1. Unpack the contents of your bike carrier and lay the parts out on a flat surface
2. Unfold the two outer arms of the tray rack and install the black safety pins through each of the three holes
on the main bracket. (Fig. 1)
FIG. 1
3. Insert hitch tongue into rack base (Fig 2). Install the two hex head mounting bolts into the bottom of the
rack base and fully tighten (Fig 3).
FIG. 2
FIG. 3
4. Slide the wheel trays onto the beam making sure to alternate one pair to the left and one pair to the right of
each other to allow for adjustment for individual bike wheel bases (Fig 4).
FIG. 4
5. Rack comes ready to install into a 2” hitch receiver. For 1” receivers use the supplied hex wrench to unscrew
the fixing bolt (Fig 5) and remove the spacers (Fig 6)
FIG. 5
FIG. 6
6. Install rack onto vehicle by sliding the tongue into the hitch receiver. Insert hitch bolt into receiver and tongue
and tighten securely (Fig 7). Insert lock pin through hole on other side of hitch bolt (Fig 8).
FIG. 7
FIG. 8
7. Locate the two frame support arms. These arms ratchet down the central upright beam of the tray rack and
secure the frame of the bicycle to the rack. Notice that one arm is longer than the other. This allows you to
accommodate different sizes and styles of frames. To raise the arms up and away from the frame or remove
them from the central beam, press on the lever located on the side of the arm bracket to release the arm from
the central beam.
8. Adjust the wheel tray locations to match the wheelbase of your bikes.
• Be sure to tighten the thumb knobs on each wheel tray to prevent them from moving out of place or vibrating
off while driving.
• Load the bikes onto the rack with the handlebars facing in opposite directions from each other to avoid
interference between the bikes.
• Lower the frame support arms onto the frame of each bike so that the bike is secure on the rack.
• Use the rubber straps on each wheel tray to secure each bike wheel to the tray.
WARNING! Improperly installed rack or bikes can fall onto roadway potentially causing a serious accident
resulting in bodily injury. Do not use rack on any vehicle where the rack cannot be properly and safely installed.
• Never mount the rack on the front of a vehicle. Mounting the rack on the front of a vehicle can obstruct the
headlights, directional lamps, and your forward visibility creating an unsafe driving condition.
• Never mount to a trailer.
• Bikes must be secured to the rack using the frame support arms and supplied wheel tie-downs. Do not drive
with bikes that are not properly secured to the rack as they can fall onto the road creating a serious road hazard.
• When loading bikes on the rack check to make sure that a tire is not placed directly in front of an exhaust pipe
as hot exhaust gasses may melt the tire.
• Check the rack periodically while in use to make sure all nuts and bolts are tight and that bikes remain
properly secured to the rack.
• Never carry more than the number of standard bicycles your rack is designed for. Do not carry Tandems,
Recumbents, or Motorized bicycles on this rack.
• Do not exceed the maximum weight capacity of your rack:
2 Bike rack = 80lbs/36kg
• Check to make sure that tail-lights and directional lamps remain visible after bikes are mounted to rack.
• Do not drive aggressively when rack is on the vehicle. The extra weight of the fully loaded rack may cause
your vehicle to handle differently than normal. Drive slowly and carefully over bumps and when entering and
exiting driveways as bikes that hang low may drag on the ground. Be aware that the rear of the vehicle is much
longer when the rack is installed and needs additional clearance when moving in reverse.
Westridge Outdoors grants the original purchaser of a new Critical Cycles bicycle carrier a non-transferable
limited lifetime warranty subject to the limitations, terms and conditions stipulated below.
• The product is warranted against defects in the materials and workmanship for the useful life cycle of the
product. All products have a useful life cycle. Once the product has reached the end of its lifecycle it will no
longer be eligible for warranty replacement or adjustments.
• This warranty applies to the original retail purchaser and is non-transferable
• When contacting us for a warranty issue an original proof of purchase is required clearly identifying the
• The product must be returned to Westridge Outdoors for inspection along with copies of the original proof
of purchase. The owner of the product is responsible for shipping costs.
• Should Westridge Outdoors determine that the product or any of its components are covered by this
warranty, Westridge Outdoors, at its sole discretion, will repair or replace the product. Westridge Outdoors’
determination of the product’s eligibility for warranty repair or replacement is final and binding.
• If, at the time of replacement, Westridge Outdoors does not have available the same product, the consumer
may be offered a substitute product of equal or better value.
• Damage due to improper assembly
Normal wear and tear
• Damage due to lack of maintenance
• Damage due to installation of non-original parts, components, or accessories
• Damage due to loading of the bicycle carrier with non-standard bicycles, items that are not standard bicycles,
or any product that exceeds the stated weight capacity of the bicycle carrier.
• Damage or failure due to improper use, accidents, neglect, or failure to follow the instructions provided with
the product.
• The paint and finish of the bicycle carrier.
• Damage to bicycles or automobile
• Damage or injury due to the rack or bicycles falling from the car.
This warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties. Any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness
for a particular purpose created hereby are limited to the same duration as the express warranty herein. This
warranty is void in its entirety if the product is modified in any manner. All provisions in this limited warranty
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including, without limitation, damages for personal injury, property damage, or economic losses whether
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