Shipbuilders Break Heart Walk Record

10 | 19 | 2015
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Shipbuilders Break
Heart Walk Record
More than 1,000 NNS employees, family and friends signedup for the Hampton Roads Heart Walk, the largest group of
employees from one company to ever register for this event.
NNS-registered participants walked approximately twomiles around the Peninsula Town Center Oct. 17.
“I came out to show my support for those fighting heart
disease and also those who have been affected by the
disease in one way or another,” said Foreman Kimberly
Jordan-Dillard. “My mom has congestive heart failure
and my best friend has a defibrillator, so I see the struggles
they go through. I think it’s great that we as a company
can participate in an event like this. NNS’ support here is
General Foreman Charles Wilson was a member of the
“Sub Shop Happy Hearts” team. “My mother and father
both had heart issues so I like supporting the Heart Walk
to bring awareness to heart health,” he said. “I try to get
our team at work to support causes like this – we like to
volunteer as a team.”
10 | 19 | 2015
Shipbuilders Attend After-Work
Last week, more than 30 employees attended
a leadership development opportunity
sponsored by the company’s Management
Development Center (MDC), O25 Performance
Coaching Program and In-Service Carrier
(ISCVN) leadership. The after-work session
was held three times on Wednesday, Oct. 14 to
accommodate employees on each shift.
Chris Miner, vice president of ISCVN, kicked
off the 4 p.m. session. “Being here today shows
that you’re committed to investing in your own
development and growth,” Miner told attendees.
“Every day, every one of us has an opportunity
to lead and I challenge you to think about the
ways in which you can be a better leader both
here at work and at home.”
During the session, participants watched a
webcast featuring Aja Brown, the mayor of the
City of Compton, California. Brown discussed
how she was able to convince a community
disrupted by violence to come together. By
getting community groups to sit down and
talk about their differences, Brown was able to
reduce the city’s crime rate by 78 percent during
her first year as mayor.
“Listening to Aja was very inspiring,” said
Will Sears. “When she became mayor, she came
in with a different approach and leadership
style than the leaders before her – she thought
outside the box.”
More than 30 employees attended the after work leadercast on Wednesday, Oct. 14. Photos by John Whalen
April Barnes thought it was great how Brown was able to get various community groups to meet
and discuss their issues instead of acting out violently. “Getting buy-in from the community was
crucial for Brown,” she said. “Being a new foreman myself, I understand that in order to get results,
team buy-in is absolutely critical. It’s important that everyone knows the big picture and comes
together to work towards a common goal.”
Sears added, “When you bring people together and they share their positive and negative opinions
it makes for a good outcome – similar to a battery that needs both positive and negative power to
make it work.”
Thomas Hayes said that he left the session inspired. “When I walk out of this room I’m going to set
my future goals on a much larger scale, collaborate with others more and give those who don’t speak
up often a chance to have their opinions heard.”
The next Leadercast event will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 11. View flier for additional information.
Shipbuilders Break Heart Walk Record
Mike Miller (X75), participated as a member of the largest NNS team, “The
Love Trotters” with 227 walkers. “I walk at lunch all the time,” he said. “I
typically get around 8,000 steps in before I go home from work each day. I
smoked for 22 years and I have sleep apnea, so I try to stay fit. Events like
the Heart Walk that promote good health are very important to me.”
This year, NNS employees raised more than $14,000 in donations to
support the American Heart Association. Watch a highlights video of the
walk on Yardnet.
Cover photo: Participants walk around Peninsula Town Center during Heart Walk event Oct. 17.
Photo by John Whalen
Engineers Attend SNAME Dinner
Newport News Shipbuilding engineers attended the Society of Naval Architects and Marine
Engineers (SNAME) dinner on Oct. 1 where guest speaker Martin Blount spoke about performance
design and its role in naval architecture. The international organization focuses on the advancement
of maritime and ocean engineering and offers growth and leadership opportunities to its members.
“SNAME provides me an opportunity to learn and grow both as a leader and an engineer,” said Test
Engineering Manager John Edwards. “My work at the shipyard is relatively focused. SNAME allows
me to remain a well-rounded engineer.”
SNAME members attend dinner a Hampton Yacht Club after work on Oct. 1. Photo by John Whalen
10 | 19 | 2015
Coordinators for this year’s 2015-16 United Way Campaign at Newport News Shipbuilding. Photo by John Whalen
NNS’ United Way Campaign Set to Begin Thursday
Newport News Shipbuilding’s campaign to benefit the United Way (UW)
of the Virginia Peninsula will run Thursday, Oct. 22 through Friday,
Nov. 6. This year’s theme is “Shipbuilders Carrying Ocean Deep
NNS Campaign Co-chairs Cassie Burks
(O26) and Rob Spitzer (K70), pictured on the
right, held a training session for departmental
coordinators Monday, Oct. 19 in Bldg. 520.
During the meeting, Spitzer went over
coordinator roles and responsibilities and
answered questions from attendees.
“Coordinators are the life of this campaign,” said Burks. “These men and
women are the face of the United Way in our company and we rely on
them to educate employees about the organization and the role they play
in our local community.”
The goal for this year’s campaign is $1.5M. Employees who donate will
have the option to select a specific organization within the UW to give
money to or to let the UW select the organization, where funds are most
needed. Those who donate more than $150 will receive a “SmartCard,”
which includes deals and discounts at businesses and restaurants in the
Hampton Roads area.
The Enrollment Guide can be found on Yardnet. Turn to p. 5 to view this
year’s poster. Departmental coordinators will be showing a video about
the campaign and communicating additional information this week.
General inquiries about the campaign should be sent to
Congratulations to Facilitation
101 Graduates
Fourteen shipbuilders completed the Facilitation
101 course Oct. 15. The course teaches the
necessary tools for anyone who leads meetings,
coordinates teams and committees and/or
manages a project.
Congratulations to the following employees:
Christopher Dohse (E82), Alex Thomas
(E82), Craig Minson (X59), Donna
Bloberger (X73), Elizabeth Flora (O09), Eric
Drummond Sr. (O09), Gary Artybridge Jr.
(E85), Jessica Joy (O06), Kimberly Godwin
(O09), Leigh Powell (O51), Phyllis Evans
(E81), Serita Jackson (X73), Sherry Maclay
(O57) and Yasmine Robinson (O09).
Employees interested in future training sessions can enroll in the Learning Exchange (LX) or direct
any questions to Cynthia Allen-Whyte (O07) at 688-2636.
10 | 19 | 2015
The L.E.A.R.N. Program is hosting an after work
presentation with Bharat Amin, vice president
and CIO. Amin will discuss digital and mobile
disruption on Thursday, Oct. 22 from 4:30 p.m. – 6
p.m. in Bldg. 520-6 (James River Room). The event
is open to all employees and by reservation only.
Sign up on the L.E.A.R.N. Yardnet website.
Join the Apprentice School Student Association
on Oct. 24 for a team building activity at Newport
News Park. This event is open to all current
apprentices. There are two sessions: 8:30 a.m. to
noon and 12:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. View the flier for
more information.
NNS License Plates Shipped
The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
(DMV) started shipping pre-ordered Newport
News Shipbuilding license plates last week.
There is a small delay for large trucks (7,050
pounds or more). The plates will be available
online and at the DMV starting on Nov. 3. For
questions about pre-orders, contact Jeremy
Bustin (O29) at 380-4384.
Are You a Veteran? Do You Have a
Veteran ID Card?
Veterans Day is Wednesday, Nov. 11.
Historically, businesses in Hampton Roads offer
great discounts to veterans. To be eligible, you
must have a form of ID that identifies you as a
veteran. Information on how you can get a form
of ID that identifies you as a veteran is available
on the Veterans Employee Resource Group
(VERG) webpage.
Newport News Shipbuilding’s Sub Golf Classic at
Cypress Creek Golf Club. Cost is $80 per player.
Contact Johnny Mintz (X67) at 880-8965.
In-Service Carriers 12th Annual Aircraft
Carrier Invitational Golf Tournament has been
rescheduled to Oct. 30. The tournament will be
held at Ford’s Colony Country Club and will be
played in a 4-man captain’s choice format starting
at 1 p.m. (registration begins at 11 a.m.). Contact
Bruce Roberts at 380-4964 to register.
The Apprentice School Bass Club will host a
bass tournament from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the
Chickahominy Riverfront Park (Rt. 5 Bridge)
on Nov. 1. The tournament is open to all NNS
employees and retirees. For more information,
view the flier or contact Rob Uzzle (X59) at 3445140 or Scott Whitmore (X82) at 897-5119.
Eleven Local High School teams will be
competing in a FIRST Robotics Competition at
Menchville High School from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Several NNS employees serve as mentors for
these local teams. For more information about
this event, how to attend, and the mentors
involved, contact Chris Brown (O35) at 688-7897.
The Apprentice Alumni Association will host
the Annual Apprentice Alumni Oyster Roast at
Knights of Columbus in Newport News. Tickets
are available through any AAA delegate, officers
and Liz Moriarty (O22) at The A-School at 6882513. Tickets are $30. Visit: www.nnapprentice.
com/alumni/news.htm for information.
The fourth annual Apprentice School Student
Association’s Veterans Day Golf Classic will be held
Nov. 8 at Cypress Creek Golf Club. Cost is $60 per
golfer. Registration deadline is Oct. 30. Contact
Charlene Barrington (X06/X87) at 688-5379 or
Tierra Jones (X32) at 380-778.
Who Should HR Call in an
If you are involved in an emergency situation
at HII, the company may need to notify your
designated emergency point-of-contact.
Human Resources is encouraging all employees
to complete and/or update their emergency
contact information (Form: NN 9-1 (rev. 9)),
which is available on Forms Viewer or by clicking
the Emergency Contact Update link on the HR
Yardnet website. Employees may also go to the
receptionist’s desk in Bldg. 500-1 to obtain a
paper form.
Human Resources’ record system (SAP) will
be updated with this emergency contact
information you provide. It will be secure and
only used by Human Resources management.
Congratulations On-the-Spot Ethics
Award Winners
Listed below are the most recent winners of
the Ethics On-the-Spot Award. The purpose
of the program is for employees to recognize
other employees who demonstrate ownership
of company values and high standards of ethical
behavior in their every day work activities.
Congratulations to the following: Jesi Cash
(E57), Rhonda Pulley (X32), Keith Dudney
(M40), Ron Johnson (X74), Matthew Wright
(X10), Matthew Connelly (X36), Sylvia
Nicholson (O46), Angela Fields (O46), Milton
Lunsford (O46) and Shannon Mason (O46).
Tell a Friend About Teledoc
Have you or a loved one tried Teladoc and want
to share your good experience? HII Benefits
are looking for testimonials from satisfied
customers. These testimonials will be used to
help promote the service with your co-workers.
Send your testimonial by email to or call 380-3363.
Sailors Celebrate U.S. Navy’s
On Oct. 13, the U.S. Navy celebrated its 240th
birthday. Pictured above: Gerald R. Ford
(CVN 78) Commanding Officer, Capt. John
F. Meier, right, Dental Officer Capt. Matthew
McNally, left, and youngest crew member Hull
Technician Fireman Apprentice Michael Watts
cut a celebratory cake during Ford’s observance
of the birthday. Meier spoke about naval
heritage during the event and presented the
command’s first ball caps to the youngest and
oldest members of the crew. U.S. Navy photo
The International Compliance Office will hold
Annual Export Training- Basic from 9 to 10 a.m.
and 1 to 2 p.m. in the VASCIC auditorium. Register
via the Learning Exchange (LX). Contact Sarah
Williams (O19) at 380-3599.
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Contributing writer: Casey Fletcher
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October 22 - November 6
Ocean Deep
“Giving the United Way”
10 | 19 | 2015
STEREO - component style stereo w/ disc
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TV’S - 50” Sony great condition with remote
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32” TV - Vizio
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Auto cont.
Auto cont.
Hobbies cont.
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Many types of switches. (757) 873-0961
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GUITAR CLASSES - Have your kids asked
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1-on-1 (Midtown NN) Wk/bi-wk sched Call/
tex (757) 528-7017
SURFBOARD - 6’-8” Broken Barriers surf
Board, fins and leash included - $125
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GRAND PIANO - Gulbransen Baby Grand
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Super scale with ivory keys. Will send pics
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10 | 19 | 2015
Furnishings & Appliances cont.
Real Estate cont.
Miscellaneous cont.
Miscellaneous cont.
POOL TABLE - 6’ Red Slate pool table with
prof. ball return. Includes rack, balls, sticks.
$375 obo. (757) 749-3146
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Dr., NN- $83,500 2BR/3BA. Quiet
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(757) 897-6953
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HOUSE WASHING - House, Roof and
Concrete Cleaning. Most of our methods
are used with less than 500PSI. Licensed
and Insured. (757) 810-5115
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20+ yrs exp. OY.PT, reasonable rates.
(757) 249-2624
RENTAL - 4BR, 2.5BA, end unit Townhouse,
1,500 sqft, No Pets, $1050/mo. Located in
Denbrook Station (757) 952-7083
TRAINER - Fully supervised private
training fitness programs; all levels; in NN.
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TILE SERVICES - Specializing in custom
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Lic.& Insured call (757) 232-1299
POOL TABLE - 9’3 PC 1” slate pool
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accessories. $800 obo. (757) 880-8965
HOUSE FOR SALE - 5BR, 2.5BA, 2940SF,
Fully Updated, Pool, Hot Tub, Porch, Deck,
Fence, York County (Seaford) Schools,
$359k (757) 272-3851
GUTTER CLEANING - We clean gutters
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EXERCISE EQUIPM - Elliptical $50-250 &
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DR TABLE SET - Long wooden table &
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HOUSE FOR SALE - located in shore park
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KITCHEN TABLE - Handcrafted Tom Seely
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extends to 92”. 6 chairs, 2 leaves $350 obo
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BED SET - King Size; full length dresser;
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Lt wood color; $250.
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STOVE - Whirlpool, beige w/black glass
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WOOD STOVE - Large deluxe kraft wood
stove, excellent shape cost $2,000 asking
$750 (757) 539-4440
WASHER & DRYER - Electric by Admiral.
Energy efficient. Less than 25 washes on
each. Top load washer & front load dryer
$550 (607) 621-9589
KENMORE WASHER - great condition
$100 obo, can deliver free (757) 452-8830
FOR RENT - Western Branch. 2BR/2Ba.
Updated! Washer, dryer, plasma TV &
security cameras. Security alarm optional
$1100; (757) 650-8880
HOME FOR RENT - 3 bedrooms, 2.5
baths, $1,300/mo. (757) 240-0637
RENT - Room for rent, mini fridge, Wi-Fi,
furn,laundry 5 min to yard. $125 per week,
all utilities included. (757) 218-9331
TRAILER 4 RENT - Trailer for rent in mobile
home park in Smithfield. 2 bedroom. Deck.
Call for other info. (757) 812-2719
7’ POOL TABLE - red slate top pool table
with ball return. Good shape. Balls, sticks &
rack. $450 (757) 749-3146
CRYSTAL SET - Oneida Crystal, Juilliard lg
table bowl, small bowl & 2 candle holders in
box $40 for all. (757) 812-9763
QUEEN MATTRESS - Queen Mattress &
Boxspring, 1 yr old, $250 (804) 815-7639
KEYS - Lost set of work keys have bld 60
stamped on one key (757) 642-0833
ROOM FOR RENT - 30 year old
professional, quiet established Hampton
neighborhood. Kitchen privs. 10 min from
yard. $125/wk (540) 834-8638
PETS - Olde english bulldogs 6 weeks tails
docked wormed parents on premise 6 boys
2 girls; (757) 969-2447
SPORTS BOOK - 1962 Mickey Mantle
“Yankee Slugger” Book includes pictures
& batting history chart $15. (757) 812-9763
CRYSTAL SET - Oneida Crystal, Juilliard lg
table bowl, small bowl & 2 candle holders in
box $40 for all. (757) 812-9763
AB CRUNCHER - Abdominal cruncher
lounge. Hardly used. Excellent condition.
$30 (757) 672-8256
ROOFING/SIDING - Roof repairs and
exterior renovations (757) 581-0075
CARPET CLEANING - Deep Clean Carpet
Care(3)Room Special. (757) 867-3478
AVS VENTVISOR - New Ventvisors, 4pc,
Smoke Color, for 01-07 Chevy Silverado
Crew Cab $40. Also, New black tailgate cap
$30. (757) 851-4862
HEAT PUMP - FREE tune-up, inspec +
REBATE for Dom. Power cust. with Heat
Pump. (757) 286-2368
- Misc. wedding
glassware. Candle cylinders, vases, etc.
Call for prices. (757) 342-8021
HANDYMAN - For any home upgrade/
repair.small or big. Call/text (757) 753-5961
ITEMS - Hot dog roller $35, large bug
light $45, Water cooler $65, Air stepper
$65 Bissel automatic stain remover $75
(757) 589-7248
GUITARS 4 SALE - Fender starcaster,
Keith Urban electric and accoustic with
electric pick ups. Peavey rock master.
(757) 777-6056
LAWN EQUIPMENT - Thatcher, Aerator, &
Lawn Sweeper all pull behind tractor type.
Good condition. $125 (757) 593-0508
A/C SERVICE - A/C fall maintenance &
early-bird heat tune ups. Diagnostic $50,
Tune-up $75. (757) 525-0259
ITEMS - Microwaves $45, Olympic weight
bench $100, Olym chrome bar $75, patio
table 5-chairs $120, smart glove $50
(757) 589-7248
HELPING HANDS - General home
cleaning. Free Estimates. One time or
special occasion cleaning welcomed.
Licensed & Insured. (757) 812-2719
MAP - Large 36”x48” Picture frame
w/ Peninsula map under glass
(757) 812-9763
CLEANING - amazing detail. Free
estimates. Residential/Offices/Turn-overs/
Restorations. (757) 719-0774
JUNK REMOVAL - Junk Removal you
point and junk disappears. Free estimates
licensed and insured. (757) 810-5115
SAY NO TO BUGS - Professional pest
management. Also moisture control
and crawl space repairs. We do it all!
(757) 873-4999
CURRIER/IVES - Currier & Ives bk of prints
“Print Makers to the American People” by
Harry Peters 1942; $90 (757) 812-9763
RESUME HELP - Need a Resume?
Professional & inexpensive (757) 327-2212
A/C SERVICE - Clean and tune up your
heat pump and stay warm & toasty this
winter. (757) 771-3441
by professionals. Call
(757) 827-3282
BEEF - Check us out on FB: “Soul Shine
Farm Grass Fed Beef” organically grown!
(540) 255-1292
RAVENS TICKETS - NFL 2 Tix 20 Yardline,
Ravens vs Chargers, Jags, Rams, Chiefs;
$120 ea, must buy both. (757) 715-5460
HAIR CARE - professional, reasonably
priced haircuts, color deep conditions, etc.
Services available at my home or yours.
(757) 359-8495
$35. 400+loads. Last 4-6 mo. Liquid H.E.
formulated works great. Sweet potatoes half
bushel $15 (757) 589-7248
WOOD STOVE - Squire wood burning
fireplace insert stove with blower great
condition $375 (757) 826-9600
VAN RIDERS - Van coming through
Franklin, Windsor, Suffolk and Smithfield.
3rd shift (757) 653-8664
COMMUTER VAN - van from Va Beach to
NNS daily 1st shift M-F. Leave Diamond
Springs Rd to all gates at NNS. Call for
more info. (757) 450-6740
FIREWOOD - Free Firewood? Help a
family in need! (757) 346-8709
TUTOR - looking for a tutor for my 5-year
old in school, but want some additional help
call (757) 236-9017
RENTER - 4BR/2.5 BA 2-sty on cul-desac; sunroom; call for price/avail soon; nice
yard; near Menchville HS. (757) 342-8021
10 | 19 | 2015
Wanted cont.
RIDERS - Need a ride on third shift, leaving
Ahoskie, NC. Going though Gates CO,
Suffolk VA. (252) 532-2501
WASHER & DRYER - Broken washers &
dryers that are in your way. Will pick up for
free. (757) 812-2719
TEACHERS - Looking for loving, caring,
part time teachers. (757) 508-9022
COMP MONITOR - 17” Samsung and 15.9”
hp monitor. $20 each or 30 for the pair
(757) 725-1282
Have Windows 7 or 8 get Windows 10 while
it’s free. $85+ parts (757) 329-6761
BCA T-SHIRTS - Thanks April Crawford
(E83) for another year of doing a great job
with Breast Cancer Awareness T-shirts!!
(757) 880-1363
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! - It’s a CELEBRATIONOct 22ndHappy Birthday, Victoria
Claiborne- “THE CREW” (757) 270-5134
GUITAR CASE - Wanted-guitar case for 3/4
size (757) 685-3611
RIDERS NEEDED - Van leaving from
Gloucester Courthouse - First Shift - 7AM
till 3:30PM (804) 366-4016
2ND SHIFT RIDE - Second Shift Ride
From Ahoskie to Newport news Shipyard
Leave Ahoskie @ 12:55pm pickup in
Winton, Gates County (252) 287-7395
FILING CABINET - Decent condition filing
cabinet for home use. Call/text and will
respond after 4pm. (757) 329-2361
The fall season is here and with it comes an end to daylight savings time for 2015. On Sunday, November 1st at 2:00 a.m. the clocks will turn back an hour.
Your safety is of the utmost importance to us - so please use caution. Here are a few tips on staying safe from Security and Emergency Management (O15).
Remember to always keep items secured and hidden from plain view inside
your vehicle. It is always best to lock items in trunk when applicable.
Walk or jog when the streets are dark or deserted.
Have a plan. Know what you would do if a certain situation arises.
Display cash or any inviting targets such as cell phones, hand-held
electronics or expensive jewelry and clothing.
Trust your instincts and remain alert – if a situation seems dangerous or
threatening call 911 and report the crime to the Police or *911 or 380-2222 for
NNS Security.
Be distracted when using mobile devices outdoors.
If you know you’re going to be working late, try to park your vehicle closer to
your building or exit gate.
Leave your vehicle running when it’s unattended. Give strangers a ride for
any reason or let them into your vehicle.
Let someone know when you’re leaving and inform them when you arrive at
your destination.
Indicate where you live to a person you don’t know.
If possible, park in well-lighted areas with good visibility and close to
walkways, stores and other people. Always have your keys available.
Give up your life. If you are robbed or assaulted, immediately call 911 and
report the crime to the Police or *911 or 380-2222 for Newport News
Shipbuilding Security. Try to describe the attacker accurately. Your actions
can help prevent someone else from becoming a victim.
When out walking at night or before daylight, try to have a friend walk with
you for company and comfort. Remember, there is safety in numbers.
If you must walk alone to your vehicle and feel uncomfortable, call the NNS
Security Command Center (SCC) at 380-4031. If available, an officer will
patrol the vicinity of your destination.
If you have a car problem while at work (e.g. won’t start, has a flat tire, etc.),
stay inside and call for help. Wait inside your locked car until assistance
arrives. For non-emergencies, call a roadside service provider or NNS
Security at 380-4031.
Always lock your vehicle, even if it’s in your own driveway.
Program emergency numbers into your cell phone and be prepared to use them
if necessary. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. If you think someone
is following you, switch directions or cross the street.
If you witness or are a victim of a crime, please report it immediately to NNS
Security or the local police agency for that city.
Engage in conversation if confronted on the street, politely decline and keep
as much distance from the person as possible.
Open your door. If a stranger knocks on your door, don’t let them enter your
residence. If they will not leave your property, call 911 – no exceptions!