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Equifax CONTACT Plus
Equifax and Cornerstone deliver a powerful integrated solution to improve your customer
contact rate.
Equifax joined forces with Cornerstone, manager of the Info-directTM database (white and yellow pages), to offer a powerful tool to
improve your telemarketing, returned mail, and skip-tracing results. This integrated solution provides verification and updates of address
identification and telephone number information on your client database.
Doubling accuracy with two databases
Equifax and Cornerstone expanded the scope of our business relationship to allow for additional strategic applications with our
joint data. Equifax offers CONTACT and ID Capture, a skip-tracing program that segments our consumer credit file and extracts key
components that best assist a return mail/skip-tracing function.
CONTACT Plus consists of key customer identifying information, including name, address (up to three, including the most current),
date of birth, employment details, “also known as” (AKA), etc., and timely inquiry activity. Furthermore, a score of your choice can
be provided to help you prioritize your collection efforts and resources. A secondary procedure was added to process Equifax results
via Info-direct’s informational database to both confirm and append new address or phone number information where applicable.
Confirming addresses — and more
Comparing the Equifax database and your input customer file, we will send you indicators identifying if your customer had a
“different address,” or if the address is the same. In consultation with our key clients, we have summarized key data elements found
in our consumer credit report that can be leveraged in a scrubbing application, including:
• Address information — The database shows up to three customer addresses complete with update dates when available —
the most recent, a former, and a second former.
• Aliases — “Also known as” (AKA) and former name information is provided when available.
• Inquiries — Recent inquiry activity is provided complete with date of customer inquiry, company name, and company phone
• Employment — The file provides the most current employment information available.
• Date of birth and age — Complete MM/DD/YY birth date or age is provided when available.
This information allows you to:
• Access the Equifax CONTACT Plus system, consisting of name, address verification, telephone number, and updates, plus the
Equifax CONTACT and ID Capture solution that verifies name and address, and appends date of birth, employment details, AKAs,
inquiry activity, and scores.
• Access Cornerstone’s Info-direct database of address and telephone number information.
• Find out who else is inquiring on your customers with details from the inquiry section of the credit file.
You can also enhance the information you receive by enriching it with a risk or bankruptcy score.
Some of the Equifax scoring products available to you are:
• BEACON — A risk assessment tool developed jointly by Equifax and Fair, Isaac to predict the likelihood of a consumer going
delinquent within 24 months.
• CRP — A risk-scoring model developed by Equifax Knowledge Engineering that measures the delinquency risk of a consumer
over a 24-month window.
• Bankruptcy Navigator Index 2.0 — A score developed by Equifax Knowledge Engineering that predicts the likelihood of a
bankruptcy within a 24-month window.
Gaining advantages
With Canadians moving at a rate of approximately 20 percent per year, you can’t afford not to take advantage of CONTACT Plus.
Among this service’s many benefits, it allows you to:
• Activate dormant accounts.
• Re-establish customer contact.
• Solicit existing customers.
• Collect outstanding debts.
• Redirect returned mail.
• Update and maintain internal customer records.
Equifax receives daily updated address information from tape sources (primarily credit card issuers), as well as from consumers
themselves, and we are in touch with an average of one million consumers annually. By using CONTACT Plus, you will also:
• Reach the right people right away with the most up-to-date address and telephone information available, allowing you to
manage your resources efficiently and with little “down” time.
• Decrease your internal costs to verify contact information while increasing performance. You will reduce the time it takes to locate
your target audience, thereby effectively managing your financial resources.
• Save time and money by automatically uploading our data for your predictive dialer programs, which will allow your call centre
to operate in a highly efficient manner.
• Improve your returned mail, skip-tracing, and collection results, eliminating the resources required to look up addresses for
returned mail.
• Easily verify and update your contact information for your existing client base. Our automated system does the work of verifying
contact information, which can then be downloaded into your existing database.
Building on our strengths
Our information resources and analysis techniques enable marketers to identify the best potential customers for their products and
Data quality, accuracy, and completeness have always been the key to successful marketing. Whether a straightforward mailing or
a highly complex project for the enhancement of a customer database, data quality is always the principal driver.
Our experience, combined with our information capabilities, advanced technology, and innovative solutions, enables organizations
like yours to manage tactical marketing and customer lifecycle management with greater precision and profitability.
Let the combination of two powerful identity databases — Equifax and Cornerstone — assist
you in maintaining and maximizing the potential of an up-to-date client database.
For more information about Equifax CONTACT Plus, visit the Equifax Canada Web site at
www.equifax.ca, contact your sales representative, or call 1.800.278.0278.
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