User Guide
Make a Call
Dial the phone number you wish to call on
your phone’s number keypad, and then
press the Send, or # key.
Headset Mode
With the headset connected, press the
headset button to activate headset mode.
Enter the number, then press the Send key.
Take a Call
When your phone rings, pick up the
receiver. If you wish to answer the call on
speaker phone, press the speaker button.
Park a Call
After answering a call, press the Park # of
the park orbit you wish to use. Parked call
will show a red light on every phone in the
Retrieve a Parked Call
Parked calls will show a red light on all
To retrieve the call, press the park button
the call was placed on.
Press the Redial button to enter the Placed
Calls list, press the arrow keys up or down
to select the desired entry, then press the
Redial or the send soft key.
To send all calls directly to your voice mail
(if you are out of office, in a meeting, or
You can transfer a call in the following
for an reason cannot take phone calls),
press the Do Not Disturb (DND) button.
All incoming calls and transferred calls
Semi-Attended Transfer
1. Press Transfer during an active call. The will go to your voice mail without ringing
your extension. To resume taking incoming
call is placed on hold.
2. Enter the number you want to transfer
and transferred calls, press the Do Not
to, then press the Send key.
Disturb (DND) button again.
3. Press Transfer when you hear the ringDirectory Button
back tone.
Call Transfer
Attended Transfer
1. Press Transfer during an active call. The
call is placed on hold.
2. Enter the number you want to transfer
to, then press the Send key.
3. Press the Transfer key to transfer the
caller after announcing who will be
You have two directories on your phone.
1. Your Company Directory – this
Directory is accessible through any phone
at your company. It contains extensions,
speed dials, and other important numbers
for company-wide use. Access the
company directory by pressing the
Directory button. Look through the
Directory by pressing the arrow keys. You
can also search by dialing
Conference Call
Press the Conference key during an active alphanumerically on the dial pad.
2. Your Personal Directory – this
call. The call is placed on hold. Enter the
number of the second party, and then press Directory is specifically for you. It can be
used to store personal numbers or your
the Send key. Press the Conference key
business contacts. To access your personal
again when the second party answers. All
directory, press the Menu key, select the
parties are now joined in the conference.
Directory menu, and then select Local
Press the End Call button to disconnect all Directory. You can add contacts by
pressing Add.
Call History
Press the History key to access the call
history menu. Navigate with the arrow
keys, and press the Send key to call.
Do Not Disturb Button
Retrieving Voicemail
Press the message button on the right side
of the phone to access the voicemail menu.
See voicemail codes for additional options
in the voicemail menu.
Call Forward
Press the Transfer key, change the always
forward field to enabled, and then enter the
desired forward to number in the forward to
field, and then press save. To turn off call
forward, press the Transfer key again.
Calling From a Remote Phone
When reaching the voice mail greeting,
press * and enter your PIN to access your
voicemail menu.
Voicemail Options
Press 1 Go back to previous
Press 2 Pause/play message
Press 3 Forward to end of messages
Press 4 Play again
Press 5 Play with envelope
Press 6 Move/copy
Press 7 Delete message
Press 8 Call back
Press 9 Save message
Press 0 Help
Record an Auto-Attendant
1. Write a script detailing exactly what you
want your company’s auto-attendant to say.
2. Choose the person with the best phone
voice to record the auto-attendant.
3. Pick up your phone’s receiver, dial
*98_____, then record your message. Hang
up when finished. To test your recording,
dial extension
. Re-record if you are
not satisfied. Notify VoiceSpring regarding
the function of each option listed on the
With questions please call the
VoiceSpring office, (309) 2822900 or email