Troubleshooting recliner mechanism for Indulgence Chair

 Troubleshooting recliner mechanism for Indulgence Chair Reclining Handle
Reclining Mechanism
Rise up chair to have ample work space Locate the cotter pin which is in the clevis pin underneath the back of the chair on the reclining mechanism (see Figure A‐1) Clevis Pin Cotter Pin Figure A‐1 Remove the cotter pin from the reclining mechanism (see Figure A‐2) Figure A‐2 CAUTION: KEEP AREA CLEAR – THIS NEXT STEP CAUSES THE REAR BACK OF THE CHAIR TO FALL BACKWARDS Pull the Clevis Pin out from the bracket holding the reclining mechanism One end of the reclining mechanism will be detached and fall downwards. Locking Nut You will repeat the same previous step to detach recliner mechanism from front of the chair. Figure A‐5 Using the replacement recliner mechanism Line up mounting brackets and re‐insert clevis pin on back and front of the chair (see figure F) Now re‐insert cotter pin to lock clevis pin in place Figure F CAUTION: Double check that the reclining mechanism locks in place when reclining the chair if there is any trouble holding the seat in a locked reclined position please recheck your work. 
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