Cuisinart® Elemental 8 Food Processor
FP-8 Series
For your safety and continued enjoyment of this product, always read the instruction book carefully before using.
Sliced or shredded fruit, vegetables or cheese
8 cups
Chopped fruit, vegetables or cheese
2 cups
Puréed fruit, vegetables or cheese
3 cups cooked; 1½ cups puréed
Chopped or puréed meat, fish or seafood
Thin liquid (e.g., dressings, soups, etc.)
4 cups
Cake batter
20cm cheesecake batter; 1 box (430g) cake mix
Cookie dough
2½ dozen (based on average chocolate chip cookie recipe)
White bread/pizza dough
2.5 cups (all-purpose or bread flour)
Nuts for nut butter
2 cups
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This package contains a Cuisinart Elemental 8
Food Processor and the accessories for it:
8-cup work bowl, work bowl cover with pusher,
metal chopping/mixing/dough blade, thin
reversible metal slicing & shredding disc,
medium reversible metal slicing & shredding
disc, base with stem adapter and instruction/
recipe book.
EDGES. To avoid injury when unpacking the
parts, please follow these instructions.
1. Place the box on a low table or on the floor
next to the kitchen counter where you intend
to keep the food processor. Be sure the box
is right side up.
2. Open top flaps—there will be a rectangular
block of packing material that holds the
processor parts, each fitted into a cavity.
3. Remove the instruction/recipe book and the
metal slicing & shredding disc accessories
from one side.
4. Lift out the packing material.
5. Remove the base and bowl together and
place it on the counter or table. Read the
instructions thoroughly before using the
6. Save the shipping cartons and packing
material. You will find them very useful if you
need to repack the processor for moving or
other shipment.
1. This appliance should not be used by or near
children or individuals with certain disabilities.
2. Do not operate this, or any other motor-driven
appliance, while under the influence of alcohol or
other substances that affect your reaction time or
Always follow these safety precautions when using
this appliance.
Getting Ready
3. This food processor is listed for household use.
Use it only for food preparation as described in
the accompanying recipe and instruction book.
Do not use this appliance for anything but its
intended use.
1. Read all instructions.
2. Blades and discs are sharp. Handle them
3. Always unplug from outlet when not in use,
before putting on or taking off parts, before
removing food and before cleaning. To unplug,
grasp plug and pull from electrical outlet.
Never pull cord.
4. The use of attachments not recommended or
sold by Cuisinart may cause fire, electrical
shock or personal injury, or damage to your
food processor.
4. Do not use outdoors.
5. To avoid possible malfunction of work bowl
switch, never store processor with cover
assembly in locked position.
5. Do not let cord hang over edge of table or
counter, or touch hot surfaces.
6. Do not operate any appliance with a
damaged cord or plug, or after appliance has
been dropped or damaged in any way. Return
appliance to the nearest authorized service
facility for examination, repair or electrical or
mechanical adjustment.
6. Maximum rating of 350 watts is based on attachment that draws greatest current. Other recommended attachments may draw significantly less
7. Do not operate your appliance in an appliance
garage or under a wall cabinet. When storing
in an appliance garage always unplug the
unit from the electrical outlet. Not doing so
could create a risk of fire, especially if the appliance touches the walls of the garage or the door
touches the unit as it closes.
1. Keep hands as well as spatulas and other utensils away from moving blades or discs while processing food, to prevent the possibility of severe
personal injury or damage to food processor. A
plastic scraper may be used, but only when the
food processor motor is stopped.
8. This appliance is not intended for use by persons
(including children) with reduced physical, sensory
or mental capabilities, or lack of experience
and knowledge, unless they have been given
supervision or instruction concerning use of the
appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
2. Avoid coming into contact with moving parts.
Never push food down by hand when slicing or
shredding. Always use pusher.
3. Make sure motor has completely stopped before
removing cover.
9. Children should be supervised to ensure that
they do not play with the appliance.
4. Never store any blade or disc on motor shaft. To
reduce the risk of injury, no blade or disc should
be placed on the shaft except when the bowl is
properly locked in place and the processor is in
use. Store blades and discs, as you would sharp
knives, out of reach of children.
5. Be sure cover and feed tube are securely locked
in place before operating food processor.
6. Never try to override or tamper with cover
interlock mechanism.
To protect against risk of electrical shock, do
not put base in water or other liquids.
Important Unpacking Instructions................ 2
Important Safeguards................................... 3
Parts ............................................................. 5
Assembly Instructions ...................................6
Machine Controls ......................................... 6
Machine Functions ....................................... 6
User Guide ................................................... 8
Cleaning, Storage and Maintenance ............ 9
For Your Safety............................................. 9
Technical Data ...............................................9
Troubleshooting .......................................... 10
Warranty Information ............................ 11-12
The lightning flash with arrowhead
symbol within an equilateral triangle
is intended to alert the user to the
presence of uninsulated, dangerous
voltage within the product’s enclosure
that may be of sufficient magnitude to
constitute a risk of fire or electric
shock to persons.
The exclamation point within an
equilateral triangle is intended to alert
the user to the presence of important
operating and maintenance (servicing)
instructions in the literature accompanying appliance.
The machine includes:
1. Housing base with a fixed accessory adapter
and convenient button controls
2. 8-cup work bowl
3. Cover with feed tube
4. Pusher that slides inside the
feed tube
5. Metal chopping/mixing/dough blade
6. Fine reversible slicing/shredding disc
7. Medium reversible slicing/shredding disc
8. BPA free (not shown)
All materials that come in contact with
food or liquid are BPA free
High and Low Control Buttons
The High and Low controls are buttons that allow
the machine to run until Off is selected.
Before First Use
1. Properly assemble and engage the machine.
Before using your Cuisinart Elemental 8 Food
Processor for the first time, wash the work bowl,
work bowl cover, pusher, blade, and discs (see
Cleaning Instructions on page 10).
2. Add ingredients to the work bowl, either through
the feed tube or directly into the bowl.
3. Press the High or Low button. The blue LED light
will illuminate and the motor will start.
1. Place the food processor base on a dry, level
countertop with the controls facing you. Do not
plug the unit in until it is fully assembled.
4. Press the Off button when finished.
Pulse Button
2. With the bowl on the base, use the handle to
turn the work bowl clockwise to lock it onto the
housing base.
The Pulse control is a button that allows the
machine to run only while it is being pressed. This
capability provides more accurate control of the
duration and frequency of processing. Unless otherwise specified, a pulse should be about one second.
1. Place the work bowl on top, with the work
bowl handle just to the right of centre. Turn the
work bowl clockwise to lock it onto the
housing base.
1. With the machine properly assembled and
engaged, and ingredients in the work bowl, press
the Pulse button repeatedly as needed. The blue
LED High light will illuminate upon activation.
2. Carefully lift and place the blade over the work
bowl accessory adapter. Blade should fit snugly
and rest on the bottom of the work bowl.
3. Plug in the housing base.
Using the Chopping/Mixing/Dough
4. Add desired ingredients to work bowl.
5. Place work bowl cover on work bowl, with the
feed tube just to the right of centre. Turn
clockwise to lock onto work bowl.
• For raw ingredients: peel, core and/or remove
seeds and pits. Food should be cut into even, ½
to 1-inch pieces. Foods cut into same size
pieces produce the most even results.
6. Align pusher with the feed tube opening on the
work bowl cover and slide down to the bottom.
7. You are now ready to operate the machine.
• Pulse food in 1-second increments to chop. For
the finest chop, either hold the pulse down or
press High or Low to run the machine
continuously. Watch ingredients closely to
achieve desired consistency and scrape the work
bowl as necessary. Low speed is recommended
for making doughs and batters. High speed is
recommended for most other chopping,
processing and slicing/shredding tasks.
1. Place the work bowl on top of the base, with
the work bowl handle just to the right of centre.
Turn the work bowl clockwise to lock it onto
the housing base.
2. Choose desired disc.
3. Carefully place disc over accessory adapter,
with the side being used facing up.
• To purée fresh fruits or cooked fruits/vegetables:
Ingredients should be cut into 1-inch pieces; a
smooth purée is best achieved when all the
pieces are equal in size. Pulse to initially chop and
then process High or Low until food is puréed;
scrape the work bowl as necessary. Do not use
this method to purée cooked white potatoes.
4. Place work bowl cover onto work bowl, with
the feed tube just to the right of centre. Turn
clockwise to lock onto work bowl.
5. Align pusher with the feed tube opening on the
work bowl cover and slide down to the bottom.
6. Plug in the housing base.
• To purée solids for a soup or sauce: Strain the
solids from the liquid and process the solids
alone. Add cooking liquid and process as needed.
7. You are now ready to operate the machine.
Using the Reversible Slicing/
Shredding Discs
• The slicing discs make whole slices. They slice
fruits and vegetables, cooked meat and semifrozen raw meat. The shredding discs shred
most firm and hard cheeses. They also shred
vegetables like potatoes, carrots and zucchini.
• Always pack food in the feed tube evenly
for slicing and shredding. The food will dictate
the amount of pressure: Use light pressure for
soft foods, medium pressure for medium foods,
and firm pressure for harder foods. Always
process with even pressure.
• For round fruits or vegetables: Remove a thick
slice on the bottom of the food so that it sits
upright in the feed tube. If food does not fit in the
feed tube, cut in half or quarter to fit. Process
with even pressure.
• For small ingredients like mushrooms, radishes
or strawberries: Trim the ends so the food sits
upright in the feed tube.
• When slicing or shredding cheese, be sure that
the cheese is well chilled.
• To shred leafy vegetables like lettuce or spinach:
Roll leaves together and stand them up in feed
tube. Process with even pressure.
NOTE: Always use pusher when slicing
or shredding. Never put your hands in
the feed tube when unit is running.
You can slice, shred and chop a multitude of vegetables and fruits in the Cuisinart Food Processor. What you may
not know is that the food processor is the perfect tool for a number of other tasks, such as softening butter, making
bread crumbs, making baby food, etc. Here is a guide that will help you in preparing just about anything!
Soft Cheeses
(ricotta, cream
cheese, cottage
cheese, etc.)
Chopping/Mixing/Dough Blade
Have cheese at room temperature. When applicable, cut into 1-inch pieces.
Process until smooth, stopping to scrape down the sides of the bowl as
needed. Perfect for making cheesecakes, dips, pasta fillings, and more.
Firm Cheeses
(Cheddar, Swiss,
Edam, Gouda, etc.)
Slicing/Shredding Disc
Cheese should be well chilled before slicing/shredding. Cut to fit feed tube.
Use light to medium pressure when slicing/shredding.
Hard Cheeses
Romano, etc.)
Chopping/Mixing/Dough Blade
Slicing/Shredding Disc
Chill cheese. If using the chopping blade, cut into ½-inch pieces. Pulse to
break up and then process until finely grated. This will produce a nice
grated cheese. If slicing or shredding, cut to fit feed tube. Use light to
medium pressure when slicing/shredding.
Baby Food
Chopping/Mixing/Dough Blade
As for all fruit and vegetable purées, cut ingredients into ½ to 1-inch
pieces. Steam ingredients until completely soft. Pulse to chop, then process
until completely smooth (add steaming liquid through the feed tube when
processing if necessary). To ensure there are no lumps, press mixture
through a fine mesh strainer. Keeps frozen in ice cube trays for individual
1-ounce portions.
Chopping/Mixing/Dough Blade
Slicing/Shredding Disc
For creaming : Have butter at room temperature. Cut into 1-inch pieces.
Process, scraping bowl as necessary. For compound (flavoured) butters,
process flavouring ingredients, such as herbs, zest, vegetables, etc., before
adding butter. For shredding/slicing: Freeze briefly. Use light to medium
pressure to shred or slice. Shredded butter is great for preparing certain
pastry doughs. Sliced butter is great for serving alongside corn on the cob
or freshly made rolls.
Chopping/Mixing/Dough Blade
Break into pieces. Pulse to break up, and then process until desired
consistency. This will make perfect bread/cracker/chip crumbs for coating
meats and fish. Processed cookies make delicious pie and cake crusts!
Milk Shakes/
Chopping/Mixing/Dough Blade
For milk shakes, first add ice cream. While unit is running, add milk through
the feed tube until desired consistency is achieved. For smoothies, add fruit
first, then add the liquid through the feed tube while unit is running.
Fresh Herbs
Chopping/Mixing/Dough Blade
Wash and dry herbs VERY well. Pulse to roughly chop. Continue pulsing until
desired consistency is achieved.
Chopping/Mixing/Dough Blade
Pulse to chop to desired consistency. To make a nut butter, pulse to break
up, and then process until smooth, stopping to scrape down as needed.
"Ice Cream"
Chopping/Mixing/Dough Blade
Put frozen fruit cut into 1-inch pieces into the work bowl, with liquid (juice
or milk), any desired sweeteners, such as sugar, honey, simple syrup, and
other flavors. Process until smooth.
Whipped Cream
Chopping/Mixing/Dough Blade
Process well-chilled cream until cream begins to thicken. Add sugar as
desired; process continuously until cream reaches desired consistency. This
cream is dense and perfect as a whipped topping for cake or ice cream.
Superfine Sugar
Chopping/Mixing/Dough Blade
Process granulated sugar for about 1 minute until finely ground. Excellent
for using in meringues and other baked goods.
Ground Meat
Chopping/Mixing/Dough Blade
Cut meat into ½-inch pieces. Pulse to chop, about 14 long pulses, or until
desired consistency is achieved. If a purée is desired, continue to process.
Never chop/purée more than ¾ pound at one time.
• Like all powerful electrical appliances, a food
processor should be handled with care. Follow
these guidelines to protect yourself and your
family from misuse that could cause injury.
• Keep your Cuisinart Elemental 8 Food
Processor ready to use on the kitchen counter.
When not in use, leave it unplugged.
• Keep the blade and discs out of the reach
of children.
• All parts except the housing base are dishwasher
safe, and we recommend washing them in the
dishwasher on the top rack only. Due to intense
water heat, washing the work bowl, cover and
accessories on the bottom rack may cause
damage over time. Insert the cover with the feed
tube facing up to ensure proper cleaning. Insert
the work bowl and pusher upside down for
drainage. Remember to unload the dishwasher
carefully wherever you have placed sharp blades
and discs.
• To simplify cleaning, rinse the work bowl, cover,
pusher and blade or disc immediately after use
so food won’t dry on them. Be sure to position
the pusher upside down for drainage. If food
lodges in the pusher, remove it by running water
through it, or use a bottle brush.
• If you wash the blade and discs by hand, do it
carefully. When handling, use the plastic hubs.
Avoid leaving them in soapy water where they
may disappear from sight. To clean the metal
blade, fill the work bowl with soapy water, hold
the blade by its plastic centre and move it rapidly
up and down on the centre shaft of the bowl.
Use of a spray attachment is also effective. If
necessary, use a brush.
• The work bowl is made of SAN plastic. It should
not be placed in a microwave oven.
• The housing base may be wiped clean with a
soapy, non-abrasive material. Be sure to dry it
• If the feet leave spots on the counter, spray them
with a spot remover and wipe with a damp
• If any trace of the spot remains, repeat the
procedure and wipe the area with a damp
sponge and nonabrasive cleaning powder.
IMPORTANT: Never store any blade or disc on the
motor shaft. No blade or disc should be placed on
the shaft except when the processor is about to
be used.
MAINTENANCE: Any other servicing should be
performed by an authorized service representative.
• Handle and store metal blade and discs carefully.
Their cutting edges are very sharp.
• Never put blade or discs on the motor shaft until
the work bowl is locked in place.
• Always be sure that the blade or disc is down on
motor shaft as far as it will go.
• Always insert the metal blade in the work bowl
before putting ingredients in bowl.
• When slicing or shredding food, always use the
pusher. Never put your fingers or spatula into
feed tube.
• Always wait for the blade or disc to stop
spinning before you remove the pusher assembly
or cover from the work bowl.
• Always unplug the unit before removing food,
cleaning, or putting on or taking off parts.
• Always remove work bowl from base of machine
before you remove the chopping/mixing/dough
• Be careful to prevent the chopping blade from
falling out of the work bowl when emptying the
bowl. Remove it before tilting the work bowl.
The motor in your food processor operates on a
standard line operating current. The appropriate
voltage and frequency for your machine are shown
on a label on the bottom of the base.
An automatic, temperature-controlled circuit
breaker in the motor ensures complete protection
against motor burnout. If the processor runs for an
exceptionally long time when chopping, mixing or
kneading a thick or heavy mixture in successive
batches, the motor may overheat. If this happens,
the processor will stop. Turn it off and wait for the
motor to cool before proceeding. It will usually
cool within 10 minutes. In extreme cases, it could
take an hour.
Safety switches prevent the machine from operating
when the work bowl or the cover is not locked into
position. The motor stops within seconds when the
motor is turned off; and when the pusher assembly is
removed, a fast-stop circuit also enables the motor to
stop within seconds.
Cuisinart offers a Limited Two-Year Warranty on
the entire machine.
4. Problem: Dough doesn’t clean inside of the
work bowl.
• Amount of dough may exceed maximum
capacity of your food processor. Remove half
and process in two batches.
• Dough may be too dry (see number 7).
• Dough may be too wet (see number 8).
5. Problem: Nub of dough forms on top of blade
and does not become uniformly kneaded.
• Stop machine, carefully remove dough, divide it
into 3 pieces and redistribute them evenly in the
work bowl.
6. Problem: Dough feels tough after kneading.
• Divide dough into 2 or 3 pieces and redistribute evenly in bowl. Process 10 seconds or
until uniformly soft and pliable.
7. Problem: Dough is too dry.
• While machine is running, add water, 1 tablespoon
at a time, until dough cleans the inside of the bowl.
8. Problem: Dough is too wet.
• While machine is running, add flour, 1 tablespoon
at a time, until dough cleans the inside of the bowl.
Food Processing
1. Problem: The food is unevenly processed.
• The ingredients should be cut evenly into
½ to 1-inch pieces before processing.
• Process in batches to avoid overloading.
2. Problem: Slices are uneven or slanted.
• Place evenly cut food, cut side down, into the
feed tube.
• Apply even pressure on the pusher.
3. Problem: Food falls over in feed tube.
• Feed tube should be packed full for best results.
4. Problem: Some food remains on top of the disc.
• It is normal for small pieces to remain; cut
remaining bits by hand and add to processed
Dough Kneading
1. Problem: Motor slows down.
• Amount of dough may exceed maximum
capacity of your food processor. Remove half
and process in two batches.
• Dough may be too wet (see number 8).
If motor speeds up, continue processing. If
not, add more flour, 1 tablespoon at a time,
until the motor speeds up. Process until dough
cleans the sides of the work bowl.
2. Problem: Blade doesn’t incorporate ingredients.
• Always start the food processor before adding
liquid. Add liquid in a slow, steady stream, or
through the drizzle hole in the pusher, allowing
the dry ingredients to absorb it. If too much liquid
is added, wait until ingredients in the work bowl
have mixed, then add remaining liquid slowly (do
not turn off the machine). Pour liquid onto dough
as it passes under feed tube opening; do not
pour liquid directly onto bottom of the work bowl.
3. Problem: Blade rises in work bowl.
• Excessively sticky dough can cause blade to
rise. Carefully reinsert blade and immediately
add 2 tablespoons of flour through the feed tube
while the machine is running.
1. Problem: The motor does not start.
• There is a safety interlock to prevent the motor
from starting if it is not properly assembled.
Make sure the work bowl and work bowl cover
are securely locked into position.
• If the motor still will not start, check the power
cord and outlet.
2. Problem: The food processor shuts off during
• The cover may have become unlocked; check to
make sure it is securely in position.
• A safety protector in the motor prevents the
motor from overheating, which is caused by
excessive strain. Press the Off control button
and wait 20 to 30 minutes to allow the food
processor to cool off before resuming.
3. Problem: The motor slowed down during operation.
• This is normal as some heavier loads (e.g., slicing/shredding cheese) may require the motor to
in-transit damage or for packages that are not
delivered to us. Lost and/or damaged products
are not covered under warranty. Please be sure to
include your return address, daytime phone number,
description of the product defect, product model
number (located on bottom of product), original date
of purchase, and any other information pertinent to
the product’s return.
work harder. Simply reposition the food in the
feed tube and try again.
• The maximum load capacity may have been
exceeded. Remove some of the ingredients and
continue processing.
4. Problem: The food processor vibrated/moved
around the countertop during processing.
• Make sure the rubber feet at the bottom of the
unit are clean and dry. Also make sure that the
maximum load capacity is not being exceeded.
• This is normal as some heavier loads (e.g., slicing/shredding cheese) may require the motor to
work harder.
Your Cuisinart Elemental 8 Food Processor has been
manufactured to the strictest specifications and has
been designed for use only in 240 volt outlets and
only with authorized accessories and replacement
parts. This warranty expressly excludes any defects
or damages caused by attempted use of this unit
with a converter, as well as use with accessories,
replacement parts or repair service other than those
authorized by Cuisinart. This warranty does not
cover any damage caused by accident, misuse,
shipment or other than ordinary household use. This
warranty excludes all incidental or consequential
This warranty is available to consumers only. You are
a consumer if you own a Cuisinart Elemental 8 Food
Processor that was purchased at retail for personal,
family or household use. Except as otherwise
required under applicable law, this warranty is not
available to retailers or other commercial purchasers
or owners.
If you are experiencing problems with your Cuisinart
product, we suggest that you call our Consumer
Service Centre at
We warrant that your Cuisinart Elemental 8 Food
Processor will be free of defects in materials and
workmanship under normal home use for two years
from the date of original purchase.
1800 808 971 (AUST), 0800 435 000 (NZ),
before returning the product to be serviced.
If servicing is needed, a Representative can confirm
whether the product is under warranty and direct
you to the nearest service location.
We recommend that you visit our website, for a fast, efficient way
to complete your product registration. However,
product registration does not eliminate the need
for the consumer to maintain the original proof of
purchase in order to obtain the warranty benefits.
In the event that you do not have proof of purchase
date, the purchase date for purposes of this
warranty will be the date of manufacture.
Important: If the nonconforming product is to
be serviced by someone other than Cuisinart’s
Authorized Service Centre, please remind the
servicer to call our Consumer Service Centre at
1800 808 971 (AUST), 0800 435 000 (NZ), to ensure that
the problem is properly diagnosed, the product is
serviced with the correct parts, and the product is
still under warranty.
Call toll-free
1800 808 971 (AUST), 0800 435 000 (NZ),
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