Customer Success Story:
Southwest Rural Electric Cooperative
Market Served
IT & Data center
Eaton 9PX makes life
easier and more efficient
for the energy provider
Eaton® 9PX
Bob Reid, technology and facilities
The Eaton 9PX perfectly addressed
the utility’s need for high availability,
efficiency and communication
Southwest Rural Electric
Cooperative (SWRE), a
part of Touchstone Energy
Cooperatives, is dedicated
to serving member-owners
with integrity, accountability,
innovation and a longstanding
commitment to the community.
SWRE's service area includes
6,000 square miles of southwest
Oklahoma and north Texas,
where loyal and experienced
employees are the key to the
company’s growth and success.
Workers brave all types of
weather, day and night, seven
days a week, to make sure the
cooperative members have
electricity at the flick of a switch.
When SWRE expanded its
server room in the fall of 2013,
the new addition prompted the
need for an enhanced level of
power protection within the
environment. Considering that
numerous switches and servers
are responsible for keeping
operations up and running,
SWRE required a highly reliable
and robust product. Although the
company had previously relied
on some smaller uninterruptible
power systems (UPSs), it was
ready to make the move to a
higher quality solution.
In fact, after viewing a
demonstration of Eaton
products, Bob Reid, SWRE’s
technology and facilities
manager, quickly recognized
the need to upgrade his
existing solution. “I knew that
I wanted a high-end UPS,”
he acknowledges. “It’s very
important that our equipment
stay up and running.”
Indeed, any amount of
unplanned downtime could
be disastrous for the utility.
“We wouldn’t be able to
communicate with our meters,”
Reid explains. “Plus our billing
information would be unavailable
and we couldn’t process
consumer needs. It would really
impact our ability to work with
our customers on a day-to-day
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A server room expansion prompted
the need for a more reliable and
robust UPS solution for Southwest
Rural Electric Cooperative.
If I buy another UPS,
I will definitely buy
Eaton. I really like
them . . . in part
because I haven’t had
to touch them.
Tipton, Okla.
In addition to negatively
impacting customer relations, a
loss of power would adversely
affect SWRE’s bottom line. “Our
servers have essentially become
our cash registers,” Reid points
out. “They collect all of our
meter readings, so it’s critical
they stay protected and well
Beyond exceptional availability,
the utility sought a highly
efficient UPS, as well as a
model offering communication
capabilities, since Reid wished
to generate a variety of logs and
SWRE truly saw the light with
the acquisition of the Eaton
9PX UPS. Available in models
ranging from 5-11 kVA, the unit
is an ideal solution for both rack
and stand-alone installations,
delivering premium backup
power and scalable battery
runtimes for servers, voice/
data networks and storage
systems. With extended battery
runtime options, hot-swappable
batteries, an internal bypass
and an optional maintenance
bypass, the 9PX facilitates an
unparalleled level of availability
for critical systems.
“That’s the reason I went with
Eaton,” Reid emphasizes. “I
wanted a really good product.”
To further enhance reliability,
the 9PX is equipped with
Eaton’s exclusive ABM® battery
charging technology, which uses
sophisticated sensing circuitry
and an innovative three-stage
charging technique to extend
the useful service life of the
batteries while optimizing
recharge time. In addition,
ABM technology provides up
to 60 days’ notice of the end
of useful battery service life,
allowing ample time to hotswap batteries without ever
having to shut down connected
Also earning rave reviews
from SWRE is the unit’s
high efficiency, which helps
save money and protect the
environment through energy
efficient operation. In fact, the
ENERGY STAR® qualified UPS
boasts the highest efficiency
rating in its class, achieving
up to 93 percent in normal
operating mode.
“That’s another component that
was important to me,” Reid
confirms. “Over a year’s time, a
penny saved is a penny earned.”
Reid was also impressed with
the power factor of the 9PX,
which provides up to 28 percent
more wattage than comparable
UPSs, enabling users to connect
more devices.
Eaton’s next-generation LCD
interface, which provides all
critical UPS information in a
single view, is another helpful
feature of the 9PX. The userfriendly menu allows Reid to
view information and control
settings with the simple touch
of a button.
Reid is also considering installing
Eaton’s Intelligent Power®
Software Suite, which features
all of the tools to monitor and
manage power devices across
the network, even in virtualized
environments. By combining
the most critical applications to
ensure system uptime and data
integrity, the solution not only
offers power monitoring and
management, but also graceful
shutdown during an extended
power outage and extensive
notification capabilities.
“We are in the process
of expanding our virtual
environment, and the software
could be very useful,” Reid
In the meantime, the 9PX has
done a fantastic job keeping
all of SWRE’s systems up and
running during several power
“The 9PX has helped us know
that we’ve cleaned up our
power,” Reid sums up. “It gave
us an intelligent, expandable
system, along with plenty of
resources from Eaton.”
With the 9PX in place, SWRE is
now able to:
nsure ongoing protection
and uptime for its servers and
networking equipment
rotect more devices with the
unit’s high power factor
lash energy consumption
with the high efficiency of the
xpand runtime with additional
battery modules
ain access to event logs and
reports for in-depth power
“If I buy another UPS, I will
definitely buy Eaton,” Reid
reveals. “I really like them . . .
in part because I haven’t had to
touch them.”
“The LCD display is very
intuitive,” he agrees. “It’s not
hard at all to cycle through and
get the information I need.”
And when it comes to accessing
event logs and pertinent UPS
data, Reid is able to obtain
everything he needs using
the web interface. “I get
reports emailed to me on
power consumption, voltage
data, frequency and load,”
he explains. “It all stays very
consistent with the UPS making
Along with the 5 kVA UPS, the
company deployed a matching
Eaton power distribution unit.
“It gives me plenty of protected
plug-ins and makes for a nice,
clean install,” Reid says.
For more information about the 9PX, visit
1000 Eaton Boulevard
Cleveland, OH 44122
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