WSC 720
user guide
12 V/24 V lead acid batteries 40-500 ah
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WSC720 is designed to be user friendly, and contains the latest in
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WSC720 will ensure fully recharged batteries and also act as a
power supply for diagnosis during car service.
Read the safety instructions and user guide carefully. If you follow
the instructions, you will benefit from a high-performance charger
and power supply that will give excellent service for many years to
come. Discarded packaging can be recycled.
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geTTing sTarTed
1. Connect the charger’s red cable clamp to the battery’s positive
terminal post (+), and the black cable clamp to the battery’s
negative terminal post (-).
2. Connect the charger’s mains plug to a grounded power socket.
3. Select the correct function by pressing the “Mode”-button.
Power Supply:
OBS! This function is only for 12 V-system
4. When the LED for the select mode is green, the battery is fully
charged. Remove the mains plug and the cable clamps.
5. If wrong voltage, or polarity, is chosen, the charger will not start.
• WSC720 is a powerful charger for service stations. • WSC720 can be used for:
1. As a battery charger for 12 V and 24 V batteries
2. To maintain voltage in 12 V and 24 V systems
3. As Power Supply for 12 V system
• In charge modes (12 V and 24 V) WSC720 will initially charge the
battery, and then, with a constant current charging (float charge)
as long as it is connected, maintain full charge.
• In the charge modes (12 V and 24 V), WSC720 will also maintain
system voltage, functioning as a Diagnostic Power Supply,
giving up to 70 A.
• In ”13,7 V Power Supply” WSC 720 will act as a Power Supply for
12V equipment. This mode will give a current up to 70 A useful as:
- Power Supply at replacement of 12 V batteries
- Power Supply in 12 V systems
- Power Supply for diagnosis
• WSC720 is equipped with a temperature compensator, which
will give best possible charging independently of temperature.
Wsc720 user guide
1. Readthesafetynotesandadheretothestatedprecautions.
2. Connect the red cable clamp to the battery’s positive terminal
post (+), and the black cable clamp. The position of the cables,
a fault. If so, check the connection and adjust accordingly.
5. WSC720 will start charging in the mode last used. If necessary,
press the ”Mode” button repeatedly until desired mode is selected.
see page 6*
see page 6*
connected, the yellow LED
when the LED will stop
flashing and will change to a
constant yellow.
the green LED lights while the
function is connected.
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6. The LED will show a constant yellow until the charge is
complete, then the LED changes from yellow to green.
7. When charging is complete first the mains plug should be
removed and then the cable clamps.
8. If the cables are left in place there will be a continual
according to the instruction.
Facts about Batteries:
* BatteriesareeitherAGM/GELorStandardtype.
- AGM/GELarevalve-regulatedbatteries,wheretheelectrolyte
(the acid) is absorbed or is in gel form, and are often clearly
- Other batteries are standard batteries.
Safety instructions
• WSC720 has been constructed to charge 12 V lead acid
batteries or to act as a power supply for 12 V equipment.
Do not use the charger for other purposes.
• WSC720 is constructed for indoor purpose and must be
protected from moisture.
• Do not use WSC720 if its cables, terminal clamps or casing
are damaged.
• Batteries emit explosive gases while they are charging. It is
therefore important to ensure good ventilation and avoid sparks
and naked flames in the vicinity of the battery.
• Be careful and avoid metallic contact between the clamps.
• Use protective eyewear when working with batteries.
• Battery acid (electrolyte) is corrosive. If eyes or skin come into
contact with the acid, rinse immediately with copious amounts
of water, and contact a doctor immediately.
• Never charge a frozen battery.
• Terminate the charging if the battery gets hot.
• Never position WSC720 above the battery during charging.
• Do not cover WSC720.
• Note that in the “13.7 V Supply” mode the charger provides a
constant output voltage of 13.7 V that in certain circumstances
may cause sparking.
• WSC720 is protected against overheating. If the ambient
temperature is too high, the charging current is reduced.
• During the charge, the charger may intermittently provide a
15.5 V charge voltage. Ensure that no equipment which may be
damaged by this voltage level is connected to the battery during
• WSC720 must be connected to the battery as described in the
User Guide. After it is connected, it will charge the battery and
maintain it fully charged with constant voltage charging (float
charge) as long as it is connected to the mains power.
• Don’t keep WSC720 connected to the battery without mains
connected. This will in the long term discharge the battery.
• WSC720 is fully automatic and is programmed for advanced
charging of lead-acid batteries between 40 and 500 Ah.
• If the 24 V mode is selected, the battery voltage must be higher
than 15.8 V. If not, the red LED will indicate a fault. • Security functions will reduce over charging, by terminating the
charge, especially if the batteries are larger than 500 Ah.
• WSC720 can be used as a Power Supply by pressing the
”Mode” button to 13.7 V Power Supply. In this mode WSC720
will provide a voltage of 13.7 V and max. 70 A.
• ”13.7 V Power Supply is to be used for Power Supply in 12 V
electrical systems and for continuous charging, float charge, of
12 V batteries.
• For maintaining voltage in 24 V systems, Mode “24 V charging”
shall be used.
• WSC720 is equipped with temperature compensation. The
thermal sensor is integrated in the negative, black, terminal
• Thanks to our temperature compensation, the common
problems involved in insufficient charging in cold weather and
overcharging at high temperatures are eliminated.
• The charging curve consists of five steps that are adapted to
battery technology.
• In order to minimize the risk of overcharging an incorrect type
of battery, WSC720 is equipped with a cut-out function that
interrupts the process after 7 h and the fault is shown by the
LED shining a constant red. NOTE: This alarm can be triggered
when charging batteries that have capacities exceeding
the recommended battery size, or in connection with other
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equipment drawing current (parallel loads) being connected to
the battery during charging.
• Batteries will be damaged when charged at high temperatures.
For this reason, WSC720 features a safety function that
terminates charging when the temperature is too high, approx.
50°C. This is shown by the LED shining a constant red.
Fault indications and trouble shooting
Fault: The red LED lights when the charger cables are connected
to the battery terminals.
Probable cause 1: If the cable clamps are incorrectly connected
to the battery, the polarity reversal protection will be activated and
charging will not start.
Action: Check that the charger is connected using the
correct polarity.
Probable cause 2: Wrong voltage mode for charging. 12 V for a
24 V system.
Action: Adjust the voltage Mode.
Probable cause 3: Wrong voltage mode for charging. 24 V for a
12 V system.
Action: Adjust the voltage Mode.
Probable cause 4: A voltage below 15.8 V in a 24 V electrical
Action: Please try to use Mode “13.7V Power Supply” for a short
while (max. 10 minutes) on each of the batteries in the 24V-system.
In order to avoid unbalanced batteries, it is highly important that
all batteries are charged exactly the same time.
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Fault: Charging does not start, i.e. the lamp continues to shine,
and the yellow LED does not change to the steady yellow light.
Probable cause: The battery voltage is too low, less than 7 V, to
start the charger. This may be because the battery is worn or faulty
or has been completely discharged.
Action: Try to connect the 13.7 V Supply mode for a short while
(max. 10 min). Restart charging. This usually works if the battery is
really heavily discharged, but otherwise in good condition. Please
be careful with the connection of the terminal clamps.
Fault: Charging started normally, but did not complete. The red
LED illuminates and charging is terminated.
Probable cause 1: Defective battery. The battery has a fault that
does not permit it to be charged, e.g. a short circuit.
Action: Replace the battery.
Probable cause 2: Parallel load. If a piece of equipment that drains
current is connected to the battery, there is a risk that the capacity
of the charger is not sufficient to charge the battery within the time
constraints that are built into the charger for safety reasons.
Action: If possible, disconnect the parallel load and repeat
charging, or purchase a larger charger suitable to cater for both
the needs of the charge and parallel load drain.
Probable cause 3: Battery is too large. The battery is larger than
the recommended size for the charger, which means that the
charge could not be completed within the time constraints that are
built into the battery for safety reasons.
Action: Repeat charging.
Probable cause 4: The high temperature cut-out that monitors the
battery temperature has been triggered. The reason for the high
temperature could be that the battery has an internal fault, or that
the ambient temperature is high.
Action: If charging is carried out at room temperature, the high
temperature is probably caused by a battery fault or wear. The
battery should be replaced. If charging is taking place at a high
ambient temperature, charging may be resumed when the battery
has cooled to room temperature.
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not aCtiVatEd
Pos. CaBlE
ContaCt for tHErMal
sEnsor rJ45
mainTenance / accessories
• The charger is fully maintenance-free.
• Opening the charger will invalidate the guarantee.
• Don’t use WSC720 if the mains cable is damaged. Replace the
cable. Do not use the charger if its cables, terminal clamps or
casing are damaged.
• The plastic parts of the clamps are exchangeable. NB! Make
sure that the red clamp is attached to the positive cable and
that the black clamp to the negative.
• The case may be cleaned using a soft, damp cloth and a mild
detergent. The charger must be disconnected from the mains
when being cleaned.
The product is not suitable for use by persons who lack knowledge
or experience, unless they are supervised by, or have received
information about how to use the product from a person who is
responsible for their safety.
Do not allow children to play with any part of the product.
Model EXIDE WSC720
WSC720 is a primary-switched computer-controlled charger
and a Power Supply
Input voltage
190 - 255 VAC, 45 - 400 Hz
Between 90-190 VAC reduced power. 90VAC gives 50% power.
Back current
≤2,5 mA/12 V, ≤5 mA/24 V
Charging voltage 12 V FV
13,7 - 15,5 VDC at 25ºC
Charging voltage 24 V FV
27,4 – 31,0 VDC at 25ºC
Charging voltage 12 V VR
13,7 – 14,4 VDC at 25ºC
Charging voltage 24 V VR
27,4 – 28,8 VDC at 25ºC
Charging voltage Supply
13,7 VDC
Charging current 12 V
Max. 70 A
Charging current 24 V
Max. 60 A
Ambient temperature
-25 / +50 ºC
Type of charge
A fully automatic technology adapted charging profile in five steps, alt. 13,7V Power Supply / float charge.
Lead acid battery types Standard and AGM/Gel
Battery capacity
40 - 500 Ah
Dimensions (LxWxH)
258 x 136 x 89 mm
International Protection rating IP20, (IP21 for horizontal
Protection class
1, earthed
2,3 kg without cables and
4,5 kg with cables
CE Manufacturer’s declaration
Product: Battery charger EXIDE WSC720
EXIDE Technologies, Bultgatan 40A, Kungälv, Sweden and
Primepower AB, Idavägen 11, Växjö, Sweden
The manufacturer guarantees that the unit complies with the
relevant standards. Tested and approved by Intertek Semko.
EN 60335-2-29:2004 + A11:97 (IEC335-2-29:2002 modified)
EN 60335-1:2002 + A11:2004#A1:2004-A12:2006+A2006
EN50366:2003 + A1:2006
EN 61000-6-2
EN 61000-6-3
EN 61000-3-2
EN 61000-3-3
We guarantee that this product is constructed to the highest
quality specifications, and manufactured to the best industrial
standard. If the product should prove to be faulty or has damage
that can be related to manufacture or distribution, the mandatory
guarantee rights apply.
The guarantee (NL 2010, 2 years) will no longer be valid if
the charger has not been handled correctly, or opened or
repaired by any other than Exide Technologies or its authorized
Exide Technologies is not responsible for other costs than those
stated above, i.e. no potential consequential costs. Nor is Exide
Technologies liable under any other warranty than this one.