Cedar Bunk Bed Assembly Instructions

Cedar Bunk Bed Assembly Instructions
Parts needed:
Tools Needed for Assembly:
15/16” Socket & Ratchet (or Impact Driver)
Cordless Drill with Phillips Head Rubber Mallet if required
Log Headboard
1 - Log Footboard (end with built-in ladder)
2 - Assembled Bunk rails (one right; one left)
1 - Bundle of 5 Slats
10- 2” Wood Screws for slats
1 - Plywood for Upper Bunk
8 - 1 5/8” Wood screws for Upper Bunk plywood
2 - Log Side Rails (81” Long for Single & Double Beds & 86” Long for King & Queen Beds)
16- 6” Lag Screws for Single/ Single, Double/ Double, Queen/ Queen beds
12 – 6” Lag screws for Double/ Single, Queen/ Single beds
Log 1 ½” Diameter Bed Plugs
5 - Support Rails (for Double/Doubles, Double/Queens, and Queen/Queen bunk beds ONLY)
see step 11 below
2 - Secondary bed rails (without notches) (for Double/Doubles, Single/Singles and Queen/Queen ONLY)
King & Queen Beds Only
• T-Support - (consists of 2 approx 7”x75” boards to be assembled)
• 8- 4” T30 screws
• 1-T30 driver bit (Torx)
NOTE: CHECKING/CRACKING It’s normal for all cedar log furniture to develop some checks in the wood. Checking occurs as a log releases
moisture across or through the annual growth rings. It does not affect the structural integrity of the wood.
All logs which contain the heart of the tree will develop lengthwise cracks or checks. The check never goes
deeper than the heart.
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Cedar Bunk Bed Assembly Instructions
IMPORTANT! Please read and follow the
Bunk Bed Safety instructions on the last page
of this instruction packet.
This product is designed to provide the safety
levels of this certification when the assembly
instructions are properly followed. Completing
assembly as instructed will make beds safer.
Page 1
Pictured is a Double/
Single Ladder Right
Secondary Rail
Mortises (see 5a)
Bed Rail
(Note: Two people are required for assembly. Headboard/footboard should be supported at all times to prevent falling.)
1. Bed rails have a tenon (tapered end of the log) on each end. Insert one end, or tenon, of Log Side Rail into the
2 ½” mortise (round hole cut into head and foot boards). Cedar Bunk Bed Assembly Instructions
Page 2
The bed rails have right angles cut into them the full length of the rail. The right angles on the bed rails have
a long flat-edge and a short flat-edge.
2. A correctly installed bed rail has the long flat-edge facing up. The slats for the mattress will sit on this edge.
When rails are correctly installed, the short flat-edge should be aligned vertically as seen below.
3. Insert one end of the Log Side Rails into 2 ½” mortises (pre-drilled holes) on front side of headboard. 4. This step applies ONLY to Double/Single and Queen/Single bunk beds
a. These beds come without secondary bed rails. The Bed Rail Mortises are located on the jut-out post.
Cedar Bunk Bed Assembly Instructions
Page 3
This step applies ONLY to Single/Single, Double/Double, and Queen/Queen bunk beds
a. These beds come with 2 secondary bed rails. These secondary bed rails are not quartered out
(no right angle cut in). The mortises are located on the main post. Above the bed rail mortises.
b.The secondary bed rails should be placed into mortises so the small end of the secondary rail is
directly above the large end of the bed rail.
6. Screw in a 6” lag screw from the backside of headboard into the Log Side Rails about ¾ of the way. (Do not
tighten completely at this time). 7. Insert the other end of Log Side Rails into 2 ½” mortises of footboard screwing in about ¾ of the way.
(Do not tighten completely at this time).
If you have a King or Queen Size Bed, assemble the T-Support (consists of qty 2 approximately 7”x75” boards
and 1 has a slot) – stand the other upright in the slot and screw together – approx height will be 8.25”. Lay
assembled T-Support on the floor in the center of the bed running from head to foot and centered between the
two side rails. 9. Lay all 5 slats onto wide flat portion of the Log Side Rails. Secure the slats with the screws provided
(1 screw on each end is sufficient.) Do not over-tighten the screws as this will cause the slats to split.
Cedar Bunk Bed Assembly Instructions
Page 4
Important! For safety, the slats at the head and foot must be spaced so the gap to the headboard and to the
footboard is 3” or less. The remaining slats may be evenly spaced between the two end slats.
10. Insert Right Hand Assembled Bunk rail (as marked on rail) into upper mortises of headboard and footboard.
(All left and right rails are based upon standing at foot of bed and facing headboard). You may have to gently
tip either the headboard or footboard out slightly to get the rail assembly into the mortises.
11. THIS STEP Applies ONLY to Double/Doubles, Double/Queens, and Queen/Queen bunk beds.
a. After the right-hand rail assembly has been placed & tapped into mortises, you can place the 5 support
rails into the mortises of bottom quartered out rail of bunk assembly.
b. The flat surfaces of the rails should be facing up and level.
c. With another person lift left bunk assembly up into lower mortises of left side of bunk – be sure to have
top rail spun out to the side of upper mortises. The second person will place tenons of support rails into
matching mortises of left hand bunk rail assembly.
d. Spin upper rail up and into mortises
12. Repeat the process with the left hand Assembled Bunk rail.
Cedar Bunk Bed Assembly Instructions
Page 5
Some tapping of support rails will be necessary to get the left assembly into mortises. Lift the Plywood over
the bunk rail (right or left side) and slip it into the top bunk mattress position (It may be necessary to slip
one assembled bunk rail out of the top holes to drop the plywood in). Important! For safety, the plywood
must be positioned so the gap to the headboard and to the footboard is 3” or less.
14. Using the 8- 2” Wood screws provided, screw the plywood down onto the bunk rail in 4 places on each side.
15. Insert 6” Lag Screws into all bunk mortises and lightly tighten.
Begin to tighten all Lag Screws securely. Starting from bottom bedrail, move from one to another in a rotation
until all 12 lag screws are securely fitted. Note: It is normal to hear some popping or cracking as rails become
firmly seated. Please make sure that you tighten completely this will ensure that your bunk bed will be VERY
17. Position log bed plugs into each 1 ½” mortise. This will conceal the lag screw heads and complete
your assembly.
18. Enjoy your Log Bunk Bed for many, many years!!
Cedar Bunk Bed Assembly Instructions
Page 6
Cedar Bunk Bed Safety Instructions
Size of Mattress and Foundation
This bed is designed to use a mattress:
• Single: 74 ½” x 38”
• Double:
74 ½” x 53”
• Queen:
79 ½” x 60”
Top mattress must not exceed 10”, 3/4” foundation board supplied. Note: There must be at least 5” from mattress
sleeping surface to top edge of guardrail.
Replacement Parts
Replacement parts, including additional guardrails, may be obtained from place of purchase.
Safety Warnings
Follow the information on the warnings appearing on the upper bunk end structure and on the carton.
Do not remove warning label from bed.
Always use the recommended size mattress or mattress support, or both, to help prevent the likelihood
of entrapment or falls.
Surface of mattress must be at least 5 inches below the upper edge of guardrails.
Do not allow children under 6 years of age to use the upper bunk.
Periodically check and ensure that the guardrail, ladder, and other components are in their proper position,
free from damage, and that all connectors are tight.
Do not allow horseplay on or under the bed and always prohibit jumping on the bed.
Always us the ladder for entering and leaving the upper bunk.
Do not use substitute parts. Contact manufacturer or dealer for replacement parts.
Use of a night light may provide added safety precaution for a child using the upper bunk.
If the bunk bed will be placed next to a wall, the guardrail that runs the full length of the bed should be
placed against the wall to prevent entrapment between the bed and the wall.
Always use guardrails on both the long sides of the upper bunk.
The use of water or sleep flotation mattresses is prohibited.
Keep these instructions for future reference.
Strangulation Hazard – Never attach or hang items to any part of the bunk bed that are not designed for
use with the bed; for example, but not limited to, hooks, belts, and jump ropes.
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Double/ Single
Queen/ Single
Double/ Double
Queen/ Double
Queen/ Queen
Futon/ Single
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