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Installation Guide
Two Handle Lavatory Faucet:
• 3DM200
• 3DM300
This product meets the following standards:
• ASME A112.18.1
• ANSI A117.1
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Tools Required
Plumbers Putty
3/32” Allen
Sealant Tape
Flex Hose
Prior to Installation
Observe all local plumbing and building codes before you begin
Carefully shut off both hot and cold water supplies from under the sink.
Plug the sink drain with a soft cloth to prevent intrusion of debris or the
loss of any faucet parts.
For replacement installations, carefully remove the existing
faucet and clean the entire surface of the sink mounting holes.
Pioneer reserves the right to make changes in the design of faucets without
notice as specified in the pricebook.
Faucet Installation
Note: If the faucet is supplied with spout escutcheon (B)(3DM300 is not supplied with spout escutcheon) and valve escutcheon then it includes gasket
(C) to form watertight seal. Do not use rubber washer and plumbers putty both
to form watertight seal.
Place the spout escutcheon (B) underneath of the spout. Ensure the gasket
(C) is placed underside of the escutcheon (B). (Note: 3DM300 is not supplied
with spout escutcheon (B) and gasket (C) so, apply adequate amount of
plumbers putty or sealant beneath and along the boundary of the spout (A).
Slide the spout (A) through center mounting hole. Slide the mounting bracket
(D) through spout shank from underside of center mounting hole.
Thread and tighten the spout mounting nut (E). Do not overtighten.
Place the valve escutcheon from the top. Ensure the gasket is beneath the
valve escutcheon. The hot side valve should have red mark and the cold side
should not have any mark. Place the cold side valve with washers and locknut
from underneath sink. Thread the escutcheon on the valve. Adjust the valve
to proper height. Install the handle on the valve. Ensure the handle is secure
on the valve. Make sure the valve outlet faces toward the spout. Install the hot
side valve, handle and escutcheon in the same manner. Ensure the handles
turn in correct direction. Tighten the locknut (F) to secure the valve to the
mounting surface.
Faucet Installation
Remove the ‘Y’ connector (G). Make sure the washer (H) is in the ‘Y’ connector (G).
Connect the ‘Y’ connector (G) to the spout shank. Place necessary Teflon
tape at the end of the spout if necessary. Do not overtighten.
Connect the supply hose (H) to the cold side outlet of the valve body . Place
necessary Teflon tape at the outlet of the valve body. Tighten with adjustable
wrench. Do not overtighten.
Connect the supply hose (H) to hot side outlet of the valve body. Place necessary Teflon tape at the outlet of the valve body.
Connect the other end of the supply hose to the ‘Y’ connector (G). Place
necessary Teflon tape at the end of the ‘Y’ connector. Tighten with adjustable
wrench. Do not overtighten.
Ensure the both side of the supply hoses are securely connected.
Pop-Up Drain Installation
10. Remove the pop-up stopper (I) and pop-up flange (J) from the pop-up assembly.
11. Apply adequate amount of plumbers putty underside of pop-up flange (J).
Then insert pop-up drain assembly from underside of the sink and secure the
pop-up flange (J) from the top.
12. Rotate the drain body so that horizontal rod hole faces back of the faucet.
Hold the pop-up assembly in place and tighten the locknut (K).
13. Remove the excess putty. Connect the trap (L). (Check manufacturer’s instructions for installation).
14. Remove rod nut (M).
15. Ensure the washer (N) is in place (for brass pop-up only). Insert rod (O). Tighten
the rod nut (M).
16. Push rod down to open drain. Insert the pop-up stopper (I) carefully. Test if the
pop-up stopper (I) is working properly.
17. Connect pop-up bracket to the rod using clip (Q). Tighten the thumbscrew (P)
to connect pop-up bracket to pop-up lift rod.
Main Supply Connection
18. Connect the Valves to inlet supply lines (R). Connect the supply stops (S) to
the inlet supply lines (R) (left is hot water supply and right is cold water supply).
Make sure inlet supply lines (R) are securely tighten. Do not over tighten. Turn
on water. Check for any leaks. Make sure all the connections are secure.
19. Remove aerator (S). Open the handle.
20. Flush and allow water to run at full flow for at least one minute. Replace aerator (S).
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