1200W Meat Grinder
Parts List
Hopper Plate
On/Off Switch
Fasten Knob
Head Inlet
Food Pusher
Cutting Plate
9. Cutting Plate
10. Snake
11. Fixing Ring
12. Blade
13. Cutting Plate
14. Sausage Maker
15. Kibbe
Product Specifications
Power Supply
Net/Gross Weight
220-240V 50/60Hz 550W
3.8Kg/ 4.2Kg
32cm X190cm X 34cm
Safety Instructions
1. The Homegear Meat Grinder is intended for home use only.
2. Always unplug the Homegear Meat Grinder before moving it.
3. Ensure children are kept a safe distance away from the Homegear Meat Grinder.
4. When carrying the Homegear Meat Grinder always ensure the body is held with both hands. Do
not carry the unit by the Hopper Plate or Head.
5. Do not fix the Cutting Blade and Cutting Plate when using the Kibbe attachment.
6. Never push products in by hand. Always use the food pusher.
7. Never grind hard foods such as bones or nuts.
8. Never continuously run the meat grinder for longer than 10 minutes. After running always allow
a 10 minute interval to allow the motor to cool.
9. When operating the unit from On to R or R on always allow a 30 second interval.
10. To avoid jamming never use excessive force.
11. When the circuit breaker is activated do not switch on the Homegear Meat Grinder.
12. Never replace parts by yourself. This should only be done by a qualified technician. Failure to
contact Shop247 will void the warranty.
13. The Homegear Meat Grinder is not intended for use by persons (including children) with
reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, unless they are constantly provided with adult
supervision and instruction concerning safe use.
14. Do not operate the Homegear Meat Grinder if the cord or plug is damaged.
15. Always check the voltage indicated on the rating label corresponds with the mains voltage in
your home.
16. Always ensure the Homegear Meat Grinder is switched off before plugging into the power
1. Hold the head and insert it into the inlet. When inserting make sure
the head is slanted (see figure 1)
2. Move the head anticlockwise so that it is fastened tightly. Once the
handle is screwed in it will now be locked into place (see figure 2)
3. Place the snake into the head, long end first and turn to feed the
screw slightly until it is set into the motor housing (see figure 3).
4. Place the cutting blade onto the snake shaft with the blade facing the
front (see figure 4). If it is not fitted properly the meat will not grind.
5. Place the desired cutting plate next to the cutting blade fitting the
protrusions in the slot (see figure 5).
6. Support or press the center of the cutting plate with one finger, then
screw the fixing ring tight with another hand (see figure 6). Do not
over tighten.
7. Place the Hopper Plate on the head and fix it into position.
8. Place the Homegear Meat Grinder on firm even surface
9. The air passage at the bottom and the side of the motor housing
should be kept free and unblocked.
Mincing Meat
1. Cut all food into small pieces (20mm x 20 mm x 60 mm) so that they fit easily into the
Hopper opening.
2. Ensure that the Homegear Meat Grinder is switched off, and plug the unit into the power
socket. Switch the Homegear Meat Grinder on.
3. Feed food into the Hopper Plate (see figure 7).
Reverse Function
1. In case of jamming switch off the Homegear Meat Grinder and position the switch into the R
2. Doing this will rotate the snake in the opposite direction leading to the unblocking.
3. If this does not work switch off the Homegear Meat Grinder, unplug from the power supply
and clean it.
Switch the Homegear Meat Grinder off.
Make sure the motor has stopped completely.
Disconnect from the power supply.
Disassemble by reversing the process of assembly.
To remove the cutting plate easily, place a screwdriver between
the cutting plate and the head as illustrated and lift it up (see
figure 12)
6. Press the fasten knob, move the head as per direction (see figure
13) then remove the head.
7. Remove any excess meat and wash each part in warm soapy
8. Never immerse the motor housing in water only ever wipe it with
a damp cloth.
UK & Europe
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Storrage Lane
Alvechurch, Worcestershire B48 7ER
United Kingdom
Telephone: 01527 598388