With Doc-It® Imaging Systems
Doc-It Systems for Thin Layer
Chromatography (TLC) imaging applications include the
ChromaDoc-It and MultiDoc-It
Systems. These low-cost
colour imaging systems
enable simple, accurate
and repeatable quantitative
determination of TLC plates.
UVP’s ChromaDoc-It and
MultiDoc-It Systems feature a
high-quality mega pixel, colour
digital camera mounted on
uniquely designed cabinets.
The small footprint housing of
the ChromaDoc-It include high
intensity 15-watt overhead UV
illumination of shortwave
(254nm), longwave (365nm)
and white/visible light (400750nm). The MultiDoc-It has
white light plus two 4-watt UV
optional lamps for overhead
illumination. The lamps are
removable for other uses.
TLC Imaging. Whether a
coded TLC plate or pencil
marker is used, identification details are visible
under the UV light. The
details are recorded with
each image. A unique
colour filter, specifically
designed to enable the
acquisition of TLC images,
is included to ensure
dazzling colour results.
System benefits include:
n Repeatable and objective
n Colour images can be
produced in seconds
n Camera be removed for
other applications
n Image enhancement for
perfect image presentation
n Measurement tool displays
Rf values
n Image history ensures that
images adhere to GLP
n Image properties and user
MultiDoc-It TLC
Imaging System
comments are stored
along with the image
n Compact footprint for
limited laboratory space
MultiDoc-It TLC Imaging System
features a durable metal housing
and overhead UV.
values. Alternatively, use the Doc-ItLS Analysis Software to
calculate the Rf values.
n Sturdy metal darkroom for high
usage laboratories
Image History and Reports. All manipulations performed on
images are stored in the image history files along with any notes
and important details the user wishes to record. The history file
remains attached to the image and cannot be erased. These files
can be printed and are designed to eliminate fraudulence in
accordance with GLP. Multiple report formats can be created. The
Qwik-Link icon can be programmed to open any software for
image analysis or presentation.
n Overhead white light (400-750nm)
n 254/365nm 4-watt UV lamps are
removable for use in other
n Megapixel digital colour camera
mounts inside the darkroom
n Full access door; UV light is off
when the door is open, protecting
users from UV exposure
ChromaDoc-It TLC
Imaging System
Image Capture. Once illuminated, the TLC plate is
photographed by controlling the camera from the Doc-It Acquisition Software which is loaded onto your computer. The software
acquires an image using user-defined capture templates. An
image can then be adjusted for brightness or contrast and
annotated before printing. Other software manipulation features
include zoom, pan, sharpen, blur, emboss, rotate and despeckle.
Pseudo colours can also be added to the image for publication.
The measurement tool directly displays Retardation factor (Rf)
ChromaDoc-It TLC Imaging System with high intensity UV
n Chromato-Vue® cabinet features high intensity 15-watt
254nm and 365nm UV lamps built into the cabinet
n Overhead white light
n Mega pixel digital colour camera
n Lightweight access curtain blocks ambient light
Connect the Digi Camera and Software to your existing
computer for easy to use capture, enhancement,
documentation and presentation of your TLC images!
Gingko Biloba illuminated
with 365nm UV
Nutmeg Oil illuminated
with white light
Camera Specifications
MultiDoc-It TLC
Imaging System
Specifications listed are for the camera when it
is connected to the capture software. Additional
camera functions are available when camera
is not connected to the software (see below).
File Formats:
jpeg, bmp, tif, gif, tga, png
High resolution
TLC Filter & Diopter
Image Resolution:
640 x 480 up to 3072 x
Aperture Range:
f2.0 - f3.0*
TLC filter (50mm square)
4x optical zoom; 7.2 28.8mm*
Automatic. Normal AF:
50cm - infinity;
Macro AF: 5-50cm, 1550cm*
15 - 1/2000 sec.*
USB connector
Operating System
Windows 2000 SP4
XP Pro SP2
Li-Ion rechargeable
battery, charger and
Note: Additional camera functions are available
when the camera is not connected to the software/computer.
System Specifications
MultiDoc-It TLC System
97-0202-01 (115V)
97-0202-02 (230V)
DigiCamera (digital colour), Doc-It capture software, TLC filter & diopter, darkroom enclosure
with overhead white light
UV Lamps:
Maximum Image:
MultiDoc-It TLC System. Use your existing computer with Doc-It’s intuitive, easy to use software
for capture and publication of TLC images.
Doc-It Image Acquisition Software
ChromaDoc-It TLC
97-0109-01 (115V)
97-0109-02 (230V)
DigiCamera (digital colour), Doc-It capture software, TLC filter & diopter, cabinet enclosure with
overhead white and UV light
The Doc-It acquisition software, included with
the systems, allows capture of quality, high
resolution images. Doc-It offers many features
for enhancing image output:
Measurement tool for determining Rf values
Multiple image resolution settings
Colour and monochrome
Over and under image saturation warnings
Preset zoom with sample sizes
Automatic and manual focus
Automatic exposure and lens modes
Templates for multiple users and experiments
Basic and advanced capture modes
Multiple file format compatibility
* DigiCamera specifications are subject to
change without notice. Call UVP for current
17.75” W x 12”D x 16.6”H
(451 x 305 x 422 mm)
4-Watt, 254nm/365nm UV
21 x 26 cm
19.75” W x 16.5”D x 15.75”H
(502 x 419 x 400 mm)
UV Tubes:
15-watt 254nm/365nm UV
(2 each)
Maximum Image: 20 x 40 cm
The cabinet includes a
soft rubber viewport for
viewing samples in
other applications
ChromaDoc-It TLC
Imaging System
Doc-ItLS Analysis Software
Doc-ItLS Software (order separately) provides
easy-to-use 1D analysis of TLC images.
Note: These TLC imaging systems require
connections to a computer to control the
camera for capturing images.
Generate easily interpret quantitative data
Calculate Retardation factor values
Produce detailed and configurable reports
with complete analysis results
Track image and analysis history including
image properties and user comments
Doc-ItLS Analysis Software 97-0185-02
Damiani & Burdock
illuminated with 365nm
Optional digital printers provide dye sublimation
colour or 256 grey scale for high resolution,
archive-quality prints.
Printer, Monochrome, Mitsubishi
89-0069-06 (115V)
89-0069-07 (230V)
Printer, Monochrome, Sony (Europe)
89-0069-15 (230V)
Boldo illuminated
with white light
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