Welcome to Sytech! Thank you for purchasing the new Centrifugal juicer SY-LQ16. Please read this manual
carefully before operating your product and pay close attention to the precautions which are mentioned below.
Store this user manual in a safe place for future reference
Please read this user guide thoroughly before switching on the appliance, paying particular attention to the
safety information. Keep the guide in a safe place to refer to later, and pass it on with the appliance if you
give it to another user.
This symbol indicates important safety information. Danger - relates to personal injury
Caution - relates to property damage
This symbol indicates important information.
Check if the voltage indicated on the bottom of the appliance corresponds to the local mains voltage
before you connect the appliance.
Do not use the appliance if the plug, the mains cord or other components are damaged. If the mains cord
is damaged, you must contact Sytech service center for a proper repair and solution.
You should only use the pusher supplied with the appliance. NEVER put your fingers in the feeding tube
as it can cause very important injuries.
Always remove the plug from the mains if there are any operating problems, whenever you clean the
appliance or if it is not in use. Never pull on the mains lead. Risk of electrocution!
Never put the appliance in water or use outdoors, as it should not be exposed to rain or any other kind
of humidity. Risk of electrocution!
If for any reason the appliance does fall in the water, immediately remove the plug from the socket, and
then turn off the appliance. Do not turn the appliance on again, but have it checked first at an approved
service point. The same applies if the mains lead or appliance is damaged, or if the appliance has
fallen on the floor. Risk of electrocution!
Take care never to put the mains lead or the appliance on a hot surface or near a heat source. Put the
mains lead where it will not be in contact with hot or sharp-edged objects. Risk of electrocution!
Never fold the lead or wind it round the appliance, as this could cause it to break. Risk of electrocution!
Do not use the appliance if you are on a damp surface, or if your hands or the appliance are wet. Risk
of electrocution!
Never open up the appliance yourself. Risk of electrocution!
Keep packaging materials out of the reach of children. Risk of suffocation! Please dispose responsibly.
Electrical appliances are not toys. For this reason, please use and keep the appliance out of the reach
of children. Children are not aware of the dangers of handling electrical appliances. Do not allow the
mains lead to hang down to prevent anyone from pulling on it.
People (including children) who are not in a position to use the appliance safely due to their limited
physical, sensory or mental capacity or limited experience or limited knowledge should not use the
appliance without the supervision or instruction of a person responsible for their safety. Children should
be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
Should the appliance need to be repaired please contact Sytech Service Center
To avoid risk of damage, injury, accident or damage to the appliance, the mains lead, if damaged,
should only be replaced by a professional. Please contact Sytech Service Center.
To avoid accidents, do not leave the appliance unsupervised while in operation.
Place the appliance on a stable, flat heat-resistant surface where it cannot fall.
To prevent heat build-up, never place the appliance directly against a wall or under a hanging
cupboard. Do not cover the appliance while in operation.
Always make sure the juicer is properly and completely assembled before operating. The unit will not
turn “ON” unless it is properly assembled.
Only use the juicer when both clamps are locked.
Only unlock the clamps once the juicer has been switched off and the blades have stopped rotating
Do not operate the juicer continuously for more than 3 minutes.
Do not remove the pulp collector while using the juicer.
Never let the cord touch hot surfaces or hang down where a child could grab it.
The appliance is not designed to be controlled by an external timer or separate remote system.
Always use original accessories from the manufacturer. The warranty does not cover damage to the
appliance caused by the use of accessories produced by third parties.
If used with parts or accessories not original to the appliance, danger may be increased. In case of
accident or damages while using non-original parts, all liability is rejected.
Subject to technical and visual modifications.
1. Pusher
2. Juicer cover / feeding tube
3. Filter
4. Juice Collector
5. Juice Outlet
6. Safety Clamps
7. Pulp Collector
8. Motor Body
9. Switch
10. Juice Jug
Unpack the unit before using.
Carefully remove appliance from packaging.
Remove all items of packaging.
Remove any remaining packaging dust from the appliance and components following the
instructions given in the section entitled “CLEANING AND CARE”.
To avoid hazards, please check, when you have unpacked it, that the appliance is complete, and
that no damage has occurred during transit. If in any doubt, do not use and please call our
customer service department.
Before you use your appliance for the first time, it is necessary to wash all parts making sure the unit is
totally clean and free of germs.
Unwind the power cord fully
Place the appliance close to a mains socket, ensuring that there is free access to it.
Place the appliance on an even, dry, non-slip and heat resistant surface. The surface should be easy to
clean as splashes are not always avoidable.
Connect the appliance to the outlet wall main socket.
If the appliance does not function properly, refer to the section "Trouble Shooting".
- Place the juice collector on the unit.
- Insert the filter in the juice collector. Make sure the filter is securely fitted onto the motor. You should hear
a “Click” sound.
- Put on the juicer cover / feeding tube on top of the juicer collector. Then place the pulp collector on the
side of the unit as shown in the diagram picture.
- Snap the two clamps on the side of the unit until a “Click” sound is heard.
- Lastly, place the juice jug under the spout.
Juicer use:
The appliance will only work if all the parts have been properly assembled and the clamps are securely
Wash the fruit or vegetable pieces and cut them into pieces that fit through the feeding tube.
Turn on the unit by turning the control knob to level 1 for low speed or level 2 for high speed.
Insert the fruit or vegetable pieces one at a time and press down with the pusher. Never exert too much
pressure on the pusher as it may affect the end result and also damage the filter.
Level 1: Suitable for soft fruits and vegetables (E.g: watermelons, grapes, tomatoes)
Level 2: Suitable for any kind of fruits and vegetables.
Always remove seeds from fruits (E.g: plums, peaches, cherries, etc.)
Always remove tough skins from the fruit. (E.g: melons, pineapples, cucumbers, potatoes, etc.)
Soft skinned and other foods just need washing (E.g: apples, pears, carrots, radish, lettuce, cabbage,
parsley, spinach, grapes, strawberries, celery, etc.)
Avoid using extremely soft fruits such as avocadoes or bananas as it may get blocked in the filter.
Always press the pusher very softly in order to remove the maximum amount of juice.
Once the juice is extracted and poured into the glass, drink it immediately as it may lose its nutrition values.
If you need to store the juice for a few hours, keep it in the fridge and add a few drops of lemon.
It is not advisable to mix fruits and vegetables together (except apple and carrots) as it may cause stomach
Before cleaning and storage, always remove the plug from the mains socket and allow the appliance
to cool down completely. Risk of electrocution! Never touch hot surfaces!
Make sure that no liquid is ever allowed to get inside the appliance. Never submerge the appliance
in water. Risk of electrocution!
For cleaning, never use strong or abrasive cleaning products or sharp edged objects.
It is advisable to clean the unit immediately after use.
Switch off the appliance and wait for the filter to stop rotating completely. Then unplug the switch from the
power outlet.
Remove the dirty parts from the motor unit by reversing the procedure mentioned under “Using the
appliance”. However, always remove the filter along with the juice collector.
Clean these parts carefully with a cleaning sponge or brush in warm water. Regular washing up liquid may
be used. Rinse only under tap.
Clean the motor unit with a moistened cloth.
Safety arms will not lock.
When assembling the juicer the parts must be aligned,
or else the arms will not lock. Check that the parts are
aligned before locking the arms. The appliance will only
operate once the arms are well locked. Do not force the
locking arms.
The juicer vibrates excessively.
Stop the juicer and reassemble the juicer properly. In particular,
make sure the juicing screen is properly seated and no parts
are broken
Juice is leaking from juice cover
outlet during juicing.
Juice may leak out if the pulp container is not fitted properly.
Please make sure the pulp container is locked into place.
Motor has slowed down
Too many products is being fed into the juicer at once.
Let the juicer finish processing and be sure to feed more
slowly and/or smaller pieces. Also be sure to use the
turbo setting for hard fruits and vegetables. Stop the juicer
and check that the juicing screen does not have excess
pulp build up. If yes, clean the juicing screen and be sure
to slow the rate at which you feed the products.
Alternating ingredients between soft and hard products
can also help
Motor has jammed
Stop the juicer and disassemble to clean the juicer
screen. Feed less products at once to prevent jamming.
Motor stops while juicing, or won´t
turn back ON after extended juicing.
Allow the unit to cool down for 2 hours resuming operation.
Pulp is wetter than usual.
Stop the juicer and check that the juicing screen is not
clogged. Try juicing at a slower rate.
Operating voltage: 220-240V. ~ 50/60Hz.
Cup capacity: 0.3 liters.
Residue cabinet capacity: 1.0 liter
Power: 350W.
You can help protect the environment!
Please remember to respect the local regulations: hand
in the non-working electrical equipment to an appropriate waste
disposal centre
Manufacturer Name: Satyatrade S. L.
Address: Pol.Ind.La Raya. C/ Guadalquivir, 2.
Camarma de Esteruelas, 28816 Madrid
Tel: 902 430 967
Fax: 91 8864285
NIF: B83254763
Manufacturing country: China
Description: Centrifugal juicer
Sytech® SY-LQ16 complies with the following directives:
CE Standard: EMC Directive 2014/30/EU
LVD Standard: Directive 2014/35/EU
ROHS Standard: 2011/65/EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances
Signed: Ajeet Nebhwani Utamchandani
Sole Administrator