Document Management is all wrapped
up at Graham Packaging as EASY replaces
incumbent DM solution and demonstrates a
rapid ROI.
Global packaging company makes the switch from IXOS
to EASY and enjoys flexible, future-proof system while
fully recouping its investment
If you’ve ever purchased a sports drink or juice in a plastic bottle, or even a household
cleanser, motor oil or personal care product, chances are you’ve touched a product from
Graham Packaging.
As a global leader in producing custom blow-moulded plastic containers, this York,
Pennsylvania-based company produces more than 20 billion container units annually.
Graham Packaging is a $2.5 billion company that counts among its clients such well-known
companies as Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Tropicana, Hersheys’, Pennzoil and
Rather than operating a few large manufacturing facilities and engaging extensive
transport systems to deliver their products, Graham’s business model calls for numerous
plants worldwide, many of which are co-located with their clients’ manufacturing sites.
The company operates more than 80 plants in 15 countries.
Maxmising ROI from technology investments
For a company of its size and global reach, Graham’s Information Technology department is
relatively small. With only 31 IT professionals in its corporate headquarters, and eight more in the
field worldwide, the department is charged with developing and sustaining IT systems that support
3,000 users and handles everything from document management and workflow to archiving and
“We’re a very lean department,” said Jeff Rishel, Graham’s vice president of information technology.
“Not only do we try to be efficient with our staffing, but we also look to maximise productivity and
ROI for our technology investments.”
Graham Packaging embarked on its early document management experience with SAP and
several years later purchased an archive solution from IXOS to handle document scanning for
Bills of Lading, Travel & Expense Reports and Accounts Payable invoicing. However in 2008
when the company needed to acquire further software licences to sustain its growing document
management activities, the team decided that the cost to upgrade was simply unviable and so
took the decision to engage the services of Enowa Consulting to help evaluate its document
management options.
“EASY blew us away with just how much we could get for our budget and how quickly we could recoup our investment by replacing IXOS with the EASY for mySAP solution,” Jeff Rishel, Graham’s vice president of information technology
A market evaluation ensued resulting in EASY SOFTWARE Inc. being recommended as
Graham Packaging’s new document management partner.
“EASY blew us away with just how much we could get for our budget and how quickly we could
recoup our investment by replacing IXOS with the EASY for mySAP solution,” Jeff commented.
However cost alone did not sway Jeff. EASY SOFTWARE came to Graham’s headquarters
and demonstrated several of its products, allowing the IT staff to see first-hand how easy
they were to use and that they could truly replicate existing functionality and offer much,
much more. Jeff was also very impressed with EASY’s grasp of the “big picture” in terms of
the rapidly evolving document management industry, how innovative its products were, and
EASY’s approach of catering to small IT operations at a favorable price point.
A Relatively Seamless Transition
A successful and painless transition from IXOS to EASY got underway.
“EASY mapped out how to extract and migrate the old files,” said Brandon Fox, a project manager
for Graham Packaging who was brought on to oversee the transition. “About 99.9 percent of the
documents migrated successfully.”
Likewise, the transition for the dozens of users of the new document management system
was straightforward. Training was very brief, and the system was up and running smoothly.
Icing on the Cake
Anticipating the need for better operational efficiency enterprise-wide, Graham Packaging
also purchased EASY DOCUMENTS in addition to EASY for mySAP. With its tight integration
into EASY’s archive, EASY DOCUMENTS provides the opportunity to gain additional ROI in
non-financial business units through business process automation.
“It’s the icing on the cake for us, and we’re very excited about the new workflow tool,” said Jeff.”
A Hearty Endorsement
Asked if he would purchase EASY Software solutions again, Jeff replied, “In a blink!. I have
already recommended EASY to a number of my colleagues.”
Jeff is particularly effusive about the partnership that he and his team have struck with EASY.
“If we need help, I can call them and get on-site service and follow-up support very easily,” Jeff
notes. “When we called EASY’s references, that’s exactly what their other clients told us and that’s
what we have experienced firsthand. I can even call and speak to their president directly if I need
to. That’s a differentiator.”
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