directly
to an email address with one press
of a button. Select the correct
workflow, fill in the needed details
and AutoStore will scan the document, convert it to your format of
choice (e.g., text-searchable PDF
file) and attach it to an email. Send it
to yourself or to multiple addresses.
After sending the document, a copy
of the email can be stored in the
sent items list of your mailbox.
Data Sheet
MRC PDF compression
Attack file bloat at the core by
automatically creating highly compressed PDF files 1/10th the size of
the original, reducing storage needs
and minimizing impact on slower mail
servers and choked bandwidth.
––One-touch multi-route
––Scan settings granularity controls
––Bi-directional database lookups
––Integrated LDAP connection
––Various index fields
––Encryption of jobs
––Generation of menus / forms
Open XML document support
Now you can scan hardcopy
originals to the latest Microsoft®
Word® (*.docx), Excel® (*.xlsx) or
PowerPoint® (*.pptx) easily, and store
them as accurate, properly formatted
and editable Office documents.
Process using:
––Full text recognition
––Zonal text recognition
––Hand printed character recognition
––Forms recognition (structured/
––Optical Mark Reading (OMR)
––Image Cleanup
––MRC PDF Compression
––Barcode recognition (1D/2D)
––Bates stamp
––Forms Overlay
––Automated email notification
How AutoStore works
Successful information management
can help elevate a company from
startup to success. So, it’s important to make sure your company has
the best resources and technology
available to handle both its print and
electronic documents. With more
than 150 integrations, AutoStore has
the capability to help manage your
information workload. The following
is a partial list of our process and
route components. Please visit our
website at
for-business/autostore/index.htm for
a complete listing.
Capture information from:
––Multifunction peripherals (MFPs)
––Microsoft® Office® applications
––Email clients
––Email inbox
––Directory (network or local)
––Email (SMTP, POP3, IMAP)
––Fax servers
––Local or remote folders
––FTP sites (secure and unsecure)
––Files (batch, XML, delimited
formats, ASCII)
––PC desktop
Device features:
––Device importing and grouping (Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Post Office, etc.)
Enterprise features:
––Load balancing
––Multi-CPU capable
––Multi-OCR engine capable
––Centralized management
––Authentication services
Route information directly to:
––Network Folders
––Fax servers
––ODBC-compliant databases
––Send to HTTP
––Secure FTP sites
––Send to XML & WebDav
––Document Management Systems
and Cloud Services from vendors
such as Microsoft®, Google®,
EMC®, OpenText®, FileNet®,
Interwoven®, IBM®, Docuware®,
and more.)
––CSV, command files
––Captaris RightFaxTM
Security features:
––Authentication (Common Access
Cards, Windows, Active Directory,
––Restricted network access
––Outbound fax or email validation
––Outbound fax filtering
––Redact sensitive information
Document Imaging Products
Nuance AutoStore®
Data Sheet
System requirements:
––Microsoft® Windows® operating
system (OS) running on computer
with at least a 2 GHz Processor
––Minimum 2 GB of RAM is
necessary but 4 GB or greater is
––Minimum of 10 GB of hard disk
––NIC Card
Operating System
Supported Microsoft® Windows®
operating systems:
––Windows Server 2012 R2:
Standard and Datacenter
––Windows Server 2012: Standard
and Datacenter — with the latest
service pack
––Windows Server 2008 R2:
Standard, Enterprise, and
Datacenter with the latest
service pack
––Windows Server 2008 (32\64
bit): Standard, Enterprise, and
Datacenter with the latest service
––Windows 8/8.1 (32\64 bit):
Pro and Enterprise
––Windows 7 (32\64 bit):
Professional, Ultimate, and
Enterprise with the latest
service pack
––Windows 10
Additional Software
––Microsoft® .NET Framework 3.5
––Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.0
––Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
To learn more about Nuance
AutoStore please call 1-800-327-0183
or visit
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